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According and understanding
According to Kant, there are 12 categories that constitute the understanding of phenomenal objects.
According to critic Geoffrey Blum, the process that saw its beginnings in 1942's Pirate Gold first bore its full fruit in 1950's ' Vacation Time ,' which he describes as ' a visual primer for reading comics and understanding ... the form ...." From the early 1950s Barks undertook the quarterly adventures of Uncle Scrooge and the duck clan in Scrooge's own title.
According to some of their contemporary enemies Cathars did not accept the Trinitarian understanding of Jesus, but considered him the human form of an angel similar to Docetic Christology.
According to Chalmers, a naturalistic account of property dualism requires a new fundamental category of properties described by new laws of supervenience ; the challenge being analogous to that of understanding electricity based on the mechanistic and Newtonian models of materialism prior to Maxwell's equations.
According to the understanding of quantum mechanics known as the Copenhagen interpretation, measurement causes an instantaneous collapse of the wave function describing the quantum system into an eigenstate of the observable state that was measured.
According to the present understanding, there are four fundamental interactions or forces: gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction.
According to the Buddhist point of view, once we have developed a genuine understanding of the causes of suffering, such as craving ( tanha ) and ignorance ( avijja ), then we can completely eradicate these causes and thus be free from suffering.
According to Nicholas Kaldor, Hayek's theory of the time-structure of capital and of the business cycle initially " fascinated the academic world " and appeared to offer a less " facile and superficial " understanding of macroeconomics than the Cambridge school's.
According to Weber's theses, social research cannot be fully inductive or descriptive, because understanding some phenomenon implies that the researcher must go beyond mere description and interpret it ; interpretation requires classification according to abstract " ideal ( pure ) types ".
According to Herbert C. Brichtothe, writing in Reform Judaism's Hebrew Union College Annual, the family tomb is the central concept in understanding biblical views of the afterlife.
According to the Ahmadiyya understanding of the Quran, every nation in the history of mankind has been sent a prophet, as the Quran states: And there is a guide for every people.
According to science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein, " a handy short definition of almost all science fiction might read: realistic speculation about possible future events, based solidly on adequate knowledge of the real world, past and present, and on a thorough understanding of the nature and significance of the scientific method.
According to Wesleyan understanding, good works were the fruit of one's salvation, not the way in which that salvation was earned.
According to Epicurus, the basic means for our understanding of things are the ' sensations ' ( aestheses ), ' concepts ' ( prolepsis ), ' emotions ' ( pathe ) and the ' focusing of thought into an impression ' ( phantastikes epiboles tes dianoias ).
According to the transportation curator at the Henry Ford Museum, Robert Casey, the Jeep Cherokee ( XJ ) was the first true sport utility vehicle in the modern understanding of the term.
According to Joseph Telushkin and Morris N. Kertzer, Kaplan's " rationalist rejection of the traditional Jewish understanding of God exerted a powerful influence " on many Conservative and Reform rabbis.
According to Viola ( 2005 ) " illustrative techniques are often designed in a way that even a person with no technical understanding clearly understands the piece of art.
According to the memory-prediction model for intelligence, if the stored representations resolve the arriving patterns, this constitutes " understanding ," and brain activity shifts from evaluation to triggering motor responses.
According to Humboldt, everything should be measured with the finest and most modern instruments and sophisticated techniques available, for it was that collected data was the basis of all scientific understanding.
According to the Yoruba elders, Oshun is the " unseen mother present at every gathering ", because Oshun is the Yoruba understanding of the cosmological forces of water, moisture, and attraction.
According to Kant, objects of which we are sensibly cognizant are merely representations of unknown somethings — what Kant refers to as the transcendental object — as interpreted through the a priori or categories of the understanding.
According to Shneur Zalman's seminal work Tanya, the intellect consists of three interconnected processes: Chochma ( wisdom ), Bina ( understanding ), and Da ' at ( knowledge ).
* According to Walter Laqueur, the varying interpretations of the Quran are important for understanding Muslim attitudes.
According to Kabbalah ( and particularly the chasidic understanding of Kabbalah ), the world is sustained on the " shoulders " of several exceptionally righteous people in a generation ( tzaddikim ).

According and self
According to Price after death the self will find itself in a dream world of memories and mental images from their life.
According to the standard interpretation of Hume on personal identity, he was a Bundle Theorist, who held that the self is nothing but a bundle of experiences (" perceptions ") linked by the relations of causation and resemblance ; or, more accurately, that the empirically warranted idea of the self is just the idea of such a bundle.
According to this view, Hume is not arguing for a bundle theory, which is a form of reductionism, but rather for an eliminative view of the self.
According to Murphy ’ s parody, when the television cameras were turned off, the sweet Gumby reverted to his true self: a cigar chomping, irascible celebrity who was highly demanding of the production executives.
According to his first book, The Silent World: A Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure ( 1953 ), Cousteau started diving with Fernez goggles in 1936, and in 1939 used the self contained underwater breathing apparatus invented in 1926 by Commander Yves le Prieur.
According to Mead, " we do not assume there is a self to begin with.
According to Nicks, Kelly portrays the young Stevie Nicks blending with the soul of Nicks ' 62 year-old self.
According to social identity theory, an important component of the self-concept is derived from memberships in social groups and categories ; this is demonstrated by group processes and how inter-group relationships impact significantly on individuals ' self perception and behaviors.
According to Mead the key to developing the self is learning to take the role of the other.
According to S. Baron however, there existed " a general willingness of the people to follow its self imposed Rabbinic rulership ".
According to Josephus, Joab did not kill Abner out of revenge, because he had forgiven him for the death of his brother, Asahel, the reason being that Abner had slain Asahel honorably in combat after he had twice warned Asahel and had no other choice but to kill him out of self defense.
According to notable author Arthur C. Clarke and former stage magician James Randi, the Silva method consists of the application of positive thinking, visualization meditation, and self hypnosis.
According to Advaita Vedanta, the attainment of liberation coincides with the realization of the unreality of ' personal self in the psyche ' and the simultaneous revelation of the ' Impersonal Self ' as the ever-existent Truth Brahman, the source of all spiritual and phenomenal existence.
According to the Islamic Sufis conscience allows Allah to guide people to the marifa, the peace or " light upon light " experienced where a Muslim's prayers lead to a melting away of the self in the inner knowledge of God ; this foreshadowing the eternal Paradise depicted in the Qur ’ ān.
According to psychoanalyst Kernberg, " the normal tension between actual self on the one hand, and ideal self and ideal object on the other, is eliminated by the building up of an inflated self-concept within which the actual self and the ideal self and ideal object are confused.
According to some scholars, the Buddha nature which these sutras discuss, does not represent a substantial self ( ātman ).
According to the early texts, while on the path, one should develop oneself in healthy and liberating ways, only letting go of the attempt to improve the self as it becomes unnecessary.
According to this analysis, the Buddha did not make the metaphysical assertion that nibbana is not self, but neither did he hold the metaphysical view that it is self.

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