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According and publisher
According to recollections by publisher Gardner Cowles, Willkie's visit to China involved an episode where Soong May-ling seduced Willkie and took him to one of her hideaway apartments in Chungking.
According to the Real Academia Española, publisher of Diccionario de la Lengua Española, the word taco describes a typical Mexican dish of a maize tortilla folded around food (" Tortilla de maíz enrollada con algún alimento dentro, típica de México ").
According to recollections by newspaper publisher Gardner Cowles, Willkie's visit to China involved a bizarre episode in which Soong May-ling, wife of Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek allegedly seduced Willkie.
According to the publisher, the point was to get rid of the offensive word, which may have led readers to avoid the book, and make it more accessible.
According to the publisher, the book will be the first major biography of Daley.
According to legend, it was at this time that Kenna got his nickname from Chicago Tribune publisher Joseph Medill, because of his small stature.
According to Sani Meo, the publisher of This Week in Palestine, " Capital or no capital, Ramallah has done well and Palestine is proud of its achievements .” Some Palestinians allege that Ramallah's prosperity is part of an Israeli " conspiracy " to make Ramallah the capital of a Palestinian state, instead of Jerusalem.
According to the 2004 Book Summary, Baen Books was the ninth most active publisher in terms of most books published in the genres indicated, and the fifth most active publisher of the dedicated SF imprints, publishing a total of 67 titles ( of which 40 were original titles ).
According to Lennon in 1972, The Beatles ' music publisher Dick James was quite pleased with " No Reply ":
" According to the publisher, " Although individually minor, these changes are nonetheless crucial in that they facilitate a smooth reading of the book ’ s allusive density and essential fabric.
According to Orwell biographer Bernard Crick, publisher Victor Gollancz first tried to persuade Orwell's agent to allow the Left Book Club edition to consist solely of the descriptive first half of the book.
According to the publisher on Amazon. com in the book " Hal Moore opens his heart and soul about the role of faith through his many life experiences.
According to Léon Halévy, Labiche's publisher went bankrupt soon after the novel was out: " A lucky misadventure, for this timely warning of Destiny sent him back to the stage, where a career of success was awaiting him.
According to a letter from her daughter, Rose, to biographer William Anderson, the publisher had Laura change her age in the book because it seemed unrealistic for a three-year-old to have specific memories such as she wrote about.
According to its publisher, seven out of ten Gothenburgers read Göteborgs-Posten every day.
According to TorrentFreak, Wiley is thus " the first book publisher to take this kind of action ".
According to the official site of Bennett, "... In 1973, Bennett ’ s publisher Alick Bartholomew commissioned a book which was originally to be entitled “ Gurdjieff and the Masters of Wisdom ” and was to be co-authored by Bennett and Shushud.
According to the memoirs of a friend, Loelia, Duchess of Westminster, Prince George's brother ( the Duke of Windsor ) believed that the son was Michael Temple Canfield ( 1926 – 1969 ), the adopted son of American publisher Cass Canfield – and the first husband of Lee Radziwill, sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
According to Signorile, the church pressured Cooney's publisher, Times Books, to reduce the four pages discussing Spellman's sexuality to a single paragraph.
According to the National Association of College Stores, the entire cost of the book is justified by expenses, with typically 11. 7 % of the price of a new book going to the author's royalties ( or a committee of editors at the publishing house ), 22. 7 % going to the store, and 64. 6 % going to the publisher.
According to publisher Denis Kitchen, Capp's " hapless Dogpatchers hit a nerve in Depression-era America.
The bookseller and publisher Zedler published this book in Leipzig under the name " Great Complete Encyclopaedia of All Sciences and Arts Which So Far Have Been Invented and Improved by Human Mind and Wit: Including the Geographical and Political Description of the Whole World According to All Monarchies, Empires, Kingdoms, Principalities, Republics, Free Sovereignties, Countries, Towns, Sea Harbors, Fortresses, Castles, Areas, Authorities, Monasteries, Mountains, Passes, Woods, Seas, Lakes ... and also a Detailed Historical and Genealogical Description of the World's Brightest and Most Famous Family Lines, the Life and Deeds of the Emperors, Kings, Electors and Princes, Great Heroes, Ministers of State, War Leaders ... ; Equally about All Policies of State, War and Law and Budgetary Business of the Nobility and the Bourgeois, Merchants, Traders, Arts.
According to self-publisher and poet Peter Finch, vanity presses charge higher premiums and create a risk that an author who has published with a vanity press will have more difficulty working with a respectable publisher in the future.
According to book's publisher, Dusty Spark Publishing it is regarded as " one of the literary achievement of postwar Liberia and contemporary Africa.

According and Cambridge
According to physicist Phil Anderson, the term was coined by himself and Volker Heine when they changed the name of their group at the Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge from " Solid state theory " to " Theory of Condensed Matter ", as they felt it did not exclude their interests in the study of liquids, nuclear matter and so on.
According to the United States Census Bureau, Cambridge has a total area of, of which of it is land and of it ( 9. 82 %) is water.
According to Dr Rupert Thompson, the Orator of The University of Cambridge, the earliest reference to drinking games in Western literature is from Plato's Symposium The Drinking Party.
According to Nicholas Kaldor, Hayek's theory of the time-structure of capital and of the business cycle initially " fascinated the academic world " and appeared to offer a less " facile and superficial " understanding of macroeconomics than the Cambridge school's.
According to Cambridge University historian Christopher Andrew, who undertook the task of processing the Mitrokhin Archive, Carlos Fonseca Amador, one of the original three founding members of the FSLN had been recruited by the KGB in 1959 while on a trip to Moscow.
According to The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Political Thought, the Right has gone through five distinct historical stages: ( i ) the reactionary right, which sought a return to aristocracy and established religion ; ( ii ) the moderate right, who sought limited government and distrusted intellectuals ; ( iii ) the radical right, who favored a romantic and aggressive nationalism ; ( iv ) the extreme right, who proposed anti-immigration policies and implicit racism ; and ( v ) the neo-liberal right, who sought to combine a belief in a market economy and economic deregulation with the traditional Right-wing beliefs in patriotism, élitism, and law and order.
According to a 2011 discovery by a Cambridge manuscript expert, Syriac was the first language to use a question mark.
According to an article in Science News, " researchers with the University of Cambridge in England have shown that fleas take off from their tibiae and tarsi — the insect equivalent of feet — and not their trochantera, or knees.
According to an article about Graces from the University of Cambridge, a slightly different version of the Latin text of these verses is painted ( apparently as a decoration ) around Old Hall in Queens ' College, Cambridge, and is " commonly in use at other Cambridge colleges ".
According to the Enciklopedio de Esperanto, Mayor learned Esperanto in 1907, and gave a historic speech against Esperanto reformists at the World Congress of Esperanto held at Cambridge.
According to the Cambridge History of Classical Literature, he was probably active in the first half of the 4th century, although some scholars of the 19th and early 20th centuries thought he might have lived later in the 4th or even in the 5th century.
According to Harvard President Nathan M. Pusey, Leary was dismissed for leaving Cambridge and his classes without permission or notice, and Alpert for allegedly giving psilocybin to an undergraduate.
According to the historian Thomas Macaulay, Simeon's " authority and influence … extended from Cambridge to the most remote corners of England, … his real sway in the Church was far greater than that of any primate.
According to the Cambridge University Press, “ He was a self-educated man, committed to the teachings of Bakunin and Kropotkin, and he could not fairly be described as an anti-Semite.
According to a plaque underneath a painting of Hobson donated to Cambridge Guildhall, Hobson had an extensive stable of some 40 horses.
According to an unverifiable story, Perkins was convicted of the error of his ways after he heard a Cambridge mother say to her child, " Hold your tongue, or I will give you to drunken Perkins yonder.
According to The Cambridge History of Africa ( 1975 ):
According to the 2011 Universities Guide from The Guardian newspaper, the five top universities in the UK based on undergraduate students ' performance in public examinations while at high school ( as measured on the UCAS tariff scale ) were Cambridge ( 546 ), Oxford ( 530 ), Imperial College London ( 500 ), the London School of Economics ( 493 ) and Durham University ( 466 ).
According to the Cambridge History of Africa the Islamic historian Al-Sa ' df expresses this sentiment in describing his incursion on Timbuktu:
According to a campus legend, under the terms of the Widener family donation, the exterior of the library is never to be altered, or else ownership of the building reverts to the city of Cambridge.
According to a grant of 1590, the office of Regius Professor of " Greke " at Cambridge has a coat of arms with the following blazon: Per chevron argent and sable, in chief the two Greek letters Alpha and Omega of the second, and in base a cicado ( grasshopper ) of the first, on a chief gules a lion passant guardant Or, charged on the side with the letter G sable.
According to Alan Ross, Ranjitsinhji may have been lonely in his first years at Cambridge and probably encountered racism and prejudice.

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