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According and subjectivist
According to the subjectivist view, probability measures a " personal belief ".

According and view
According, then, to what I take to be the prevailing view, these rioters were merely a handful of irresponsible, Stalinist-corrupted provocateurs.
According to the researchers, the results suggest that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the world rather than how they act in it.
According to this view, the poem says that there may, or may not, have been a divine visit, when there was briefly heaven in England.
According to this view, though Mark has Jesus as the Son of God, references occurring at the strategic points in 1: 1 (" The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God ", but not in all versions, see Mark 1 ), 5: 7 (" What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?
According to the plans, the Third Army, under general Radko Dimitriev, was deployed east of and behind the First, and was covered by the cavalry division hiding it from the Turkish view.
According to this view, Beowulf can largely be seen to be the product of antiquarian interests and that it tells readers more about " an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon ’ s notions about Denmark, and its pre-history, than it does about the age of Bede and a 7th-or 8th-century Anglo-Saxon ’ s notions about his ancestors ’ homeland.
According to this view, the story of Jacob's visit to Laban to obtain a wife originated as a metaphor for this migration, with the property and family which were gained from Laban representing the gains of the Joseph tribes by the time they returned from Egypt ; according to textual scholars, the Jahwist version of the Laban narrative only mentions the Joseph tribes, and Rachel, and does not mention the other tribal matriarchs whatsoever.
According to this view, it is not considered to be read as a prophecy of western political history or of an eschatological future.
According to Maimonides, the correct view of providence lies with Elihu, who teaches Job that one must examine his religion ().
According to F. W. Dobbs-Allsopp, " the widely observed unity of form and point of view ... and general resemblance in linguistic detail throughout the sequence are broadly suggestive of the work of a single author ," though other scholars see Lamentations as the work of multiple authors.
According to the objectivist view, the rules of Bayesian statistics can be justified by requirements of rationality and consistency and interpreted as an extension of logic.
According to this view, any form of specific coercion is then unethical in itself as an injury to freedom, quite apart from its damaging effects on social progress.
According to one view, most people today live as citizens according to the liberal-individualist conception but wished they lived more according to the civic-republican ideal.
According to the prevalent view, Montesquieu is regarded as the ' father ' of comparative law.
According to this view, the husband has the God-given responsibility to provide for, protect, and lead " his " family.
According to this view, Hume's empiricism consisted in the idea that it is our knowledge, and not our ability to conceive, that is restricted to what can be experienced.
According to this view, Hume is not arguing for a bundle theory, which is a form of reductionism, but rather for an eliminative view of the self.
According to this world view, over time " priests " had succeeded in encrusting the original simple, rational religion with all kinds of superstitions and " mysteries " irrational theological doctrines.
According to this view, either it is very hard for intelligent life to arise, or the lifetime of such civilizations must be relatively short.
According to this view, ethics is more a summary of common sense social decisions.
According to the direct-reference view, an early version of which was originally proposed by Bertrand Russell, and perhaps earlier by Gottlob Frege, a proper name strictly has no meaning when there is no object to which it refers.
According to the " two sense " view of existence, which derives from Alexius Meinong, existential statements fall into two classes.
According to Husserl, this view of logic and mathematics accounted for the objectivity of a series of mathematical developments of his time, such as n-dimensional manifolds ( both Euclidean and non-Euclidean ), Hermann Grassmann's theory of extensions, William Rowan Hamilton's Hamiltonians, Sophus Lie's theory of transformation groups, and Cantor's set theory.

According and probability
According to Richard Dawkins, a distinction between agnosticism and atheism is unwieldy and depends on how close to zero we are willing to rate the probability of existence for any given god-like entity.
According to one interpretation, as the result of a measurement the wave function containing the probability information for a system collapses from a given initial state to a particular eigenstate.
According to recent research, the word dates from before the sail was taken into use by the Germanic peoples of North-Western Europe, because the Old Frisian spelling shows that the word was pronounced with a palatal k and thus in all probability existed in North-Western Germanic before that palatalization happened, i. e. in the 5th century or before ( in the western branch ).
According to Carnap's theory, the posterior probability,, that an object,, will have a predicate,, after the evidence has been observed, is:
According to this approach, it is not necessary to assign any value to the probability of a hypothesis, although one must certainly take into account the probability of the data given the hypothesis, or given a competing hypothesis, when deciding whether to accept or to reject.
According to Shannon's source coding theorem, the optimal code length for a symbol is − log < sub > b </ sub > P, where b is the number of symbols used to make output codes and P is the probability of the input symbol.
According to the theory, wave functions interact with each other and evolve in time in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics until a measurement is performed, at which point the system takes on one of its possible values, with a probability that's governed by the wave-function.
According to economist Frank Knight, it is different from risk, where there is a specific probability assigned to each outcome ( as when flipping a fair coin ).
According to an evolutionary psychology hypothesis that assumes that descent systems are optimized to assure genetic high genetic probability of relatedness between lineage members, males should prefer a patrilineal system if paternal certainty is high ; males should prefer a matrilineal system if paternal certainty is low.
According to the principle of indifference, we assign each of the possible outcomes a probability of 1 / 2.
According to this summary, the Fourth Assessment Report finds that human actions are " very likely " the cause of global warming, meaning a 90 % or greater probability.
According to the birthday paradox, in a group of 23 ( or more ) randomly chosen people, the probability is more than 50 % that some pair of them will have the same birthday.
According to Youssef, the valid possible alternatives for probability values are the real numbers, the complex numbers and the quaternions.
According to the Bayesian interpretation of probability, probability theory can be used to evaluate the plausibility of the statement, " The sun will rise tomorrow.
According to its definition is the number of ionizations per length of path and thus the relation of the probability that there was no collision in the mean free path of the ions, and the mean free path of the electrons:
According to his theory, a probability assertion is akin to a bet, and a bet is coherent only if it does not expose the wagerer to loss if their opponent chooses wisely.
According to later commentators, Hatfield's successes were mainly due to his meteorological skill and sense of timing, selecting periods where there was a high probability of rain anyway.
According to some folklorists and historians the Christmas ham's origins in England lay in a: "... tradition was initiated in all probability on the Isle of Britain by the Anglo-Saxons, although our knowledge of it comes substantially from medieval times .... ancient Norse paganism | Norse tradition sacrifice carried the intent of imploring Freyr to show favor to the new year.
According to Martin Nowak, a Harvard professor of mathematics and evolutionary biology " We cannot calculate the probability that an eye came about.
According to Kolomna OKB, the Igla-1 has a P < sub > k </ sub > ( probability of kill ) of 0. 30 to 0. 48 against unprotected targets which is reduced to 0. 24 in the presence of decoy flares and jamming.
According to Fobos-Grunt Chief Designer Maksim Martynov, the probability of the probe accidentally reaching the surface of Mars was much lower than the maximum specified for Category III missions, the type assigned to Fobos-Grunt and defined in COSPAR's planetary protection policy ( in accordance with Article IX of the Outer Space Treaty ).

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