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Additional and charges
Additional sources of income for the lord included charges for use of his mill, bakery or wine-press, or for the right to hunt or to let pigs feed in his woodland, as well as court revenues and single payments on each change of tenant.
Additional charges were assessed as follows: Every province receiving power from the Three Gorges Dam has to pay ¥ 7. 00 per MWh extra.
Additional charges regarding the alleged theft of US $ 1. 3 million from the state were dropped on 24 September 2010.
Additional restriction can included: a ban on possession or use of alcoholic beverages, even if alcohol was not involved in the original criminal charges.
Estate agents selling residential property generally charge between 2 % and 3 % of the sale price plus VAT ( Value Added Tax ) Additional marketing charges are also applied for advertising, in media such as newspapers and websites.
Additional charges involved the theft of dozens more artifacts from the Cosmosphere when he left in 2002, and false insurance claims made on the loss of an astronaut's Omega watch replica.
Additional Marines from the same battalion faced lesser charges of assault related to the use of physical force during interrogations of suspected insurgents.
; Additional Coverages: Covers a variety of expenses such as debris removal, reasonable repairs, damage to trees and shrubs for certain named perils ( excluding the most common causes of damage, wind and ice ), fire department changes, removal of property, credit card / identity theft charges, loss assessment, collapse, landlord's furnishing, and some building additions.
Additional charges such as late fees were banned.
Additional charges apply for vehicles of non-Tianjin licence plates coming into Tianjin, waived only for military and diplomatic vehicles, as well as vehicles on emergency duty.
Additional charges against him were filed in February 2010.
* Additional charges

Additional and brought
Additional religious cults came with the oriental immigrants, who brought the eastern mystery religions to the Rhône valley.
Additional offenses connected to fatal road collisions were enacted in the Road Safety Act 2006 but have yet to be brought into force.
Additional troops were brought in from Fort Laramie.
Additional input was prepared by the Millennium Forum, which brought together representatives of over 1, 000 non-governmental and civil society organisations from more than 100 countries.
Additional instructors were brought from Germany, and all arms of the military service were placed on a thoroughly efficient footing in matters of drill and discipline.
Additional land was brought into the borough of Crawley from Lower Beeding in 1983 to see the extension of the neighbourhood to reach its capacity population of 9000.
* Additional cases were brought by Dresdner Kleinwort executive committee members John McIntyre, Bertrand Pinel and Alberto Piedra in August 2009 seeking € 11 million.
Additional settlement with people from central parts of Poland brought up the number of Poles in what the government called the Regained Territories up to 5 million by 1950.
Additional aid was brought in from as far away as New York.
Additional supplies were brought on the ship Discovery II.
Additional rail sidings were built at the town station to serve ambulance or " hospital " trains that brought wounded personnel to the field hospitals in the area.

Additional and against
The Council of Europe defines it as the " denial, gross minimisation, approval or justification of genocide or crimes against humanity " ( article 6, Additional Protocol to the Convention on cybercrime ).
Additional evidence against this hypothesis includes the fact that Mediaevalis is likely too young to have produced the Black Death due to its recent divergence from Orientalis.
In the section " Additional measures concerning violence in conflict and post-conflict situations ", states in paragraph 69 that member states should: " penalize rape, sexual slavery, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity as an intolerable violation of human rights, as crimes against humanity and, when committed in the context of an armed conflict, as war crimes ;"
Additional missions against Tokyo targets were carried out by twin-engine bombers and by fighter-bombers.
The tribunal has jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, which are defined as violations of Common Article Three and Additional Protocol II of the Geneva Conventions ( dealing with war crimes committed during internal conflicts ).
Additional arguments against can be found in Stern, " Nero's Father and Other Romantic Figures on the Ara Pacis Augustae, CAMWS 2003 ; Syme, " Neglected Children on the Ara Pacis ," AJA 88 ( 1984 ), The Augustan Aristocracy ( 1985 ) 142, 155, 166-67.
Additional antibodies against neuromuscular junction channels and receptors have also been described.
Additional Union forces were sent there to try to suppress the insurgents and their vigilante crimes against freedmen.
Additional complaints against Areva are that it is: "... plundering ... the natural resources and the fossil deposits.
Additional resistance against incorporation came from Flint Township as the Township did not want to lose the taxes from the Chevrolet Parts Plant.
Additional campaigns of repression were carried out against national minorities and social groups which were accused of acting against the Soviet state and the politics of the Communist Party.
For countries which have signed the " Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts " ( Protocol I ), combatants who do not wear a distinguishing mark still qualify as prisoners of war if they carry arms openly during military engagements, and while visible to the enemy when they are deploying to conduct an attack against them.
Additional arguments against land reform focus on concerns over equity issues and potential elite capture of land, particularly in regards to reforms focused on greater land formalization.
Additional clubs exist on campus that do not compete against other colleges ' clubs.
Additional passive armour protection is effective against 12. 7 mm armour-piercing rounds from a range of 50m.
Additional research has even proven that it has been used as a government tool for political repression, especially against black Muslims and other radical inmates that fought to improve the prison system.
* prohibits the use of incendiary weapons against civilians ( effectively a reaffirmation of the general prohibition on attacks against civilians in Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions )
" The next day's report added detail: " Additional evidence has been obtained of the activities of propagandists among the negroes, and it is thought that a plot existed for a general uprising against the whites.
He is the national Vice-President of the People's Union for Civil Liberties ( PUCL ). On 24 December 2010, the Additional Sessions and District Court Judge B. P Varma Raipur found Binayak Sen, Naxal ideologue Narayan Sanyal and Kolkata businessman Piyush Guha, guilty of sedition for helping the Maoists in their fight against the state. They were sentenced to life imprisonment. However he got bail in Supreme court on 16 April 2011.
According to Catholic Encyclopedia: Caius: " Additional light has been thrown on the character of Caius's dialogue against Proclus by Gwynne's publication of some fragments from the work of Hippolytus " Contra Caium " ( Hermathena, VI, p. 397 sq.
* 9 August 1977: Additional charge under section 1 against Duncan Campbell, for collecting information
However the stay was nullified by the famous Habeas Corpus judgment ( Additional District Magistrate of Jabalpur v. Shiv Kant Shukla ) and Ram Jethmalani exiled himself in Canada carrying on his campaign against the Emergency.
1806, and against the repeal of Pitt ’ s Additional Force Act, 30 Apr.

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