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According and film's
According to activist writer Naomi Klein, ironic enjoyment of the film initially arose among those with the video before MGM, the film's chief marketer, capitalized on the idea.
According to the official ParnassusFilm Twitter channel launched on 30 March 2009, the film's post-production FX work finished on 31 March.
According to Booth, the film's true controller is the creative energy " that hundreds of people put into its production, agreeing and disagreeing, inserting and cutting ".
According to Disney archivist David Smith, the sequence was aired uncut on television in 1966 before the edits were made for the film's 1969 theatrical reissue.
According to Brooks, after the film was completed, Embassy executives refused to release it as being in " bad taste "; however, Peter Sellers saw the film privately and placed an advertisement in Variety in support of the film's wider release.
" According to Variety, the film's " transition from serious or melodramatic to the slap-happy and humorous sometimes is a bit awkward, but in the main it is solid escapist comedy.
According to the film's director, Wolfgang Reitherman, Piglet was replaced by Gopher, which was thought to have a more " folksy, all-American, grass-roots image ".
According to Smith's comments on the Dogma publicity stills on the film's official website, there was going to be a final face-off between Silent Bob on one side and the redhead Triplet and the Golgothan on the other side in the hospital.
According to writer / director Sidney J. Furie, the film's working title was Junior Eagle.
According to Robert Osborne of the television network Turner Classic Movies in the introduction to the film's airing on its weekly segment " The Essentials ," Tracy, weighted down by his growing alcoholism, refused to give MGM an answer.
According to the description on the BBC Radio 3 web site, " Dalton's adaptation builds on the film's themes: the madness of society, the inner workings of the human mind and the paranoia of a country in the aftermath of a war.
According to the film's press notes, this was the " first time ever that a major feature film has been even partially shot using IMAX cameras ".
According to the Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-sections by Dr. Curtis Saxton, and according to the film's visual dictionary, Itchy was involved in the Battle of Kashyyyk as a gunner aboard an Oevvaor jet catamaran in the defense of Kachirho during the Battle of Kashyyyk.
According to the film's director: Tommy Lee Wallace, on the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror documentary DVD, he said that the film had made no money, at the box office, it had " pissed-off " a lot of Halloween fans, it should have been released as just Season of the Witch, with no association, whatsoever, with the Halloween franchise, and he believes it might have found its ' audience, although it was " a good movie, by itself, but was not the Halloween franchise ".
According to Lynch, Francis Bouygues ( then head of CIBY ) was not well liked in France and this only added to the film's demise at the festival.
According to Robert Jewett the film's dialogue parallels Paul's teaching on divine retribution ( Romans 12: 19-21 ).
According to the liner notes of the soundtrack, over half of Goldsmith's music was removed during the film's post production.
According to The New York Times, Brooks " was constantly experimenting, constantly reshooting, constantly re-editing " the film, changing its ending five times and allowing the actors to improvise the film's tone.
According to editor Billy Weber, Malick jettisoned much of the film's dialogue, replacing it with Manz's voice-over, which served as an oblique commentary on the story.
According to Friedkin, the title fit the film's general theme:
According to Metacritic, the film's average rating was 50 %, based on 30 reviews.
* According to Box Office Mojo, the $ 29 million dollar box office gross of Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo came from the film's original 1977 release, combined with an additional $ 1 million from a limited re-issue in 1981.
According to Tai Krige, S. A. S. C, the film's cinematographer:
According to McKean, the film's setting was originally in London, but that had opted to film it in Brighton at producer Simon's suggestion.

According and conceptual
According to the first, on 9 November 1966 Lennon went to the Indica Gallery in London, where Ono was preparing her conceptual art exhibit, and they were introduced by gallery owner John Dunbar.
According to art critic James Gardner of the National Review, Viola's conceptual work is forgettable just like most video art.
According to Beck and Cowan, these conceptual models are organized around so-called < sup > v </ sup > Memes: systems of core values or collective intelligences, applicable to both individuals and entire cultures.
According to John Stephens, a metanarrative " is a global or totalizing cultural narrative schema which orders and explains knowledge and experience "-a story about a story, encompassing and explaining other " little stories " within conceptual models that make the stories into a whole.
According to scholar Juliette Wood, modern fantasy fiction plays a large part in the conceptual landscape of the neo-pagan world.
According to this theory, semantic primes serve as the basis for describing the meaning, without circularity, of other words and their associated conceptual denotations.
* Learning: According to the PSSM, a combination of " factual knowledge, procedural facility, and conceptual understanding " is necessary for students to use mathematics.
According to Marx-scholar Michael Heinrich, " Marx was nowhere near solving all of the conceptual problems "

According and designer
According to Hawks, a new set was in need of quickly being built when the studios set designer was unavailable and Hawks volunteered to do the job himself, much to Fairbank's satisfaction.
According to Space Quest 6 designer Josh Mandel, the SQVII designers were forbidden from using story elements from the original Space Quest games or from even playing the games.
According to the radio designer, intelligible speech can be detected 12dB above the receiver's noise floor ( noise and distortion ).
According to flag designer Spring Davis, the blue represents the town and the University of North Carolina ( whose colors are Carolina blue and white ); the green represents " environmental awareness "; and the " townscape " in the inverted chevron represents " a sense of home, friends, and community.
According to Chris Taylor, lead designer of Supreme Commander, he said, " first attempt at visualizing RTSs in a fresh and interesting new way was my realizing that although we call this genre ' Real-Time Strategy ,' it should have been called ' Real-Time Tactics ' with a dash of strategy thrown in.
According to Nick Tredennick, a microprocessor designer and expert witness to the Boone / Hyatt patent case:
According to lead designer Chris Avellone, Planescape: Torment was inspired by books, comics, and games, including Archie Comics, The Chronicles of Amber, The Elementals and Shadowrun.
According to some sources ( such as archivist and biographer Dr. Susan Hood ) he was the actual designer of the flag ; others ( such as Tom McCarthy, president of the Genealogical Society of Ireland ) suggest a more peripheral role.
( According to the DVD commentary, the women were supposed to be topless, but costume designer James Acheson stated that fake, uniformly-sized breasts would be funnier than the disparately-sized natural breasts of the dancers, and the women would be more at ease wearing the topless costumes.
According to Fashion designer Swapnil Shinde, the Indian fashion scene is just about exploring the show-off navel for the ramp.
According to designer Walter Mahy, the original design for the Mouth of Sauron's costume had the helmet hooked directly into the mouth, pulling it permanently open.
According to designer Jan Wilsgaard, the Amazon's styling was inspired by a Kaiser automobile he saw at the Gothenburg harbour.
According to set designer Robin Wagner, as interviewed for the book Set Design, by author Lynn Pecktal, the original Bennett version was to be a " multimedia " show, with an elaborate tilting floor, banks of television monitors, and other technological touches.
According to the Doom 3 manual, GUI designer Patrick Duffy wrote over 500, 000 lines of script code, and generated more than 25, 000 image files to create all of the graphical interfaces, computer screens, and displays throughout Doom 3.
According to the designer, the model wore a pubic wig to make her appear more natural.
According to former coach Robert Vicot, the crest, although claimed by Daniel Hechter, was instead been invented by amateur coach and professional designer Mr. Vallot.
According to the game's designer, Yu Suzuki, the stages of OutRun are mostly based on European scenery ; he had toured Europe in order to gain insight on how to design the game's levels and capture as much realism as possible.
" According to Jake Solomon, the lead designer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, MicroProse did few new things with the sequel " except made it brutally harder and made the cruise ships four times longer than any human could realistically make ," yet still the game " was awesome.
According to The Stratocaster Chronicles ( a book by Tom Wheeler ; Hal Leonard Pub., Milwaukee, WI ; 2004, p. 108 ), Mr. Randall assembled what Mr. Fender's original partner Doc Kauffman called “ a sales distributorship like nobody had ever seen in the world .” Randall worked closely with the immensely talented photographer / designer Bob Perine.
According to designer Keiko Iju, the game was inspired by the then-popular Rambo films and takes its name from the Japanese title of Rambo: First Blood Part II ( Rambo: Ikari no Dasshutsu or " The Furious Escape ").
According to Simon Lamarre, chief studio designer, " the 1800ES has become one of the icons for Volvo ," inspiring the design of the Volvo C30.
According to designer Francis Millet, " The head of Lincoln was selected because it is the only thing which can be used on the medal without offense to the sentiment now happily prevailing over the whole country in regard to the Civil War, and the portrait of Lincoln must be acceptable to everybody, particularly when accompanied by the noble phrase which so tersely and accurately expresses his attitude during the war.
According to the designer, a CipherSaber version in the QBASIC programming language takes just sixteen lines of code.
According to a WWE Magazine article in 2009 by WWE's production designer Jason Robinson, who co-designed the structure, several designs for the Elimination Chamber were considered.

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