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According and plans
According to SonyBMG, there are no plans to release The Sicilian Defence.
According to Sun Yat-sen's plans, the Kuomintang ( KMT ) was to rebuild China in three steps: military rule, political tutelage, and constitutional rule.
According to Lactantius, he came armed with plans to reconstitute the Tetrarchy, force Diocletian to step down, and fill the Imperial office with men compliant to his will.
According to plans established by ASEAN, the line may also be extended via Thakhek all the way to the Laotian capital Vientiane.
According to the pre-agreed war plans under the Protocol of Sèvres, the Israelis invaded Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, forcing Egypt to engage them militarily, and allowing the Anglo-French partnership to declare the resultant fighting a threat to the canal and enter the war on Israel's side.
According to Erik Sakkov, board member of Tallinn Airport, the future plans include expanding the runway by 600 – 700 metres to serve regular long-haul flights, also building of a brand-new taxiway, new storage facilities, a new point-to-point terminal and expansion of the existing passenger terminal, so it can serve arriving and departing passengers on two different levels.
According to Abu Daoud's 1999 book, " Arafat was briefed on plans for the Munich hostage-taking.
According to William L. Shirer, Hitler spends the next few days worrying that the Russians will not come to terms in time for the rest of the invasion plans to unfold as scheduled.
According to the Associated Press, in 2011 the US government began building an airbase near or in Yemen from which the CIA and US military plans to operate drones over Yemen.
According to plans in those days, the stadium should be ready in 2016.
According to Major General David Hogg, " SAMS has a reputation for producing skilled planners that can take complex ideas and develop cohesive plans.
According to the director Kōichi Mashimo, he envisioned Noir and Madlax as part of a trilogy exploring the girls-with-guns genre, and soon after the release of the latter, he confirmed having plans to produce the third installment, which would later become El Cazador de la Bruja.
According to plans established by ASEAN, the line may then be extended via Thakhek all the way to the Laotian capital Vientiane.
According to a 1986 Variety interview with Frank Capra, Jr., his father had wanted to shoot the film in color, but because the only suitable stock footage he intended to incorporate into the film, such as scenes from a documentary about the Himalayas, was in black and white, he was forced to change his plans.
According to these plans, Częstochowa was to be transferred either to Łódź Voivodeship, or Silesian Voivodeship, together with Zagłębie Dąbrowskie.
According to reports, there are plans to construct a 100 Acre University as well as hospitals and health care facilities by the descendents of Rai Bular.
According to the Fire Precautions ( Workplace ) Regulations 1997, all workplaces must have an emergency plan consisting of staff actions, evacuation plans and arrangements for contacting the fire brigade.
According to legend, while he was at the gathering of the chiefs in Detroit, Wahbememe heard plans to attack the settlement which is now White Pigeon.
According to Richard Rhodes the plans for the atomic bomb, hundreds of tons of nuclear weapons materials, strategic intelligence reports, and the plans for much of the most advanced aviation, electronic, and heavy industrial technology was transferred through Gore Field and East Base in sealed diplomatic containers.
On July 11, 2008, the Albany Times Union reported that Lafarge's Ravena plant " was the greatest source of mercury emissions in New York from 2004 to 2006 " According to the story, plans have been made to upgrade the plant to reduce the mercury emissions.
According to Phife, ATCQ plans to release an album since they owe Jive Records one more in their six album contract.
With this refusal, Anna, according to Choniates, exclaimed “ that nature had mistaken the two sexes and had endowed Bryennius with the soul of a woman .” According to Ellen Quandahl and Susan C. Jarratt, Anna shows “ a repetition of sexualized anger .” Indeed, Dion C. Smythe asserts that Anna ’ s goals were “ thwarted by the men in her life .” Irene, however, according to Hill, had declined to participate in plans to revolt against an “ established ” emperor.
According to Günther Blumetritt, his former chief of operations, he opposed Hitler's plans.

According and Third
According to a 2010 interview on Blog Talk Radios, Lessons Learned, Rick Tocquigny, when asked if Mumy was a Jonathan Harris fan, before Mumy's first meeting with Harris on Lost in Space, he said at age 5, he was too young to watch his mentor's show The Third Man which was probably late at night, but was old enough to watch The Bill Dana Show ( which also starred Harris's real-life best friend Don Adams ).
* According to the Theravāda commentaries and chronicles, the Third Buddhist Council is convened by the Mauryan king Ashoka at Pataliputra ( modern Patna ), under the leadership of the monk Moggaliputta Tissa.
According to the Dowager Duchess in her book, Chatsworth: The House, one room still has " Third Postillion " painted on the door.
According to Lise Waxer: " African salsa points not so much to a return of salsa to African soil ( Steward 1999: 157 ) but to a complex process of cultural appropriation between two regions of the so-called Third World.
According to Gerald Warner, " Austrian Jews were among the strongest supporters of a Habsburg restoration, since they believed the dynasty would give the nation sufficient resolve to stand up to the Third Reich ".
According to Webster's Third, " some ISV words ( like haploid ) have been created by taking a word with a rather general and simple meaning from one of the languages of antiquity, usually Latin and Greek, and conferring upon it a very specific and complicated meaning for the purposes of modern scientific discourse.
According to his research, Mr. Tackett noted that the majority of the Second Estate had a military background, while the Third Estate was dominated by men of legal professions.
According to the first chapter of Wildstorm ’ s comic ThunderCats Origins: Heroes and Villains, the Third Earth is actually our Earth in the future ; the present day is " First Earth.
According to the plans, the Third Army ( 94, 884 men ), under general Radko Dimitriev, was deployed east of and behind the First, and was covered by the cavalry division hiding it from the Turkish view.
According to the plan of the Serbian Supreme Command, three Serbian armies ( First, Second and Third ) were supposed to encircle and destroy the Vardar Army in that area, with First Army advancing from the north ( direction Vranje-Kumanovo-Ovče Pole ), Second Army advancing from the east ( direction Kriva Palanka-Kratovo-Ovče Pole ) and Third Army advancing from the north-west ( direction Priština-Skopje-Ovče Pole ).
According to the terms of the Treaty of Dover, England declared war on the Dutch Republic on 7 April 1672, thus launching the Third Anglo-Dutch War.
According to Hernando de Soto, much of the poverty in the Third World countries is caused by the lack of Western systems of laws and well-defined and universally recognized property rights.
According to Austrian police, Čengić was on the supervisory board of the Third World Relief Agency ( TWRA ), a Sudan-based, phoney humanitarian organization connected to Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist network.
According to a BBC Arena documentary narrated by Dawn French it was Wax's role as backstage interviewer at Amnesty International's 1987 benefit show The Secret Policeman's Third Ball that eventually boosted her career to a higher level.
According to the NASA report Results of the Third Saturn 1 Launch Vehicle Test Flight, SA-3 aimed to test four areas: the booster, the ground support equipment, the vehicle in flight, and Project Highwater.
The Nativity of Christ is a three-day celebration: the formal title of the first day is " The Nativity According to the Flesh of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ ", and celebrates not only the Nativity of Jesus, but also the Adoration of the Shepherds of Bethlehem and the arrival of the Maji ; the second day is referred to as the " Synaxis of the Theotokos ", and commemorates the role of the Virgin Mary in the Incarnation ; the third day is known as the " Third Day of the Nativity ", and is also the feast day of the Protodeacon and Protomartyr Saint Stephen.
According to the Merriam Webster Third New International Dictionary, the noun evolved from the Middle English verb stenten, shortened from extenten, meaning to stretch, which in turn came from Latin extentus, past participle of extendere, to stretch out.
According to Hortus Third, Vigna differs from Phaseolus in details of the pollen and biochemistry, the thickened part of the style being less strong, and stipules that are often appendaged.
According to Kim's subordinate officers at Third Army Group, Kim did not hide his displeasure at learning of Yushin Constitution.
According to Third Army Group operations chief of staff Oh Soo-choon, who was also Kim's brother-in-law, Kim installed front-line fence around a small building in the base and set it up so that it would prevent exit from within rather than entry from without.
According to a question in the SNL edition of Trivial Pursuit, O ' Donoghue was fired after writing the never-aired sketch " The Last Days in Silverman's Bunker " ( which compared NBC network president Fred Silverman's problems at the network to Adolf Hitler's last days in charge of the Third Reich ).
According to Damien Keown, there is no historical evidence that the Theravāda school arose until around two centuries after the Great Schism which occurred at the Third Council.
According to accounts filed with the Electoral Commission, in 2006 Third Way had 20 members and cashflow of approximately £ 1, 400.

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