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According and hypothesis
According to J. P. Mallory, in his 1989 book In Search of the Indo-Europeans, the hypothesis was also inspired by a Basque place-name ending in-adze.
According to the " kindling " hypothesis, when people who are genetically predisposed toward bipolar disorder experience stressful events, the stress threshold at which mood changes occur becomes progressively lower, until the episodes eventually start ( and recur ) spontaneously.
According to Needham, though there is no way of answering the question of whether the crossbow first arose among the cultures neighboring ancient China before the rise of Chinese culture in their midst, or whether it spread outwards from China to all the environing peoples, the former seems the more probable hypothesis given linguistic evidence, which posits that the Chinese word for ' crossbow ' came from an Austroasiatic language.
According to the Duesberg hypothesis, AIDS is not found in Africa.
According to an influential hypothesis put forward by W. D.
According to research by Lera Boroditsky, grammatical genders are among the aspects of languages that shape how people think ( a hypothesis called " linguistic relativity ").
According to Gardner, this hypothesis posits that light rays travel in circular paths, and slow as they approach the center of the spherical star-filled cavern.
According to the recent single origin hypothesis, anatomically modern humans arose in East Africa approximately 200, 000 years ago.
According to the documentary hypothesis, use of names of God indicates authorship, and form critics variously assign passages like Genesis chapter 26, verses 6-11 to the Yahwist source, and Genesis chapter 20 verses 1-7, chapter 21, verse 1 to chapter 22, verse 14 and chapter 22, verse 19 to the Elohist source ; this source-critical approach has admitted problems, in that the name " Yahweh " appears in Elohist material.
According to the compilation hypothesis, the formulaic use of the word toledoth ( generations ) indicates that Genesis chapter 11, verse 27 to chapter 25, verse 19 is Isaac's record through Abraham's death ( with Ishmael's record appended ), and Genesis chapter 25, verse 19 to chapter 37, verse 2 is Jacob's record through Isaac's death ( with Esau's records appended ).
According to an article by Nicholas Wade published in the New York Times, genetic evidence published in July 2012 in the journal Nature by David Reich of the Harvard Medical School " vindicates " Greenberg's hypothesis of three waves of migration into the Americas.
According to a recent hypothesis, the Archimedes screw may have been used by Sennacherib, King of Assyria, for the water systems at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Nineveh in the 7th century BC, although mainstream scholarship holds it to be a Greek invention of later times.
According to one hypothesis there was another daughter of Mieszko, married to a Pomeranian Slavic Prince ; she could be a daughter of Dobrawa or of one of the previous pagan wives.
According to the documentary hypothesis, the first five books of the Bible ( Pentateuch / Torah ), including Genesis, were collated during the 5th century BC from four main sources, which themselves date from no earlier than the 10th century BC.
According to one hypothesis, an Italian architect called Petrok Maly may have been an author of the Ascension Church in Kolomenskoye, one of the earliest and most prominent tented roof churches.
According to Albert Sturtevant, " far as the element Rata-is concerned, Bugge's hypothesis has no valid foundation in view of the fact that the Norse word Rata ( gen. form of Rati *) is used in
According to the de Broglie hypothesis, every object in the universe is a wave, a situation which gives rise to this phenomenon.
According to M. I. Sanduk this hypothesis is related to a hypothetical bevel gear model.
According to a widely accepted theory ( the " Kenite hypothesis "), the Edomite god YHW could have been brought north to the Canaanite hill country and the early Israelites by migratory Edomite desert tribes, of whom the Kenites were one.
According to this approach, it is not necessary to assign any value to the probability of a hypothesis, although one must certainly take into account the probability of the data given the hypothesis, or given a competing hypothesis, when deciding whether to accept or to reject.
According to this hypothesis, primary dissociation involves one ANP and one EP, while secondary dissociation involves one ANP and several EPs and tertiary dissociation, which is unique to DID, is described as having several of each.
According to this hypothesis, the only possible time lines are those entirely self-consistent — so anything a time traveler does in the past must have been part of history all along, and the time traveler can never do anything to prevent the trip back in time from happening, since this would represent an inconsistency.

According and stimulus
According to Theoretical Synthesis, " when a stimulus is presented short and clarity is uncertain that gives a vague stimulus, perception becomes a top-down approach.
According to Ramskov, one proponent of bottom-up approach, Gibson, claims that it is a process that includes visual perception that needs information available from proximal stimulus produced by the distal stimulus.
" According to historian Carlo Ginzburg, Foucault may have written The Order of Things ( 1966 ) and The Archaeology of Knowledge partly under the stimulus of Derrida's criticism.
According to the ICD-10-GM, version 2005, fetishism is the use of inanimate objects as a stimulus to achieve sexual arousal and satisfaction ; in most cases said object is required for sexual gratification.
According to the DSM-IV-TR, fetishism is the use of nonliving objects as a stimulus to achieve sexual arousal or satisfaction.
According to Chomsky, children acquiring a language have a vast search space to explore among all possible human grammars, yet at the time there was no evidence that children receive sufficient input to learn all the rules of their language ( see poverty of the stimulus ).
) According to the superposition principle, the response to the original stimulus is the sum ( or integral ) of all the individual sinusoidal responses.
According to semantic network theories, this is because such a stimulus will have many connections to other encoded memories, which are activated based on closeness in semantic network structure.
According to the seventh edition of Psychology, Themes and Variations, absolute threshold is “ for a specific type of sensory input and is the minimum stimulus intensity an organism can detect ,” ( 120 ).
According to the LC-NE hypothesis, when a salient, or meaningful stimulus is presented, neurons in the locus coeruleus release norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that benefits the detection of the stimulus.
According to the simple models of information-processing that existed at the time, there are three stages of processing: stimulus identification, response selection, and response execution or the motor stage.
According to Simon himself ( 1969 ), the location of the stimulus, although irrelevant to the task, directly influences response-selection due to an automatic tendency to ' react towards the source of the stimulation '.
According to this account, it represents the binding of information obtained from stimulus input with representations from short-and long-term memory ( such as recent context, and accessing a word's meaning in long term memory ) that work together to create meaning from the information available in the current context ( Federmeier & Laszlo, 2009 ; see Kutas & Federmeier, in press ).
Note: According to 5 Steps To A 5 AP Psychology, transduction means the transformation of stimulus energy to the electrochemical energy of neural impulses.

According and activates
According to this mechanism, dynorphin activates bradykinin receptors, which triggers the release of calcium ions into the cell through voltage-sensitive channels in the cell membrane.

According and spatial
According to special relativity, one can change a spatial and time separation ( L < sub > 1 </ sub >, Δt < sub > 1 </ sub >) into another ( L < sub > 2 </ sub >, Δt < sub > 2 </ sub >) by changing one's reference frame, as long as the change maintains the spacetime interval s. Such a change in reference frame corresponds to changing one's motion ; in a moving frame, lengths and times are different from their counterparts in a stationary reference frame.
According to the ME-DEP Lake Water Quality Monitoring Report for Schoodic Lake provided by the PEARL spatial database, water quality monitoring data for Schoodic Lake has been collected since 1977.
According to Kreger Silverman, of the 30 % of the general population who use visual / spatial thinking, only a small percentage would use this style over and above all other forms of thinking, and can be said to be ' true ' picture thinkers like a certain Albert Einstein.
According to the spatial mismatch theory, opportunities for low-income people are located far away from the areas where they live. Spatial mismatch is the sociological, economic and political phenomenon associated with economic restructuring in which employment opportunities for low-income people are located far away from the areas where they live.
According to Dr Alta Steenkamp the masonic subtext of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal is reflected in the Voortrekker Monument, because Moerdyk had used the geometric order and spatial proportions of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal.
According to Science Daily, " Gravity plays a major role in our spatial orientation.
According to the model, spatial color distribution of luminous balls commonly observed in HL phenomenon are produced by electrons accelerated by electric fields during rapid fracture of piezoelectric rocks under the ground.
According to the United States Marine Corps, one key concept of maneuver warfare is that maneuver is traditionally thought of as a spatial concept, that is the use of maneuver so as to gain positional advantage.
According to the theorem, once the spatial distribution of the electrons has been determined by solving the Schrödinger equation, all the forces in the system can be calculated using classical electrostatics.
According to Stephen Hill space music can evoke a " continuum of spatial imagery and emotion ," which can be beneficial for introspection, and for developing, through a practice of deep listening, an awareness of the spatiality of sound phenomenon.

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