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Additional and admissions
The PACE ( Program of Additional Curricular Experience ) and the CIC ( Center of International Commerce ) magnet programs boast more total University of California admissions than any other high school in California.

Additional and criteria
Additional factors that complicate the measurement of job performance include the instability of job performance over time due to forces such as changing performance criteria, the structure of the job itself and the restriction of variation in individual performance by organizational forces.
Additional survey efforts are recommended to take place in 2010 and / or 2015 when many more dwellings in Forest Hills meet the fifty-year criteria for survey consideration.
Additional criteria for best practice have more recently been established in the UK, Australia and the European Union.
** Additional clinical trial information, including inclusion criteria, can be found on the MLD Foundation website here.
Additional diagnostic criteria are usually considered when diagnosing PNES from long term video-EEG monitoring because frontal lobe epilepsy may be undetectable with surface EEGs.

Additional and include
Additional works by Alexander are preserved in Arabic translation, these include: On the Principles of the Universe, On Providence, and Against Galen on Motion.
Additional cognates of the same word in other Germanic languages include the German Schürze and Dutch schort ( apron ).
Additional customs include egg hunting, the Easter Bunny, and Easter parades, which are observed by both Christians and some non-Christians.
Additional acronyms and formulas include:
Additional theater credits include Mister Roberts, The Teahouse of the August Moon, Camino Real, Major Barbara, Luv, and Staircase, co-starring Milo O ' Shea, which was a serious depiction of an aging homosexual couple.
: Additional features that are seen in significant numbers of patients with Dravet syndrome may include sensory integration disorders and other autism spectrum characteristics, orthopedic or movement disorders, frequent or chronic upper respiratory and ear infections, sleep disturbance, dysautonomia, and problems with growth and nutrition.
Additional significant types of fandoms include comics fandom, sports fandom, music fandom, literature fandom,
Additional international sites include Geocaching. de, a German website, and Geocaching Australia, which accepts listings of cache types depreciated by geocaching. com as well as traditional geocaches.
Additional natural resources include forest and wildlife.
Additional uses of job-analytic information include job evaluations for the purpose of determining compensation levels and job redesign.
Additional downtown developments include the renovation of the historic Hollister Building, and the expansion of the former Abrams Aerial Building.
Room and pillar mining often leads to retreat mining which is removing the pillars which support rooms, allowing the room to cave in, loosening more ore. Additional sub-surface mining methods include hard rock mining which is mining of hard materials, bore hole mining, drift and fill mining, long hole slope mining, sub level caving and block caving.
Additional features include support for active objects, operator overloading and exception handling.
Additional optional ingredients that may be added include vitamin D, calcium, and defatted wheat germ.
Additional benefits reported include increased morale and greater confidence in the correctness of the code.
Additional bandwidth management mechanisms may be used to further engineer performance, to include:
Additional diagnostic methods include CT Scanning and MRI imaging or angiography.
Additional covers of " Roadrunner " include one by labelmates The Greg Kihn Band.
Additional details of the hoax include the rediscovery of Udo's works by the also-fictional Bob Schipke, a Harvard mathematician, who supposedly saw a picture of the Mandelbrot set in an illumination for a 13th century carol.
Additional sources include V. pompona and V. tahitiensis ( grown in Tahiti and Niue ), although the vanillin content of these species is much less than V. planifolia.
Additional significant trends of the 1980s include Headbands, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses ( popularized in the film " Top Gun "), Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses ( popularized in the films " Risky Business " and " The Blues Brothers "), Swatch watches, Slap bracelets ( popular fad among children, pre-teens and teenagers in the late 1980s and early 1990s and was available in a wide variety of patterns and colors ), and the Rubik's Cube ( became a popular fad throughout the decade ).
Additional recreational activities include watercraft rentals, surrey bike rentals, and firework cruises that launch from several resort marinas.
Additional advancements include the ASPECT airplane that can detect bio threats from the sky.

Additional and having
Additional legends credit him with the ability to transform himself into animals, of having caused the San Francisco Earthquake, and of having fought a duel with Jesse James
Additional food and ammunition reserves were needed for the extra troops arriving from Australia, and Cameron and Grey were determined not to move until they were ready. 30, 000 pounds was spent by the New Zealand government designing and having shallow draft gunboats built in Sydney.
On March 1, 2010, Blockbuster began " Additional Daily Rates ," or " ADRs ," for rentals not returned by their due date in the United States, having already used this procedure in other countries such as the UK for many years.
Maclean was reported in the Daily Telegraph as having spent more than £ 20, 000 improving his farmhouse under the Additional Costs Allowance ( ACA ) scheme before selling it for £ 750, 000.
Sir Thomas Legg, who conducted the Review into parliamentary Additional Cost Allowances, wrote to Mark Lazarowicz on 12 October 2009 saying " In your case, having examined the records in the light of my interpretation of the rules and standards in force at the time, I have not identified any payments made to you under the ACA during the review period which I consider call for any repayment.
Additional patches of feathers have been identified on the sides of the body, and palaeontologists Chen, Dong and Zheng proposed that the density of the feathers on the back and the randomness of the patches elsewhere on the body indicated the animals would have been fully feathered in life, with the ventral feathers having been removed by decomposition.
Previously she had represented the SNP as an Additional Members System member for North East Scotland, having been elected in the 1999 election.
Additional demand for bandwidth at 28 ° E, to carry HDTV signals, is likely to lead to S2 having its frequency plan re-arranged so as to allow Sky Digibox receivers to see its transponders.

Additional and completed
Additional adjoining acreage will be added when the Robbins Mill development is completed.
Additional murals, completed by Orozco in 1924-6, are " painted on the walls and rising overheads of the ground floor ," including Aboriginal Races, Franciscans Helping the Sick, and Cortés and Malinche.
Additional electronic satellite data was provided by the SECOR ( Sequential Collation of Range ) Equatorial Network completed by the U. S. Army in 1970.
Additional construction was completed within the next year due to the settling of the highway.
Cayman Airways Boeing 737 on the tarmac, Owen Roberts Int ' l Airport Additional renovations completed in 2012 includes refurbishing the departure hall interior and livening up the passport control and customs hall with aquatic paintings and use of an aggressive digital advertising campaign in the baggage claim area.
On 14 July 2011 the British Library launched a fundraising campaign to buy the book for £ 9 million ( US $ 14. 3M ), and on 17 April 2012 announced that the purchase had been completed and the book was now British Library Additional MS 89000.
Additional facilities were provided to handle event crowds, and the staircase was completed in time for the opening of the new stadium in 2007.
Additional renovation and expansion has begun and is expected to be completed in the next few years, and will include the new Children ’ s Library and Discovery Center.
Additional landscaping was completed in 2002 and the castle is now one of the highlights of Fuengirola's cultural and historical scene.
Additional construction during the 1940s and 1950s was completed and the base reached its current size around 1960.
Additional improvements included a scoring pylon with a four-sided video screen akin to those in sports arenas hanging from their ceilings, and after the 2007 Food City 500, a resurfacing of the entire concrete track along with widening the track three feet and reshaping the turns with variable banking, which was completed for the 2007 Sharpie 500 in August and their support events in the Busch ( now Nationwide Series ) and Craftsman Truck Series ( now Camping World Truck series )
* Additional fields that may be included and completed when the tests are executed:
Additional buildings they designed include: Theodore Roosevelt's country house Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay Long Island ( completed 1887 ), Mount Morris Bank in Harlem ( 1883 ), the Victorian Renaissance revival style Main Building at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn ( 1887 ), the Queen Anne style Astral Apartments ( commissioned by Charles Pratt-built 1885 / 86 ) at 184 Franklin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn ( national register # 82001178 ), the Frank Babbott house at 153 Lincoln Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the main building of Barnard College in Manhattan, the John M. Greene Hall at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and " Copshaholm ," James Oliver's house in South Bend, Indiana.
Additional post-graduate qualifications can be obtained through the College after the candidate has completed the Primary Examination ( basic science examination in Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology ) and the Final Examination ( clinical subjects in dentistry ).
Additional recording was done in April 2001 at Maratone in Sweden, in which the song's vocals were completed.
Additional internal construction was also completed at this time.
Additional work to refurbish the House chamber was completed in 1934.
Additional road work was also completed between Ross River and Miner Junction.
Additional work was carried out starting in 1837 by Russian Empire and completed around 1846-1848.

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