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Page "learned" ¶ 211
from Brown Corpus
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Accordingly and if
Accordingly, if it is not repealed by the Congress at its present session, I shall have no alternative thereafter but to direct the Secretary of Defense to disregard the section unless a court of competent jurisdiction determines otherwise.
Accordingly, patients with jargon aphasia often use neologisms, and may perseverate if they try to replace the words they can't find with sounds.
Accordingly, the French Marshal set off from Leuven ( Louvain ) at the head of 60, 000 men and marched towards Tirlemont, as if to threaten Zoutleeuw ( Léau ).
Accordingly, they have claimed that the market is biased in favor of books, TV specials, and other media that support the Triangle mystery, and against well-researched material if it espouses a skeptical viewpoint.
Accordingly, the debate on irreducible complexity concerns two questions: whether irreducible complexity can be found in nature, and what significance it would have if it did exist in nature.
Accordingly, if famine victims are included, a minimum of around 10 million deaths — 6 million from famine and 4 million from other causes — are attributable to the regime, with a number of recent historians suggesting a likely total of around 20 million, citing much higher victim totals from executions, gulags, deportations and other causes.
Accordingly, the CPU sets this physical address on its address bus and requests all other hardware connected to the CPU to respond with the results, if they answer for this specific address.
In Book I, he states, " Accordingly we may affirm that to be true art which does not appear to be art ; nor to anything must we give greater care than to conceal art, for if it is discovered, it quite destroys our credit and brings us into small esteem.
An interpretation given by Roger Crisp draws on a definition given by Mill in A System of Logic where he says an “ intention to produce the effect, is one thing ; the effect produced in consequence of the intention, is another thing ; the two together constitute the action .” Accordingly, whilst two actions may outwardly appear to be the same they will be different actions if there is a different intention.
Accordingly, if one's glass is going to be filled by a superior, one should hold the glass with both hands.
Accordingly eco-anarchism and the looser green anarchisms, and related theories in green economics such as that of trustee stewardship of the commons, are more likely to perceive group-entity actions as benign if the group entity itself has a biological or ecological parameter, mission or scope.
Accordingly, the very first thing that he saw, on entering a village of Hyrcania, was the carcase of a, large wolf, which had been shot just half an hour before his arrival, and which looked terrible in death, " grinning horribly a ghastly grin ;" thus proving the truth of the poet, that, " every where the pleasures of the chase may be enjoyed ," if such may be termed pleasures.
Accordingly, a psychological phenomenon may occur when a customer renews a subscription, that may not occur during a one-time transaction: if the buyer is not satisfied with the service, he / she can simply leave the subscription to expire and find another seller.
Accordingly, if in Ordinary Time one of them falls on a Sunday, the Sunday celebration gives way to it ; but the Sundays of Advent, Lent and Eastertide take precedence over all solemnities, which are then transferred to another day.
The sale of the receivables essentially transfers ownership of the receivables to the factor, indicating the factor obtains all of the rights associated with the receivables .< Ref Name =" Finance " />< Ref Name =" CPA_Finance " /> Accordingly, the factor obtains the right to receive the payments made by the debtor for the invoice amount and, in nonrecourse factoring, must bear the loss if the account debtor does not pay the invoice amount due solely to his or its financial inability to pay.
Accordingly, if free Muslims were attacked, slaves who converted were subjected to far worse.
Accordingly the correct approach is to show how many people in the affected workforce group are put at an advantage, and then if there is a statistically significant number of people with a protected characteristic who are not advantaged, there must be an objective justification for the practice.
Accordingly, they could heavily defeat the Swiss if their pike column could be disorganized so that the rodeleros could dash under the unwieldy pikes of the Swiss and stab the lightly armoured, shieldless Swiss infantry.
Accordingly, it can be taken that if two or more orbitals of equal energy are available, electrons will occupy them singly before filling them in pairs.
Accordingly, profits are only charged to corporation tax if they fall within one of the following, and are not otherwise exempted by an explicit provision of the Taxes Acts:
Accordingly, it may accept the validity of some Reform and Reconstructionist conversions, but only if they include immersion in a ritual bath ( mikvah ), appearance before a rabbinical court ( beit din ) and, for men, circumcision ( brit milah ) or a symbolic circumcision for those already circumcised ( hatafat dam brit ).
Accordingly, many philosophers recognize that the view presented in Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language is philosophically important, though something of a hybrid position — as if it were a fictional thinker of Kripke's own creation — and so it is useful to have a name by which to call it.
Accordingly, if the documents tendered by the beneficiary, or his or her agent, appear to be in order, then in general the bank is obliged to pay without further qualifications.
Accordingly, the servers will only bring more meat if the card is flipped to the green side.

Accordingly and occurs
" Accordingly, factoring occurs when the rate of return on the proceeds invested in production exceed the costs associated with factoring the receivables.
Accordingly, proponents of the self-categorization model hold that group polarization occurs because individuals identify with a particular group and conform to a prototypical group position that is more extreme than the group mean.

Accordingly and near
Accordingly, the body of Alfred Delp was cremated and his ashes disposed of somewhere near Berlin ; nobody knows where.
Accordingly, Landing was established near the dormant volcano Mount Garben, on a fertile plateau near the Jordan River.
Accordingly, the Temple began moving to Redwood Valley, California, near Ukiah.
Accordingly, an appreciation Kang ’ s role as a supporter of Mao ’ s line in this period helps explain his return to very near the pinnacle of power a few years later.
Accordingly, on 22 January 1662, the last monarch of the Southern Ming, together with his sons and grandsons, were put on boats and forwarded to Wu Sangui's camp near Ava.
Accordingly, an estate was leased for five years at Skenesborough, New York, near Lake Champlain, where the family were located with the two sons, Joseph and William.
Accordingly, they are often found on defoliated tomato plants, the caterpillar clinging to the underside of a branch near the trunk.
Accordingly, Vladimir Yaroslavich and Mstislav Mstislavich razed Roman ’ s district around Peremil, while Rostislav Ryurikovich and his force attacked Roman ’ s district near Kamianets.

Accordingly and early
While the transcription of the Chinese words used by Ricci was not very consistent, he systematically used Latin p and t for unaspirated Chinese sounds that Pinyin renders as b and d. Accordingly, Ricci called the adherents of Laozi, Tausu (, Pinyin: Daoshi ), which was rendered as Tausa in an early English translation published by Samuel Purchas ( 1625 ).
Accordingly, many different historical figures can be identified as early scientists, depending on which elements of modern science are taken to be essential.
Accordingly, skateboarding was originally denoted " sidewalk surfing " and early skaters emulated surfing style and maneuvers.
Accordingly, on July 9only ten days after being sworn inhe asked Sauvé to dissolve parliament and advised her to call an election for early September.
Accordingly Parliament enacted the Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries Act in early 1536, relying in large part on the reports of " impropriety " Cromwell had received, establishing the power of the King to dissolve religious houses that were failing to maintain a religious life ; and consequently providing for the King to compulsorily dissolve monasteries with annual incomes declared in the Valor Ecclesiasticus of less than £ 200 ( of which there were potentially 419 ); but also giving the King the discretion to exempt any of these houses from dissolution at his pleasure.
Accordingly individual scientists are motivated to have their own work cited early and often and as widely as possible, but all other scientists are motivated to eliminate unnecessary citations so as not to devalue this means of judgment.
Accordingly, comments on the script from Hammer's Michael Carreras ( who had joined his father James as producer in the early 1950s ) were less than complimentary:
Accordingly, the proper date of its celebration has been a cause of much controversy, at least as early as the meeting ( c. 154 ) of Anicetus, bishop of Rome, and Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna.
Accordingly, in the early 1950s, ex-RAF fighter pilot Jim Denyer was appointed as Airport Manager and within a few years over 5, 000 people were using the Airport each year to travel to destinations such as Jersey and the Isle of Wight.
Accordingly, the Hungarian flag features a tricolour element, which is based upon the French flag, as a reflection of the ideas of the French revolution ; while red, white, and green are colours derived from the historical Hungarian coat of arms, which have essentially remained in the same form since the mid-15th century, with exception to some minor differences, and were marshalled from arms that first appeared in the late 12th and early 13th century as arms of the Árpáds, Hungary's founding dynasty.
Accordingly Swiss regiments made up a significant proportion of the royal troops summoned to Paris by Louis XVI in early July of 1789.
Accordingly, Rosing's system employed a mechanical camera device, but used very early cathode ray tube ( developed in Germany by Karl Ferdinand Braun ) as a receiver.
Accordingly, in June 1974 it was decided to continue the office of Sheriff of Chester that dated from the early twelfth century.
Accordingly, in his early career Geertz considered anthropology a kind of science.
Accordingly, the economic downturn of the early 1930s saw some businesses do away with employee welfare schemes to reduce costs.
Accordingly, a second branch was opened on Thonglor ( Sukhumvit 55 ) in early 2011.
Accordingly, they constructed the great Motte of Clonburren on the Roscommon side of the river, within sight of an even then declining early Christian nunnery.
Accordingly, when plans were drawn up for a major renovation in the mid-1980s, the Hastings rejected an early proposal that would have segmented the house into disconnected vertical " entryways ", opting instead for a plan that connected " the bricks " to one another more closely and in the process allowed the construction of the Holmes junior common room, the PfoHo Grille, the Comstock Library, and the centralized balconied dining hall.
Accordingly, on his return to the United States he was one of the early figures in the establishment of the Council on Foreign Relations which served as the New York branch of the Lionel Curtis Institute of International Affairs.
Accordingly, the early settlers of Palo were the clans of Panganuron, Kadampog, Manlangit, Kumago, Kawaring, Kabalhin, Kumagong, Maglain, Bilyu and Dilyu.
Accordingly, they would designate certain program blocks in off-peak listening hours, such as late evenings or overnight on weekdays, or early on Sunday mornings, to play almost exclusively Canadian music.
Accordingly, each of the early programs showed viewers how to get the most from their own plot of land, both in terms of floral beauty and vegetable bounty.

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