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According and regional
According to archaeologists Patricia Crown and Steadman Upham, the appearance of the bright colors on Salada Polychromes in the 14th century may reflect religious or political alliances on a regional level.
According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, " the Federal Reserve has the authority and financial resources to act as ' lender of last resort ' by extending credit to depository institutions or to other entities in unusual circumstances involving a national or regional emergency, where failure to obtain credit would have a severe adverse impact on the economy.
According to Lobo, the organisation was expected to adopt a co-ordinated position on the issue, but El Salvador, the nation presiding over the summit, refused to include the matter on the official agenda, insisting that discussion should retain a regional focus.
According to Hendschel, there are 36 to 58 % of young people have a passive knowledge of the regional languages.
According to Robert D. Putnam, the " institutional performance " of Veneto's regional government is higher than average in Italy, thus Veneto belongs to the " civic North ".
According to the CSO regional income report, GDP for the province of Leinster in 2004 was estimated to be over € 75 billion.
" According to a regional historian of note, Lillian Burns, the daughter of the early land developer, Owen Burns, the correct pronunciation of the name of the island by its early settlers was, an-na ma-rye-a, since it was named for the strong winds occurring in the area, using the German term for the wind, Maria.
According to the 1970 U. S. Census, the Deltona Lakes CDP had an estimated population of 4, 868, and a median age of 62 ; however, prior to the development of the Walt Disney World Resort, and the growth of the regional population, the subdivision was marketed to broader interests.
In an interview on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation, Dr. McWhorter characterized AAVE as a " hybrid of regional dialects of Great Britain that slaves in America were exposed to because they often worked alongside the indentured servants who spoke those dialects ..." According to Dr. McWhorter, virtually all linguists who have carefully studied the origins of AAVE " agree that the West African connection is quite minor.
According to many regional gazettes, Zhang Sanfeng was seen at the end year of Tianshun reign ( 1457 – 1464 ), having lived for more than 200 years.
According to regional Kurdish rebel commanders, Iraqi aircraft conducted up to 14 bombings in sorties of seven to eight planes each ; helicopters coordinating the operation were also seen.
According to Article 19, Section 2 of the Charter of the Chinese People ’ s Political Consultative Conference, the relationship between the National Committee and the regional committees is a relationship of guidance ( no direct leadership ).
According to Lyon chef Paul Bocuse, Beaujolais wine is used to make a traditional regional dessert involving a glass of sliced peaches, topped with black currants and drenched in chilled Beaujolais wine.
According to the Indian Readership Survey ( IRS ) Q1 2012, Eenadu ranks No. 6 among the regional languages dailies with a Total Readership ( TR ) of 59, 06, 000.
According to neuroimaging data, PET studies on recall and recognition have consistently found increases in regional cerebral blood flow ( RCBF ) in the following six brain regions: ( 1 ) the prefrontal cortex, particularly on the right hemisphere ; ( 2 ) the hippocampal and parahippocampal regions of the medial temporal lobe ; ( 3 ) the anterior cingulate cortex ; ( 4 ) the posterior midline area that includes posterior cingulate, retrosplenial ( see retrosplenial region ), precuneus, and cuneus regions ; ( 5 ) the inferior parietal cortex, especially on the right hemisphere ; and ( 6 ) the cerebellum, particularly on the left. Hippocampus highlighted in red
According to a regional legend, the burning of an Asian Golden Cat's fur drives tigers away.
According to historian John Ruedy, these factions, or " clans " did not embody " family or regional loyalties, as in the Arab East, because the generations-long detribalization of Algeria had been too thorough.
According to the Asian Development Bank ( ADB ) study Institutions for Asian Integration: Toward an Asian Economic Community ( 2010 ), Asia is supported by a dense web of 40 overlapping regional and sub-regional institutions that promote regional cooperation and integration at the intergovernmental level.
According to media reports, the company intends to open a regional centre in Belgrade and set up flights to destinations such as Japan or Australia via Kuala Lumpur.
According to the study, with around 7 million hectares of land redistributed via the land reform, 49. 9 % of those who received land were rural peasants, 18. 3 % were “ unemployed or in low-paid jobs in regional towns, growth points and mines ,” 16. 5 % were civil servants, and 6. 7 % were of the Zimbabwean working class.
According to Gujral, these five principles, scrupulously adhered to, would achieve a fundamental recasting of South Asia ’ s regional relationships, including the difficult relationship between India and Pakistan.
* According to U. S. News and World Report's college rankings ( 2012 ), San Jose State ranks 39th among regional universities in the western United States and 10th among western regional public institutions.

According and plan
According to Thomas Bushnell, the initial Hurd architect, their early plan was to adapt the 4. 4BSD-Lite kernel and, in hindsight, " It is now perfectly obvious to me that this would have succeeded splendidly and the world would be a very different place today ".
According to White House and Congressional Budget Office figures, the maximum share of income that enrollees would have to pay for the " silver " healthcare plan would vary depending on their income relative to the federal poverty level, as follows: for families with income 133 – 150 % of FPL will be 3-4 % of income, for families with income of 150 – 200 % of FPL will be 4-6. 3 % of income, for families with income 200 – 250 % of FPL will be 6. 3-8. 05 % of income, for families with income 250-300 % of FPL will be 8. 05-9. 5 % of income, for families with income from 300 to 400 % of FPL will be 9. 5 % of income.
According to the plan the Royals had six years to find a local owner for the team before opening ownership to an outside bidder.
According to Agassiz the intelligent adaptation of creatures to their environments testified to an intelligent plan.
According to surviving records, Marina learned of a plan by natives of Cholula to cooperate with the Aztecs to destroy the small Spanish army.
According to Ağca, the plan was for him and the back-up gunman Oral Çelik to open fire in St. Peter's Square and escape to the Bulgarian embassy under the cover of the panic generated by a small explosion.
" According to this belief, these purposes were explained and discussed in " councils in heaven ," followed by the War in Heaven where Satan rebelled against the plan of Heavenly Father.
According to Roger Staubach, the Cowboys ' game plan was to neutralize the Dolphins ' key offensive and defensive players — Paul Warfield and Nick Buoniconti.
According to Beathard, Hayes and Haynes " changed our whole game plan.
According to Mark Bonham-Carter, HH Asquith's grandson, Grace would have been one of the people to be appointed a peer had Asquith's plan to flood the House of Lords with Liberal peers come to fruition.
According to the Vision for Space Exploration, the next manned NASA program was to be Project Constellation with its Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles and the Orion Spacecraft ; however, the Constellation program was never fully funded, and in early 2010 the Obama administration asked Congress to instead endorse a plan with heavy reliance on the private sector for delivering cargo and crew to LEO.
According to Pensions and Investments, this is " apparently the first " US public pension plan to declare bankruptcy.
According to a near-contemporary, when beginning to plan a composition, he would lay out a large number of stock drawings of his on the floor, and begin to draw " rapidly ", borrowing figures from here and there.
According to The Making of Star Trek, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's original plan did not include transporters, instead calling for characters to land the starship itself.
According to Bernard Lewis, " The Arab historians, if they mention this engagement Battle of Tours at all, present it as a minor skirmish ," and Gustave von Grunebaum writes: " This setback may have been important from the European point of view, but for Muslims at the time, who saw no master plan imperilled thereby, it had no further significance.
According to Kevin Benson, the 10th director of the school, " The first ' official ' reference to the School of Advanced Military Studies ( SAMS ) graduates as Jedi Knights was on 12 May 1992 during a meeting of the Committee on Armed Services Military Education Panel in Washington D. C ." Congressman Ike Skelton stated, " we all know that the real stamp of approval came when General Schwarzkopf requested SAMS graduates, sometimes referred to as ' Jedi Knights ," be sent to his headquarters in Riyadh to assist in developing the campaign plan.
According to the plan put before the first session of the First Congress, Hamilton proposed establishing the initial funding for the Bank of the United States through the sale of $ 10 million in stock of which the United States government would purchase the first $ 2 million in shares.
According to the plan established by ASEAN, this stretch is scheduled for completion by 2020 ; it will form part of the Singapore – Kunming Rail Link project, overseen by the ASEAN – Mekong Basin Development Cooperation ( AMBDC ).
According to Wyatt, Ike was initially interested, but the plan was foiled when the three suspects — Leonard, Head and Crane — were killed in unrelated incidents.
According to Paul Altman of Altman Realty the envisioned plan, would consist of two islands, one measuring in size, and would house new tourism based developments and upscale boutique shops ; while the second island would be in size, and would serve as an open national park.
According to Nikolay Polyakov, Stalin purportedly created a special " Deportation Commission " to plan the deportation of Jews to these camps.
According to the plan, Tung's men would then burn down the embassy and stage it as a riot provoked by communists and other enemies of the United States.
According to Liddy, when the plan was finally approved, " there was no longer enough lead time to get the Cuban waiters up from their Miami hotels and into place in the Washington Hotel where the dinner was to take place " and the plan was " put into abeyance pending another opportunity ".

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