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Adams and continued
When his opponents realized what they had gotten themselves into, they tried to bury the censure and move on, but Adams made sure this did not happen and the censure continued to be debated.
As others continued to attack him and call for his censure, Adams continued to debate the issues of slavery and the evils of slaveholding.
The first three novels in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series were dubbed a trilogy, and even after he extended the series, author Douglas Adams continued to use the term for humorous effect-for example, calling Mostly Harmless " the fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy.
Adams continued to adhere to this claim of republican political legitimacy until quite recently — however, in his 2005 speech to the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis he explicitly rejected it.
Sinn Féin continued its policy of refusing to sit in the Westminster Parliament even after Adams won the Belfast West constituency.
Adams served as its first and only " Premier ", but his leadership failed in attempts to form similar unions, and his continued defence of the monarchy was used by his opponents as evidence that he was no longer in touch with the needs of his country.
Adams continued to advocate more for the people, especially the poor.
Jackson and his followers immediately labeled Clay and Adams as striking a “ corrupt bargain ", and they continued to lambast the President until the 1828 election.
The merged team continued as the Minnesota North Stars, but assumed the Barons ’ place in the Adams Division.
Adams continued to play for the national side, however and he finally appeared in a World Cup finals in 1998.
Construction of the new highway continued northward, with a portion of the highway still unconstructed by June 1930, a portion near the Adams train station and part of Livingston Avenue still was not constructed to full state standards.
The exact date of the name change is not known, but the hamlet became known as Adams Centre, a spelling that continued until about 1900.
The UK TV feed from Philadelphia was dogged by an intermittent regular buzzing on the sound during Bryan Adams ' turn on stage and continued less frequently throughout the rest of the UK reception of the American concert and both the audio and video feed failed entirely during that performance and during Simple Minds's performance.
He also continued to serve as an interim leader of the Northwest Territories provisional government from Ottawa until Adams George Archibald, took over on May 10 1870.
" Although he continued to enjoy a warm relationship with Benjamin Franklin, the American peace commissioners John Jay and John Adams distrusted Vergennes ' motives and began separate peace talks with British envoys.
Harvard Board of Overseers member Mitchell L. Adams said, “ This is an extraordinary moment in Harvard ’ s history and in the history of this rapidly emerging field ... And because of Harvard ’ s leadership in academia and the world, this gift will foster continued progress toward a more inclusive society .”
The group continued to tour until 1983 with a nucleus of Rowland, Adams, O ' Hara and Shelton augmented by other musicians.
Chester and Festus Haggen are perhaps Dillon's most recognizable sidekicks, though there were others who would become acting-deputies for two and a half to seven and a half year stints: Quint Asper ( Burt Reynolds ) ( 1962 – 1965 ), Thad Greenwood ( Roger Ewing ) ( 1966 – 1968 ), and Newly O ' Brian ( Buck Taylor ) ( 1967 – 1975 ), who served as both back-up deputy and doctor-in-training, having some studies in medicine via his uncle which then continued under Doc Adams.
Young eventually died of an asthmatic infection, but Adams continued his work of educating the women and children.
Releases continued until 1992, including albums by Graham Fitkin, vocal duo Red Byrd, a recording of Erik Satie's Socrate, Piers Adams playing Handel's Recorder Sonatas, Walter Hus and further recordings both of Martland's compositions and of the composer playing Mozart.
He was continued in office by John Adams and served through the entire Adams administration until February 19, 1801.
In 1819 Florida was sold by Spain to the United States by Adams – Onís Treaty, many Spanish settlers, whose ancestors came from Cuba, Andalusia, and Canary Islands, became U. S. citizens and continued to speak Spanish.

Adams and do
Jackson accused the Adams campaign, and Henry Clay even more so, of causing her death, saying, " I can and do forgive all my enemies.
Internally, members of the priesthood do not use The Reverend as a style, but are generally known as " brother " or " sister " or by their specific priesthood office (" deacon ", " teacher " or " priest " are often appended after the person's name, instead of, for example, " Deacon John Adams " or " Deacon Adams ", and generally only in written form ; in contrast, elders, bishops, evangelists, apostles, etc.
In 2008, the first primary for any City Council election was held on August 5, 2008 do to the field of 7 candidates: Richard B. Abrams, ( 443 votes ; 22. 64 %), Donald Raymond Adams ( 240 12. 26 %), Betty Binder ( 297 15. 18 %), Jason Christie ( 334 17. 07 %), John A. Gilbert ( 194 9. 91 %), David Krueger ( 245 12. 52 %), and Doug Whetstone ( 200 10. 22 %).
Abigail Adams, wife of the second President, had visited Mount Vernon two weeks earlier, and wrote: " Many of those who are liberated have married with what are called the dower Negroes, so that they all quit their connections, yet what could she do?
Despite this, we do find a large number of examples of pre-20th century individuals attaining lifespans of 75 years or greater, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Cato the Elder, Thomas Hobbes, Eric of Pomerania, Christopher Polhem, and Michaelangelo.
Cranleigh appears in the book The Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd, in which experiences which do not have words yet are given words which currently only exist as names of places.
Adams does not propose that it would be logically impossible for God to command cruelty, rather that it would be unthinkable for him to do so because of his nature.
He had done nothing to foster good relations with the newly independent United States: both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson complained of his obstructive attitude and " aversion to having anything to do with us ". Subsequently he took little part in politics: in 1792, hearing rumours that a new coalition might be formed, he unwisely offered himself as its head and met with a firm rebuff from both Pitt and the King.
( In reference to President John Quincy Adams in 1826 :) " It is my duty to leave nothing undone that I may lawfully do, to pull down this administration ...
After refusing to do so for some time, Adams finally released the report of the affair, resulting in a wave of passionate anti-French sentiment across the U. S. This seriously damaged the Republicans and helped the Federalists win the 1798 elections.
Climbing Mount Adams can be dangerous for a variety of reasons and people do die in pursuit of the summit.
" In his book Elvis ( 1981 ) Albert Goldman wrote, " Nick Adams ingratiated himself with James Dean precisely as he would do a year or so later with Elvis.
The Braun Family had requested police to do a search based on Adams ’ directions but they had not assisted.
While she could have summarily fired Adams since he was still without a contract, she did not do so.
In the end of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams, a possible question to get the answer " forty-two " is presented: " What do you get if you multiply six by nine?
Radjabov was unable to do much with any compensation he may have had, and eventually Adams was left a clean pawn up.
One of the most popular solutions is to claim, as William Lycan and Robert Adams do, that " possible worlds " talk can be reduced to logical relations amongst consistent and maximally complete sets of propositions.
Adams ' stories were never novelised, reportedly because he wanted to do the job himself.
It was Tresidder who, in 1929, asked photographer Ansel Adams to take over as director of the Dinner, which Adams agreed to do.
Adams knows he'll spend the money on girls, do a number of jobs when it is gone, and then find another wagon train for which to scout.
Henry Adams Bellows maintains in his commentaries that it is patchwork of various poems that do not fit well together, but stanzas 28-37 and 39-50 are held to be among the finest in Old Norse poetry.
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