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Additional and references
Additional species are listed in other references.
Additional references to the Elder Things appear in Lovecraft's short story " The Shadow Out of Time " ( 1936 ), and the novella " At the Mountains of Madness ," which is the main source of information about them.
Additional references on pumping test analysis methods other than the one described above ( typically referred to as the Hantush-Bierschenk method ) can be found in the general references on aquifer tests and hydrogeology.
Additional references:
Additional references:
Additional references to Ball's work featured in " Little Big Mom " include Homer and Bart watching I Love Lucy with the volume turned up high, disturbing Lisa when is trying to sleep.
Additional references on unproductive labour
Much of the Orff-Schulwerk scholarship prior to the 1990s did not give attention to Keetman's extensive contributions, but that is being remedied through many recent publications ( see Additional references ).

Additional and suggest
Additional theories suggest that either Verica, a British client king of the Roman Empire in the years preceding the Claudian invasion was owner of the palace, or even one Tiberius Claudius Catuarus, whose gold signet ring was recently discovered.
Additional fossils from North America and Europe suggest that the family was spread across the globe during the late Paleogene period.
Additional fossils from North America and Europe suggest that the family was spread across the globe during the late Paleogene period.
Additional experimental results suggest that oxidative damage is responsible for age-related decline in brain functioning.
Additional studies suggest that a marked decrease in fertility in adult males may be due to DDT exposure.
Additional hyphenated forms in Slitheen names suggest family sub-units within the broader Slitheen family.

Additional and King
Additional performances in film include King of the Gypsies ( 1978 ), Tempest ( 1982 ), Compromising Positions ( 1985 ), Little Women ( 1994 ), Stepmom ( 1998 ), Anywhere but Here ( 1999 ), Cradle Will Rock ( 1999 ), The Banger Sisters ( 2002 ), Shall We Dance ( 2004 ), Alfie ( 2004 ), Romance & Cigarettes ( 2005 ), Elizabethtown ( 2005 ) and Enchanted ( 2007 ).
Additional family were revealed in a McDonaldland VHS tape " The Legend of Grimace Island ": Grimace had an unnamed mom, an unnamed dad, a grandma named " Winky ", a great-great grandma named Jenny Grimace, and might have had a brother named " King Gonga ", who was the king of all Grimaces.
Additional studios are located at Victoria Street in Grimsby from where Lara King presented her weekday morning programme until its axing in June 2011.
Additional information about " King " Watzke was supplied by Ralph Watzke, lawyer, of Regina, Saskatchewan, who has been actively researching the family history.
Additional Voices by LaGloria Scott, Kerry Gutierrezm, Kaleena Kiff, Rocky Krakoff, Jonathan Brandis, Ryan McWhorter, Suzanne Stone, Barbara Harris, Carol King, Doris Hess, Cathy Cavadini, David McCharen, David Randolph, Greg Finley, Bryan Scott, J. D.
* The Fairly OddParents – Mark Chang, Happy Peppy Gary, King Grippulon, Bucky McBadbat, Additional Voices
A new series of 1910 used an arms design for low values, and a full-face portrait of King Gustav V. Additional surcharges were needed in 1918 before new stamps of the series could be printed.
* Mark Hamill as King Raymond / Himself / Additional Voices
* Additional Engineers: Rob Jacobs, Mark McKenna, Bob Vogt, Marc Desisto, Eddie King
* Dragon Ball Z ( Umigame, Ox King, King Enma, Mister Satan, King Cold, Vinegar, Porunga, Additional Voices )
Additional changes that year included the rerouting of the trail around the southern and eastern sides of King Solomon's Dome south of Dawson City and the introduction of the Scroggie Creek dog drop site on the shore of the Stewart River.
* American Dragon: Jake Long-The Huntsman / Jonathan Long / Councilor Kulde / King Hammer / Additional Voices
Additional theatre credits include Jonathan in the Alan Menken / Tim Rice musical King David, Harlequin in Triumph of Love, Snoopy in the Broadway revival of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown ( for which he won the Drama Desk Award and a Tony ), Carmen Ghia and later Leo Bloom in The Producers ( earning Drama Desk and Tony nominations ), and The Frogs at Lincoln Center, which reunited him with fellow Producers star Nathan Lane and Susan Stroman.
* King of the Hill ( 1997 ) TV Series ( voice )-Cotton Hill / Kahn Souphanousinphone Sr ./ Joe Jack / Additional Voices
* Captain N: The Game Master – King Hippo, Narrator, Donkey Kong, The Count, Bayou Billy, Malkil, Mayor Squaresly, Additional Voices
Additional Broadway credits include Working, King of Hearts, The Music Women, How I Got That Story, and Big River.
-Martin Luther King, Jr. ( in " Heroes of Truth and Justice "), Additional Voices
Additional Broadway credits include King Lear, The Miser, Georgy, The Crucible, and The Creation of the World and Other Business.
Additional musicians who worked on the album include Donna Allen, Dee Dee Wilde, Wendy Pederson and Harry King on additional vocals, Ed Calle and Tony Concepción on horns, Orlando Hernandez on drums and Lester Mendez on keyboards.
Maraxus of Keld: Red duelist ( Additional spells include Goblin King, Volcanic Dragon and Inferno )
Additional goals come up such as dealing with the rebels of Arx, the snake women and The King of Arx.

Additional and David
Additional roster support was provided by decent seasons from Benito Santiago and Rich Aurilia, plus new acquisitions David Bell, Reggie Sanders and Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who spent only one season with the Giants before returning to Japan.
Additional Oscars go to Alec Guinness ( Best Actor ) and David Lean ( Best Director ), among others.
* Lieutenant-General Sir David Henderson, Additional Member and Vice-President
( Additional notes by David Bret )
* Additional Material-Andrew Glover, Steven Wells & David Quantick, Graham Linehan & Arthur Mathews
Additional theatre credits include David Hirson's Wrong Mountain, Arthur Miller's Broken Glass, Ivan Turgenev's A Month in the Country, and Neil Simon's Proposals.
Additional House Members joined soon thereafter, including Major Owens ( D-NY ), Nydia Velázquez ( D-NY ), David Bonior ( D-MI ), Bob Filner ( D-CA ), Barney Frank ( D-MA ), Maurice Hinchey ( D-NY ), Jim McDermott ( D-WA ), Jerrold Nadler ( D-NY ), Patsy Mink ( D-HI ), George Miller ( D-CA ), Pete Stark ( D-CA ), John Olver ( D-MA ), Lynn Woolsey ( D-CA ), and Nancy Pelosi ( D-CA ).
Additional members include James L. Richard II, Kevin Irving, David Agent, Walter Phillips, and Mario Corbino.
Additional reporting from Roger Hughes, David Brady, and Stuart Cameron
* David Joyce: Additional back-up vocals on " It's A Sin "
* Additional Recording & Mix Engineering By Brian Sklarz, David Heglmeier & Tracy Wiener
Additional student housing was provided by purchasing or renting local homes, such as the house known as " The Mansion ", on David and Logan Blain's Belfield Estate.
Additional recipients of the award, presented by Schwartz each year prior to his death in early 2004, include Forrest Ackerman, Yoshitaka Amano, Alice Cooper, Will Eisner, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Carmine Infantino, Anne McCaffrey, Jim Steranko, Peter David, and Paul Dini.
Additional television credits include appearances in Grey's Anatomy and Numb3rs, a regular role in Notes from the Underbelly, and the television movie Before You Say I Do with David Sutcliffe.
Additional Muppets performed by Brad Abrell, Greg Ballora, Phil Baron, Tim Blaney, Pat Brymer, Julianne Buescher, Kevin Carlson, Augie Castagnola, Thomas Fountain, Liz Gandora, Terri Hardin, John Kennedy, Jennifer Keyes, Bruce Lanoil, Doug Legacy, Len Levitt, Drew Massey, Steven Ritz, David Rudman, Jeff Schnell, Joe Self, Lisa Thompson, and Leif Tilden.
Additional personnel were: Phil Palmer, David Rhodes ( acoustic and electric guitars ); B. Heinrich-Keat ( electric guitar ), Clive Bell ( Thai flute, khene, crumhorn ); Carrie Booth ( piano ); Danny Thompson ( double bass ); Matthew Seligman, Robert Bell ( bass ); Martin Ditcham ( percussion ); Suzanne Murphy, Katie Kissoon, P. P.
Additional biographical and historical material appears in David W. Blight ( ed.
Additional voices were provided by David A. Pizzuto, Mel Winkler, Michael Ensign, Hynden Walch, Billy Pope, sound effects artist Mike Gollom, Michael Connor and Chip Chinery.
With Additional Voices: Mimi Rogers, Rodger Bumpass, Andre ' Soliguzzo, Jessica Rogers, Cricket Leigh, Dakota Goyo, Janice Kawaye, Diane Michelle, James Bumpass, Vanessa Tomasino, Jessie Cave, Carla Gugino, Laraine Newman, Josh Phillips, Robin A. Downes, Judy David Azio Roberts and Cathy Cavadini.
Additional Muppets performed by Rickey Boyd, Rick Lyon, and David Rudman
Executive producer: David Bates ; Produced by Roadhouse & Chris Sheldon ; Additional production on tracks 1-3, 5 & 6 by Mike Shipley & Pete Woodruff ; Recorded at Crow Edge Studios, Sheffield, a studio that Willis had helped set up.

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