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Adams and was
`` Damn you, Adams '' -- Jess was beginning to recover from his initial shock.
As different physically as the tall, angular Jefferson was from the chubby, rotund Adams, the seven were striking individualists.
Brooks Adams was consistent in his admonishments to historians about the necessary tools or insights they needed to possess.
It was this basic trait that separated Adams from the ranks of professional historians and led him to commit time and time again what was his most serious offense against the historical method -- namely, the tendency to assume the truth of an hypothesis before submitting it to the test of facts.
J. T. Shotwell was appalled by such spurious history as that which attributed the fall of the Carolingian empire to the woolen trade, and he urged Adams to `` transform his essay into a real history, embodying not merely those facts which fit into his theory, but also the modifications and exceptions ''.
In summary, Brooks Adams felt that the nature of history was order and that the order so discovered was as much subject to historical laws as the forces of nature.
Adams was not breaking new ground when he claimed that the worship of an unseen power was in reality a reflection of man's inability to cope with his environment.
But Adams was one of the first to suggest that this human incompetence was the only motivating factor behind religion.
To Adams that age in which religion exercised power over the entire culture of the race was one of imagination, and it is largely the admiration he so obviously held for such eras that betrays a peculiar religiosity -- a sentiment he would have probably denied.
Hunt's first meeting with Adams was held in March 1959.
It was enacted July 14, 1798, with an expiration date of March 3, 1801 ( the day before Adams ' presidential term was to end ).
Fuller attended Milton Academy in Massachusetts, and after that began studying at Harvard University, where he was affiliated with Adams House.
When the club folded after the 1870 season, Wright was hired by Boston businessman, Ivers Whitney Adams to organize a new team in Boston, and he did, bringing three teammates and the " Red Stockings " nickname along ( Most nicknames were then only nicknames, neither club names nor registered trademarks, so the migration was informal ).
According to a 2010 interview on Blog Talk Radios, Lessons Learned, Rick Tocquigny, when asked if Mumy was a Jonathan Harris fan, before Mumy's first meeting with Harris on Lost in Space, he said at age 5, he was too young to watch his mentor's show The Third Man which was probably late at night, but was old enough to watch The Bill Dana Show ( which also starred Harris's real-life best friend Don Adams ).
The game was inspired by Richard Adams ' fantasy novel Watership Down, and the players were given the opportunity to take on the role of rabbits.
Maguire's stature was such that a delegation from Gerry Adams sought his support in 1986, but was rejected.

Adams and key
Adams predicted the likelihood of the Union's dissolution over the slavery issue, and was a key opponent of the Mexican – American War for this reason.
Justice Michael Adams determined that because ul-Haque was falsely led to believe that he was legally compelled to comply with the ASIO officers, the conduct of at least one of the investigating ASIO officers constituted false imprisonment and kidnap at common law, and therefore key evidence against ul-Haque was inadmissible.
In 1978, Gerry Adams became joint vice-president of Sinn Féin and a key figure in directing a challenge to the Sinn Féin leadership of President Ruairí Ó Brádaigh and joint vice-president Dáithí Ó Conaill.
Irish Taoiseach Albert Reynolds, who had replaced Haughey and who had played a key role in the Hume / Adams dialogue through his Special Advisor Martin Mansergh, regarded the ceasefire as permanent.
Among the more key transactions was a deal with the New Jersey Devils, in which Sundstrom was traded away in exchange for winger Greg Adams and goaltender Kirk McLean.
Soon after Adams ' arrival in Japan, he became a key advisor to the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and built for him Japan's first Western-style ships.
Adams was later the key player in the establishment of trading factories by the Netherlands and England.
Ithaca Free Clinic, bringing to life key aspects of Adams ' vision.
The American School's key elements were promoted by John Q. Adams and his National Republican Party, Henry Clay and the Whig Party, and Abraham Lincoln through the early Republican Party which embraced, implemented, and maintained this economic system.
Utilizing extensive archival research, and broad consultation, including 27 original interviews with key industry players involved with the AFI since the 1950s ( including Dr George Miller, Phillip Adams and Barry Jones ), the book makes a major contribution to Australian screen history through the testimony of those who were there, observers and historians, who offer readers an understanding of Australian film history from a never before told AFI ‘ insiders ’ perspective.
The documentary featured interviews from several of the key figures in World Class, including Kevin, Mercer, Grant, Hart, Adams, Skandor Akbar, Marc Lowrance, David Manning and Johnny Mantell.
Rickard also highlights amongst the key early Fortean Times advocates and supporters: Ion Alexis Will, who discovered The News in 1974 and became a " constant of valuable clippings, books, postcards and entertaining letters "; Janet and Colin Bord, later authors of Mysterious Britain ( Janet also wrote for Flying Saucer Review and Lionel Beer's Spacelink, while it was Colin's Fortean article in Gandalf's Garden that is particularly cited by Rickard as bringing him / them to his attention ); Phil Ledger, a " peripatetic marine biologist ", and The News < nowiki >'</ nowiki > " first enthusiastic fan "; Ken Campbell, Fortean playwright ; John Michell ; Richard Adams and Dick Gwynn, who both helped with the evolving layout and typesetting of later issues ; Chris Squire, who helped organise the first subscription database ; Canadian " Mr. X "; Mike Dash and cartoonist Hunt Emerson.
Historian Richard B. Morris in 1973 identified the following seven figures as the key Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.
Adams played a key role in the revival of the Australian film industry during the 1970s.
Adams played a key role in the South Australian Film Corporation, which was created in 1972 and became a model for similar bodies in other Australian states, and in the establishment of the Australia Council and the Australian Film Development Corporation, later known as the Australian Film Commission.
Rush enjoyed a cultivated childhood ; during his life he was a statesman, diplomat, widely-praised orator and key figure in two Administrations ( James Madison and John Quincy Adams ), and carved a distinguished career in public affairs in his own right.
McPherson ( 1972 ) argues that three-quarters of ex-abolitionists favored Grant, although such antislavery Republicans as Charles Francis Adams, Carl Schurz, and Charles Sumner were key supporters of Greeley.
Adams signed with the Toronto Blue Jays on January 7,, and was a key contributor to their bullpen.
A key factor in the correction of these anchoring errors is the chromosomal passenger complex, which includes the kinase protein Aurora B, its target and activating subunit INCENP and two other subunits, Survivin and Borealin / Dasra B ( reviewed by Adams and collaborators in 2001 ).
Adams ' political supporters were key players in the development of the Whig Party, and that party soon absorbed the Anti-masonic movement in New York, giving Weed a new home in a more mainstream and larger political organization.
It is regarded as one of the key compositions of Adams ' " minimalist " period.
Amos Adams Lawrence ( July 31, 1814 – August 22, 1886 ), the son of famed philanthropist Amos Lawrence, was a key figure in the United States abolition movement in the years leading up to the Civil War, and instrumental in the establishment of the University of Kansas and Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.
The book explores the history of the Federalist party, discusses the relationships among key players, among them Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, and analyzes the administrations of George Washington and John Adams.
The Alva B. Adams tunnel is the key component of the largest transmountain water diversion in the state of Colorado — the Colorado-Big Thompson Project ( C-BT ).

Adams and ensuring
Furthermore, when no candidate received an Electoral College majority in the 1824 presidential election causing the president to be decided by the House, Speaker Clay threw his support to John Quincy Adams instead of Andrew Jackson, thereby ensuring the former's victory.
Adams, who was already a leading Patriot and who was contemplating a run for public office, agreed to help, in the interest of ensuring a fair trial.
He was later involved, at the request of William Whitelaw, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, in ensuring safe passage for Gerry Adams for talks with the British government in 1973.

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