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Page "John the Evangelist" ¶ 6
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According and usual
According to moral values, human behavior may also depend upon the common, usual, unusual, acceptable or unacceptable behavior of others.
According to the usual rules of quantum mechanics, the actual state of the electron may be any superposition of these states.
According to the Regulations and Instructions relating to His Majesty's Service at Sea, which had been published for the first time in 1733 by the Admiralty, sailors were entitled to a gallon of weak beer daily ( 5 / 6 of the usual British gallon, equivalent to the modern American gallon or slightly more than three and a half litres ).
According to Schulberg, “ She gave me the usual song and dance.
According to Yoshiyuki Tomino, the animation was not up to his usual standards, the episode becoming a " lost episode " of sorts, never being dubbed.
According to the usual precedence rules, the unary message " new " is sent first, and then " label :" and " open " are sent to the answer of " new ".
According to Saint historian Burl Barer, Charteris made the decision to remove Templar from his usual confidence-game trappings, not to mention his usual co-stars Holm, Uniatz, Orace and Teal, as they weren't appropriate for the post-war stories he was writing.
According to the documentary For the Record, he stated that he was unhappy with his musical ideas not being taken seriously by lead singer Barlow and Nigel Martin-Smith, because his desire to explore hip hop and rap conflicted with the band's usual ballads.
" According to Ralph Berton, he was " as usual gazing off into his private astronomy ," but his cornet, Condon famously quipped, sounded " like a girl saying yes.
According to Keeling and Archibald, the usual way to distinguish organelles from endosymbionts is by their reduced genome sizes.
According to American field surgeon named Robert Brownfield who witnessed the events, the Continental Army Col. Buford raised a white flag of surrender, " expecting the usual treatment sanctioned by civilized warfare ".
According to " Quendi and Eldar: Essekenta Eldarinwa " written by Ælfwine, Quendya was the usual Vanyarin name given to the Quenya language, since in Vanyarin ndy and ny remained quite distinct.
According to William of Newburgh, King Stephen was " grieved beyond measure by the death of the son who he hoped would succeed him ; he pursued warlike preparations less vigorously, and listened more patiently than usual to the voices of those urging peace.
According to the usual version, from one egg, Polydeuces ( Pollux ) and Helen were the children of Zeus ; from the other, Castor and Clytemnestra were the children of Tyndareus.
According to the usual interpretation, the term pontifex literally means " bridge-builder " ( pons + facere ); " maximus " literally means " greatest ".
According to him the political control of India was not a conquest in the usual sense because it was not an act of a state.
According to Hansen, the show steadily lost advertisers, and as such, he had to restructure the distribution of the show from the usual barter system to a system in which stations pay a rights fee for the program ( though he apparently made exceptions in some major markets, such as WLUP in Chicago ).
According to one account, Goderich was in tears during his interview with the King, who passed him a handkerchief, but within days Goderich was rejoicing in his release from office: " quite another man sleeps at nights now, and laughs and talks as usual.
According to Gwindor's words, Túrin was very tall, " as tall as are the Men from the misty hills of Hithlum ," in which he supposedly took after his grandfather Galdor the Tall since both Húrin and the Folk of Bëor were shorter than was usual among the Men of Hador.
According to Reuben Fine, the Evans poses a challenge for Black since the usual defenses ( play ... d6 and / or give back the gambit pawn ) are more difficult to pull off than with other gambits ( Interestingly, Fine was beaten by this gambit in a friendly game against Bobby Fischer, in just 17 moves: Fischer-Fine 1963 1-0.
According to McClary, Schubert, in the second movement of his Unfinished Symphony, foregoes the usual narrative of the sonata form by " wandering " from one key area to another in a manner which does not consolidate the tonic, but without causing its violent reaffirmation:
According to the official version, which was long believed to be the true one, the paper had arrived by the usual means, through Madame Bastian ; but the appearance of the document, which was hardly torn, makes this story unlikely.
According to Leinster Leader, Saturday, 11 April 1903, Britain had to choose a different colour to its usual national colours of red, white and blue, as these had already been taken by Italy, Germany and France respectively.

According and entirely
According to Greg M. Epstein, " ' do unto others ' ... is a concept that essentially no religion misses entirely.
According to Jack Donnelly, in the ancient world, " traditional societies typically have had elaborate systems of duties ... conceptions of justice, political legitimacy, and human flourishing that sought to realize human dignity, flourishing, or well-being entirely independent of human rights.
According to some scholars, All Hallows ' Eve initially incorporated traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead, particularly the Celtic Samhain ; other scholars maintain that the feast originated entirely independently of Samhain.
According to Alan Reid's account, Erwin had no concerns about policy — his anxiety was entirely focussed on Holt's leadership style, his parliamentary performance and his public image.
According to him, law is not entirely based on social facts, but includes the morally best justification for the institutional facts and practices that we intuitively regard as legal.
According to the sceptics, Adomnán's story may be independent of the modern Loch Ness Monster legend entirely, only becoming attached to it in retrospect by believers seeking to bolster their claims.
The film was theatrically released on October 14, 2010 According to Legend Films founder Barry Sandrew, Night of the Living Dead is the first entirely live action 2-D film to be converted to 3-D.
According to the Supreme Court, the Eighth Amendment forbids some punishments entirely, and forbids some other punishments that are excessive when compared to the crime, or compared to the competence of the perpetrator.
According to some sources, the older man was expected to function as a kind of substitute father and role model to his junior partner ; however, others believe it was reasonably certain that they had sexual relations ( the exact nature of Spartan pederasty is not entirely clear ).
According to this hypothesis, the only possible time lines are those entirely self-consistent — so anything a time traveler does in the past must have been part of history all along, and the time traveler can never do anything to prevent the trip back in time from happening, since this would represent an inconsistency.
According to author Ginger Strand, the Horseshoe Falls is now entirely in Canada.
According to a 1996 survey by LetsLink UK, only 13 % of LETS networks actually practice equivalence, with most groups establishing alternate systems of valuation " in order to divorce entirely from the mainstream economy.
According to a customary Inuit saying " The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls.
According to the United States Census Bureau, Marshall has a total area of, entirely on land.
According to Reed ( despite the original liner notes ), the album entirely consists of guitar feedback played at different speeds.
According to Randy Pratt, this report is not entirely accurate.
According to comedy folklore, after a reviewer once criticised his act for its lack of jokes, Bailey returned the following night, at Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, to perform a set composed entirely of punchlines.
According to Stiegler, it is significant that Epimetheus is entirely forgotten in the philosophy of Martin Heidegger.
According to eyewitnesses, Kolchak was entirely calm and unafraid, " like an Englishman.
He maintained " that man is not responsible for any of his actions which proceed entirely from God " According to Al-Shahrastani, the Jabarias were divided into three sects, 1, the Jahmia, 2, the Najjaria, and 3, the Zirdria.
According to Article 57 the Crown of Spain is inherited by the successors of King Juan Carlos I de Borbón through male preference primogeniture Article 57 is also significant in that it omits entirely the Franconist era designation of Juan Carlos as Franco's successor.
According to Evangelical theologian Charles C. Ryrie, modern liberal theology " gives an exaggerated place to the abilities of man to decide his own fate and to effect his own salvation entirely apart from God's grace.
According to one author, Spare's magical rationale was as follows, " If the psyche represses certain impulses, desires, fears, and so on, and these then have the power to become so effective that they can mold or even determine entirely the entire conscious personality of a person right down to the most subtle detail, this means nothing more than the fact that through repression (" forgetting ") many impulses, desires, etc.
" According to Marx, this began with the phase of primitive communism ( hunter-gatherer society ), after which the Neolithic Revolution gave way to slave societies, progressing into the feudal society, and then into his present era of the Industrial Revolution, after which he held that the next step was for the proletariat to overthrow the owners of industry and establish a socialist society, which would further develop into a communist society, in which class distinctions, money, and the state would have withered from existence entirely.

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