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According and reformed
According to Smith's account, and also according to the book's narrative, the Book of Mormon was originally written in otherwise unknown characters referred to as " reformed Egyptian " engraved on golden plates.
According to Edmond Ludlow, " The Wallingford House party, as if infatuated by a superior power to procure their own destruction, continued obstinately to oppose the Parliament, and fixed in their resolution to call another ( that is a reformed Parliament more agreeable to their interests ).
According to the Sri Lankan Military these militias were formed after " massacres done by the LTTE " and in the early 1990s they were reformed as the Sri Lankan Home Guard.
According to the Book of Mormon, that scripture of the Latter Day Saint movement was originally written in reformed Egyptian characters on plates of " ore " by prophets living in the Western Hemisphere from perhaps as early as 2600 BC until as late as AD 421.
According to a post on the Young God Records Facebook & MySpace accounts, Swans have officially reformed and Gira is currently recording and demoing new material.
According to the footnote of the " The lunar calender of Qin and Chu " (《 秦楚之际月表 》) from the Index of the Records of the Grand Historian (《 史记索隐 》), the first month Zhengyue, " due to the taboo of the First Emperor's given name Zheng, was reformed as Duanyue ( 端月 ).
According to local tradition, the community was so named after a preacher refused to return until the townspeople reformed their ways.
According to the radio documentary Enzology, when they reformed in mid-1983, both Finn brothers returned somewhat distracted.
According to the Mormon scripture Joseph Smith History, the transcript and its unusual " reformed Egyptian " characters were copied by Smith from the Golden Plates from which he translated the Book of Mormon.
According to most adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement, the Book of Mormon is a 19th century translation of a record of ancient inhabitants of the American continent, which was written in a script which the book refers to as " reformed Egyptian.
According to Elena Lupescu herself, it was originally a mistake of an Italian journalist ; but according to an alternative version, “ Magda ” was, at the time, Bucharest slang for “ reformed prostitute ”.
According to the official citation, Tracy " seized the colors and led the regiment when other regiments had retired and then reformed his line and held it.
According to Treephort's official Myspace page, the band has reformed and is currently playing shows and is releasing a new album in May 2009.
According to their website, they have reformed and are working on new material.
According to The Baron's Myspace page, Amebix have reformed as of February 2008.
According to Ecumenical News International, Kuitert, after his own emeritation in 1989, and by now the most widely read theologian in the Netherlands, broke completely with Berkouwer and " Middle Orthodox " tradition ( the theological mainstream of the reformed church ) in his book, Jesus, the Inheritance of Christianity ( 1998 ).
According to Duncan Fishwick, the reformed Imperial rites at Lugdunum resembled those due a master from his slaves.
According to English historian John Strype, more than 800 Protestants fled to the continent, mainly to the Low Countries, Germany, Switzerland, and France, and joined with reformed churches there or formed their own congregations.

According and Roman
According to the archaeologists, the door was reused in a structure in Roman Egypt.
According to the mythology outlined by Virgil in the Aeneid, Romulus and Remus were both descendants of Aeneas through their mother Rhea Silvia, making Aeneas progenitor of the Roman people.
According to Edward Gibbon in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, during the shifting of offices that took place at the beginning of the new reigns, Alaric apparently hoped he would be promoted from a mere commander to the rank of general in one of the regular armies.
According to Herodian, the Roman armies suffered a number of humiliating setbacks and defeats, while according to the Historia Augusta as well as Alexander's own dispatch to the Roman Senate, he gained great victories.
According to the orthodox Thomism of the Roman Catholic Church, Aristotle rightly regarded reason as a facility of the individual soul.
According to N. H. Baynes ( Byzantium, An Introduction to East Roman Civilization ):
According to the Roman poet Ovid ( Fasti v. 379 ), the constellation honors the centaur Chiron, who was tutor to many of the earlier Greek heroes including Heracles ( Hercules ), Theseus, and Jason, the leader of the Argonauts.
According to Strabo, by the time of emperor Augustus, up to 120 Roman ships were setting sail every year from Myos Hormos in Roman Egypt to India.
According to David, the Romano-Germanic legal systems included those countries where legal science was formulated according to Roman Law, whereas common law countries are those where law was created from the judges.
According to the Historia Augusta, the Roman emperor Hadrian issued a decree banning circumcision in the empire,
According to Harper's New Monthly Magazine: As such, according to one viewpoint, for those who " belong to the Church ," the term Methodist Catholic, or Presbyterian Catholic, or Baptist Catholic, is as proper as the term Roman Catholic.
According to Suetonius, he was the first Roman Emperor who had demanded to be addressed as dominus et deus ( master and god ).
According to the terms of the treaty, Syracuse would become a Roman ally, would pay a somewhat light indemnity of 100 talents of silver to Rome, and, perhaps most importantly, would agree to help supply the Roman army in Sicily.
" According to some records, the original seventh letter, ⟨ z ⟩, had been purged from the Latin alphabet somewhat earlier in the 3rd century BC by the Roman censor Appius Claudius, who found it distasteful and foreign.
According to Caesar, the captured Roman soldiers were ordered to pass through under a yoke set up by the triumphant Gauls, a dishonour that called for both public as well as private vengeance.
According to Kallistos Ware, some Western theologians, both Roman Catholic and Anglican, see the theology of Palamas as introducing an inadmissible division within God ; however, others have incorporated his theology into their own thinking, maintaining, as Jeffrey D. Finch reports, that there is no conflict between his teaching and Roman Catholic thought.
According to census data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2004, Irish Australians are, by religion, 46. 2 % Roman Catholic, 15. 3 % Anglican, 13. 5 % other Christian denomination, 3. 6 % other religions, and 21. 5 % as " No Religion ".
According to Theodor Mommsen ( The History of Rome, volume 4, The Revolution, ISBN 1-4353-4597-5, page 4 ), 1 January became the first day of the year in 600 AUC of the Roman Calendar ( 153 BC ), due to disasters in the Lusitanian War.
According to the 2000 census, 87. 9 % of the population is Christian, of which 76 % adhere to the Roman Catholic faith, while about 7 % are Protestant.
According to scholar James Butrica, lesbianism " challenged not only the Roman male's view of himself as the exclusive giver of sexual pleasure but also the most basic foundations of Rome's male-dominated culture ".
According to Roman tradition, Tarquinius Superbus gained the kingship by ordering the assassination of his much-admired predecessor, Servius Tullius.

According and Rite
According to the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, the liturgical year begins at 4: 00 pm on the Saturday preceding the fourth Sunday prior to 25 December.
According to Samuel Noah Kramer in The Sacred Marriage Rite, in late Sumerian history kings established their legitimacy by taking part in the ceremony in the temple for one night, on the tenth day of the New Year festival Akitu.
* Daily Office of the Roman Catholic Church According to the Anglican Use-Online version of the Daily Office from the Book of Divine Worship an ecclesiatically approved variant on the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church.
According to Catholic theology, the host, after the Rite of Consecration, is no longer bread, but the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, who is transubstantiated in it.
According to a narrative of Landulphus Senior, the eleventh-century chronicler of Milan, Charlemagne attempted to abolish the Ambrosian Rite, as he or his father, Pepin the Short, had abolished the Gallican Rite in France, in favour of a Gallicanized Roman Rite.
According to the Rite of Marriage (# 25 ) the customary text in English is:
The instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum of 25 March 2004 explains: " According to the tradition of the Roman Rite, this practice does not have the connotation either of reconciliation or of a remission of sins, but instead signifies peace, communion and charity before the reception of the Most Holy Eucharist.
According to the unsigned cover article, " Dynasty In Distress " in the February 9, 2004 issue of Business Week, Stern was " intensely engaged " as a board member of Rite Aid in the mid-to-late ' 90s when the drugstore chain admitted to overstating net income by $ 1 billion over two years.
* Daily Office of the Roman Catholic Church According to the Anglican Use-Online version of the Daily Office from the Book of Divine Worship an ecclesiastically approved variant on the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church.
According to it the Gallican Rite was referred to an original brought to Lyon from Ephesus by St. Pothinus and St. Irenaeus, who had received it through St. Polycarp from St. John the Divine.
According to the Odinic Rite website, of meeting Hitler Mills later wrote: " I saw him.

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