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Additional and DNA
Additional analyses of DNA sequences flanking human minisatellites have also revealed an intense and highly localized meiotic crossover hotspot that is centered upstream of the unstable side of minisatellite arrays.
Additional comparison to DNA from modern day members of the Gherardesca family leave Mallegni about 98 percent sure that he has identified the remains correctly.

Additional and tests
Additional tests on the fiberglass were canceled in order not to risk damaging the test apparatus, and a panel from Discovery was tested to determine the effects of the foam on a similarly-aged RCC leading edge.
Additional tests for fat content are necessary to determine overall composition.
Additional curriculum may cover diagnosis with emphasis on laboratory tests, disease state management, therapeutics and prescribing ( selecting the most appropriate medication for a given patient ).
Additional tests will be performed if indicated such as Gram stain and cytopathology.
Additional tests conducted at both the University of Edinburgh and the Roslin Institute, in which bee venom and acetic acid was injected into the lips of rainbow trout, resulted in fish rubbing their lips along the sides and floors of their tanks, which the researchers believe was an effort to relieve themselves of pain.
Additional atomic and chemical warfare tests took place in the secret base B2-Namous, near Ben Wenif, other tests involving rockets and missiles at C. I. E. E. S, near Hammaguir, both in the Sahara.
Additional tests include those for the crystallization of cream of tartar ( potassium hydrogen tartrate ) and the precipitation of heat unstable protein ; this last test is limited to white wines.
Additional tests may be necessary to identify underlying causes.
Additional tests may include nuclear medicine MAG3 scan to confirm blood flows and establish the differential function between the two kidneys.
Additional engineering tests are needed to further understand and refine reinforcement for different situations.
) Additional entries with multiple flechettes or bullets (" micro-caliber ") were also entered, mirroring the original SALVO tests of the 1950s.
Additional tests may include medical imaging ( e. g. abdominal computed tomography, abdominal X-rays ) and an examination with a camera inserted into the rectum ( sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy ).
Additional references on pumping test analysis methods other than the one described above ( typically referred to as the Hantush-Bierschenk method ) can be found in the general references on aquifer tests and hydrogeology.
* Additional fields that may be included and completed when the tests are executed:
Additional tests of 150 pigs outside the area were negative.
Additional MCAS tests are administered in Science and Technology / Engineering ( grades 5, 8, 9 / 10 ).
Additional diagnostic tests ( antibody detection, fatty-acid profiling, and genetic procedures using polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ) can be conducted to confirm diagnosis and may help to identify the particular canker strain.

Additional and exist
Additional morphological types may exist.
Additional elementary particles may exist, such as the graviton, which would mediate gravitation.
Additional similarities exist between Trollocs and Orcs, Myrddraal and Nazg├╗l, Padan Fain and Gollum, Lan and Aragorn, Moiraine and Gandalf, Baerlon and Bree, The Mountains of Mist and The Misty Mountains, The Ways and Moria, The Black Wind and The Balrog, and the Green Man and Treebeard.
Additional instances of factor-influenced protein tyrosine kinase activity, similar to this one, exist.
Additional Eurasian populations exist in Pakistan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
Additional clubs exist on campus that do not compete against other colleges ' clubs.
Additional standards exist that define variants of the standard PMC.
Additional badlands also exist in various places throughout southwest Wyoming, such as near Pinedale and in the Bridger Valley near the towns of Lyman and Mountain View, near the high Uintah Mountains.
Additional unexplored leads exist in sections of the Discovery Passages ( North Cavern ).
Additional public transit agencies also exist under an opt-out agreement of Metro Transit service.
Additional metamorphic rock names exist: greenstone ( metamorphosed basalt and other extrusive igneous rock ) is a classification based on composition and being located Precambrian terranes, while quartzite is based only on composition, as quartz is too stable and homogeneous to change phase at typical metamorphic temperatures and pressures.
Additional River hazards are three diversion dams that exist between Naturita and the Hwy 145 bridge East of Norwood.
Additional papers also exist in other collections.
Additional leadership opportunities exist in numerous resident student organizations on campus.
Additional character customization was available through joining a " guild "; available guilds included philosophers, witches, and druids, with secret guilds rumored to exist.
Additional faint dust bands and incomplete arcs may exist between the main rings.
Additional recordings exist from a demo session in 1955 (" Flip, Flop and Fly ", " Rock-A-Beatin ' Boogie " ( written by Bill Haley ) and " The Big Beat ").
Additional Catholic parishes exist in Dinglingen ( Holy Spirit with church St. Martin in Hugsweier ), Kuhbach ( Mary Ascenscion and Chapel of Our Dear Lady ), Reichenbach and Sulz ( St. Peter and Paul ).
Additional ahadith exist regarding usury.
Additional types of welders also exist, besides the types using transformers, motor / generator, and inverters.
Additional options exist, as well, such as a waiver for students who have passed another state's assessment ( the state assessment must be approved by OSPI as being an equivalent examination ).
Additional continents were revealed to exist by the cho-ja in Mistress of the Empire.
Additional divisions and subsidiaries exist within several Evergreen Group companies, such as Uniglory Shipping Corporation and Uni Air.
NIOSH's final report reiterates their on-site evaluation stating " a health hazard did exist at the IMT building " and " Additional work has been done at the remaining north ( east ) building of the IMT since the NIOSH site visit.

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