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According and records
According to Wells College records, this last happened in 1979.
According to Sandra Frankiel, the records of " Jesus ' life and death, his acts and words " provide the " founding myths " of Christianity.
According to Mara Leveritt, investigative journalist and author of Devil's Knot, " Police records were a mess.
According to archival records, at least 16, 594 people died under the guillotine or otherwise after accusations of counter-revolutionary activities.
According to Lewnes ' UNICEF report, it is unknown how many girls and women die from the procedure because " few records are kept " and fatalities caused by FGM " are rarely reported as such ".
" According to some records, the original seventh letter, ⟨ z ⟩, had been purged from the Latin alphabet somewhat earlier in the 3rd century BC by the Roman censor Appius Claudius, who found it distasteful and foreign.
According to Stones ' confidant and close friend of Parsons, Phil Kaufman, the twosome would sit around for hours, playing obscure country records and trading off on various songs with their guitars.
According to the records of the Order, the manuscripts were passed from Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie, a Masonic scholar, to Rev.
According to Paul the Deacon's 8th century work Historia Langobardorum, the Langobards migrated southward from Scandinavia led by Ibur and Aio, while Saxo Grammaticus records in his 12th-century work Gesta Danorum that this migration was prompted by Aggi and Ebbi.
According to court records, the first three children have mental and physical disabilities, and have been placed in foster care.
According to the compilation hypothesis, the formulaic use of the word toledoth ( generations ) indicates that Genesis chapter 11, verse 27 to chapter 25, verse 19 is Isaac's record through Abraham's death ( with Ishmael's record appended ), and Genesis chapter 25, verse 19 to chapter 37, verse 2 is Jacob's record through Isaac's death ( with Esau's records appended ).
According to his son ( Johnny Jr ), Johnny ( senior ) was named Peter by his parents ; but, once he began to be successful as a swimmer, he formally used his brother's name, Johnny, because his brother John was, by birth, an American citizen ( and had official records that verified this fact ), and Peter was not ( this was done so that non-citizen Peter could represent USA in the Olympics ).
According to draft registration records for World War I, Peter and Elizabeth were apparently still together as late as 1917.
According to official records, 165 villages and towns were destroyed near Krakatoa, and 132 were seriously damaged.
According to surviving records, Marina learned of a plan by natives of Cholula to cooperate with the Aztecs to destroy the small Spanish army.
According to the records compiled by the United States Sentencing Commission, in 2009, the United States Department of Justice typically convicted a little over 81, 000 people ; of this, approximately 800 are convicted of money laundering as the primary or most serious charge.
According to Nalan Koc of the Norwegian Polar Institute this is the first time it has been clear since they began keeping records in 1972.
According to his mother, in Barcelona, which provides one of the most comprehensive records extant of any major artist ’ s beginnings.
According to Huntford, Scott " disappears from naval records " for eight months, from mid-August 1889 until 26 March 1890.
According to the museum's records, the Rosetta Stone is its most-visited single object and a simple image of it has been the museum's best selling postcard for several decades.
According to temple records, this natural causeway was formerly complete, but was breached by a violent storm ( probably a cyclone ) in 1480.
According to the Parian Marble, Sappho was exiled to Sicily sometime between 604 and 594 and Cicero records that a statue of her stood in the town-hall of Syracuse.
* 1776 – According to American colonial reports, Ezra Lee makes the world's first submarine attack in the Turtle, attempting to attach a time bomb to the hull of HMS Eagle in New York Harbor ( no British records of this attack exist ).
According to immigration records in the Philippines, someone named Saeed al-Ghamdi visited that country on at least 15 occasions in 2001, entering as a tourist.
According to official records, the spaceflight took 108 minutes from launch to landing.

According and Maryland
According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of, the smallest county in Maryland, of which ( or 99. 40 %) is land and ( or 0. 60 %) is water.
According to the Maryland Geological Survey, the highest point in Kent County is 102 feet above sea level, approximately 2. 25 miles west of Coleman's Corner ( shown on maps as " Coleman ") just northeast of the mouth of Still Pond Creek.
According to the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America, Englishman Robert Brooke was the first man to import hunting hounds to America, bringing his pack of foxhounds to Maryland in 1650 along with his horses.
According to Dave Doyle at the National Geodetic Survey, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the common corner of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, at The Wedge is marked by Boundary Monument # 87.
Post House / Holloway House ( CE-384 ; 18th Century ): According to Maryland Historical Trust records, the " Post House " is a frame and log construction building, possibly from the 18th century.
According to one of several legends, the town was given its name by Colonel Samuel Chapman, whose family owned of land in Southern Maryland, including what would become the areas of La Plata and Port Tobacco.
According to the Maryland State Archives, many more official documents refer to the " Town of Pocomoke City " than to the " City of Pocomoke City.
Callimont is located at ( 39. 8015 ,-78. 9488 ), about 13. 5 miles NNW of Cumberland, Maryland According to the United States Census Bureau, the borough has a total area of, all of it land.
According to the Maryland Municipal League:
According to a survey conducted by the United States Department of Commerce, evacuation rates were estimated as follows ; 45 % in the Outer Banks, 23 % in the area around the Pamlico Sound, 23 % in Virginia, and about 15 % in Maryland.
According to the most recent nursing school rankings, The University of Maryland School of Nursing was ranked the 7th best nursing school in the 2008 edition of U. S. News & World Report.
According to the most recent pharmacy school rankings, The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy was ranked 9th among pharmacy schools in the 2008 edition of U. S. News & World Report.
According to the most recent rankings, The University of Maryland School of Social Work was ranked 18th among schools of social work in the 2008 edition of U. S. News & World Report and 16th in 2012.
According to this urban myth, John Hanson of Maryland was actually black, and also the first President of the United States.
According to one story, at the age of 95 she waved the Union flag in the middle of the street to block, or at least antagonize Stonewall Jackson's troops, as they passed though Frederick in the Maryland Campaign.
According to a recent exhibit about World War Two, Warfield was the only African American member of the " Ritchie Boys ", thousands of soldiers who were trained at Fort Ritchie, Maryland.
" According to the Census Bureau's 2007 dataset, Western Maryland ( including Washington and Frederick counties ) has a population of 472, 039, accounting for 8. 4 % of the population of Maryland.
According to Lee Corso, who was an assistant coach at Maryland at that time, Wake Forest had the " worst atmosphere " of any place the Maryland football team played.
According to the State of Michigan website, Winifred Lee Brent Lyster of Detroit wrote the original 1862 lyrics of " Michigan, My Michigan " to the tune of " O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum ", also called " O Christmas Tree ", and also the tune of " Maryland, My Maryland ".
According to his birth certificate, Chaney was born on October 18, 1914 in Baltimore, Maryland, while according to " The Little Rascals, The Life & Times of Our Gang " written by Leonard Maltin and Richard W. Bann, he was born in 1918.
According to the Baltimore city directory of 1817-1818 he was listed in the section Free Householders of Colour ,” and in 1825 he had moved to Frederick County, Maryland, and two years later moved to Anne Arundel County, again, following the paths of those whose portraits he painted.

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