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According and ship's
According to the ship's manifest, Lusitania was carrying military cargo.
According to Irish legend, as a young girl Ní Mháille wished to go on a trading expedition to Spain with her father, and on being told she could not because her long hair would catch in the ship's ropes, she cut off most of her hair to embarrass her father into taking her, thus earning her the nickname " Gráinne Mhaol " (; from maol bald or having cropped hair ).
According to the treaty naval stores ( including ship's timbers, masts, spars, canvas, tar, rope, and pitch ) were not contraband and the Dutch therefore were free to continue their trade with France in these goods.
According to Sztaray, as the ship's bell announced the departure, Lucheni seemed to stumble and made a movement with his hand as if he wanted to maintain his balance.
According to these theories, sea water would have entered the ship's hold, reacting with the cargo to release toxic gases, which then caused the crew to succumb to asphyxia and / or poisoning.
According to an Admiralty report-not made public until early the next century-the larboard cannons ' weight on the ship's central frame caused excessively decayed timbers to break.
According to surviving members of the crew-two from the Whydah and seven from Bellamy's other fleet ship destroyed by the storm, the Marianne-at the time of its sinking, the ship carried nearly four and a half to five tons of silver, gold, gold dust, and jewelry, which had been divided equally into 180 fifty-pound bags and stored in chests below the ship's deck.
According to the ship's log, Mayflower II was towed up the East River into New York City on Monday, July 1, 1957 Afterwards, Villiers and crew received a ticker-tape parade in New York City.
According to the ship's manifest, Gunther last visited the United States for three months in 1924, when he visited Chicago, Illinois.
According to the ship's log and the journal of Increase Mather, the following was recorded ;
According to Mather he was a shepherd until the age of 18, after which he began a four-year apprenticeship as a ship's carpenter.
According to the author Aline B. Saarinen, " so fabulous were her jewels that a newspaper declared that when she appeared on the S. S. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse with a tiara of diamonds as large as lima beans, a corsage panned with diamonds, a sunburst as big as a baseball, a stomacher of diamonds and all the pearls around her neck, Alois Burgskeller of the Metropolitan Opera, who was singing at the ship's concert, was stopped right in the middle of a high note.
According to the ship's log and the journal of Increase Mather, whose father Richard Mather and family were on the James, the following was recorded ;
Although scholars doubt the validity of the charges, and question Drake's authority to try and execute Doughty, the incident set an important precedent: According to a history of the English Navy, titled To Rule the Waves: How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World by Arthur Herman, Doughty's execution established the idea that a ship's captain was its absolute ruler, regardless of the rank or social class of its passengers.

According and log
According to a 17th century myth the population at the viking settlement Birka decided to found a new settlement, and to determine its location had a log bound with gold drifting in Lake Mälaren.
According to the mission log maintained by Gene Kranz, the Apollo 13 re-entry blackout lasted around 6 minutes, beginning at 142: 39 and ending at 142: 45, and was 1 minute 27 seconds longer than had been predicted.
According to the log, the crew perished from disease.
According to Shannon's source coding theorem, the optimal code length for a symbol is − log < sub > b </ sub > P, where b is the number of symbols used to make output codes and P is the probability of the input symbol.
According to Hall, after his father was banned from working in the mines for joining an IWW strike, the family grew up in near starvation in a log cabin built by Halberg.
According to early histories, the offer of Andrew Holmes ' log house as capitol for seven years, a number of town lots, £ 50 worth of locks and hinges, 10 boxes of glass, 1, 500 pounds of nails, and $ 3, 000 in gold helped the decision go to Frankfort.
According to a diary of Sanford C. Cox, one of the first schoolmasters in the area, in 1824: " Crawfordsville is the only town between Terre Haute and Fort Wayne ... Maj. Ristine keeps tavern in a two-story log house and Jonathan Powers has a little grocery.
According to the Heritage Press there were some early pioneers who lived in caves and covered wagons while building their log cabins in the area now known as Midland.
Post House / Holloway House ( CE-384 ; 18th Century ): According to Maryland Historical Trust records, the " Post House " is a frame and log construction building, possibly from the 18th century.
According to old histories written for school assignments, White and Dakin built a two-room log cabin with an attic loft.
According to the SAS daily record log kept during that time, a TACBE transmission from the patrol was received on 24 January.
According to C. A. Weslager, whose book on log cabins is considered a classic, the Finns had a " close attunement " with the forests, and both groups had well-developed forest industries.
According to Worcesters log, in the castle they found " an Irishman, a captain, a Spanish lieutenant, a sergeant, one Scots rebel and 39 Spanish soldiers, 343 barrels of powder and 52 barrels of musquet shot ".
According to the prosecution, the log discusses a call known to have been made by Bamber ( see below ).
According to Mahesh Kumar Singh, the upper two rows of page 1 go like: " he bhagwan log bahoot garib yahan bimar aur bhookhe hai / inko itni sakti aur himmat do taki ye apne karmo ko pura kar sake "" – in English: " Oh, my God!
According to their website, the rationale behind it was " to dissociate this country with the ' log chomping ' and ' earnestness ' of our national animal ( and cliché ), the beaver "; the walrus, just as much a Canadian native, is " curmudgeonly but clever, bulky but agile ( if only in water ).
According to the complaint, Obiang, while Minister of Forestry, levied personal “ taxes ” against local and foreign timber companies for licenses to operate and export timber, such as a $ 28. 80 ) tax for every log exported, to fund his lavish lifestyle.
According to a sailor's log, Moira had begun acting strangely, forsaking food and furiously searching for an unknown item.
According to Chinese text Sanguo Zhi, it recorded the existence of three types of prehistoric dwellings in Korea: pit houses, log houses and elevated houses.
" According to the log of the USS Yosemite, on June 24, 1898 several sailors were given 72 hours extra duty for having an article in the lucky bag.
According to HMS Worcesters log, in the castle they found " an Irishman, a captain, a Spanish lieutenant, a sergeant, one Scots rebel and 39 Spanish soldiers, 343 barrels of powder and 52 barrels of musquet shot ".

According and Selkirk
According to Reudi Beglinger, mountain guide and founder of Selkirk Mountain Experience, ski-mountaineering options on the Tödi include what is " generally considered one of the most technically difficult lines in the Alps, almost a 10, 000-foot descent ".
According to Rogers ' journal, Rogers found Selkirk to be " wild-looking " and " wearing goatskins ", noting, " He had with him his clothes and bedding, with a firelock, some powder, bullets and tobacco, a hatchet, a knife, a kettle, a Bible and books.

According and died
According to the Gospel of Matthew, at the death of Jesus tombs were opened, and at his resurrection many saints who had died emerged from their tombs and went into " the holy city ", presumably New Jerusalem.
According to a version of the Ariadne legend noted by Plutarch, Theseus abandoned Ariadne at Amathousa, where she died giving birth to her child and was buried in a sacred tomb.
According to Tacitus in his Annals, Boudica poisoned herself, though in the Agricola which was written almost twenty years prior he mentions nothing of suicide and attributes the end of the revolt to socordia (" indolence "); Dio says she fell sick and died and then was given a lavish burial ; though this may be a convenient way to remove her from the story.
According to Gesta, Unni had died in 936 ( I 64 ).
According to the New Testament Jesus was crucified, died a physical death, was buried within a tomb, and rose from the dead three days later.
According to one historical account, aboriginal tribes of Australia were " most certainly cannibals ", and would willingly eat anyone who was killed in a fight ; they would also eat men famed for their fighting ability who had died natural deaths "... out of pity and consideration for the body ".
According to Sunni beliefs, Muhammad gave no specific directions as to the choosing of his successor when he died.
According to one authority ( a legend on the 1489 map of Henricus Martellus Germanus ), Cão died off Cape Cross ; but João de Barros and others wrote of his return to the Congo, and subsequent taking of a native envoy to Portugal.
According to his figures, six times as many people have died from the inflictions of people working for governments than have died in battle.
According to the legendary account in the Kojiki, Emperor Jimmu would have been born on 13 February 711 BC ( the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar ), and died, again according to legend, on 11 March 585 BC ( both dates according to the lunisolar traditional Japanese calendar ).
According to the Kojiki, Jimmu died when he was 126 years old.
According to his own account, each day he would walk in front of the hospital in which Giulio died until he was inured to the pain.
According to this account, Emperor Senka died in 539 at the age of 73 ; and succession passed to the third son of Emperor Keitai.
According to traditional sources, Yamato Takeru died in the 43rd year of Emperor Keiko's reign ( 景行天皇43年 ).
According to Nihonshoki, the king of the Korean Silla Kingdom grieved very much when Ingyō died.
According to the Kojiki ( 712 ) and Nihon Shoki ( 720 ), Buretsu died without a successor, at which time a fifth generation grandson of Emperor Ōjin, Keitai, came and ascended the throne.
According to archival records, at least 16, 594 people died under the guillotine or otherwise after accusations of counter-revolutionary activities.
According to Dio Cassius 72. 14. 3 – 4, in about 189 AD, under Commodus ’ reign, a pestilence occurred, the largest of which he had knowledge, in which 2, 000 people died in Rome each day.
According to a 1993 study of archival Soviet data, a total of 1, 053, 829 people died in the Gulag from 1934 to 1953.
According to UN estimates, between 500, 000 and 1. 2 million children died during the years of the sanctions.
According to the Harvard University Library, " By the late 19th century, 70 to 90 % of the urban populations of Europe and North America were infected with the TB bacillus, and about 80 % of those individuals who developed active tuberculosis died of it.
According to a version of these interpretations, Isaac died in the sacrifice and was revived.
According to German government estimates, " 65, 000 people died in those Soviet-run camps or in transportation to them.

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