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Additional and courses
Additional courses can readily be added and special cooperative programs worked out with any new industry if the basic facilities, staff and program are in being.
Additional graduate courses and degree programs are offered through the University of South Carolina Extended Graduate Campus program.
Additional courses have been established, among them agronomy, archival science, theater, museology, control and automation engineering, computational mathematics, and speech therapy / audiology.
** The Department of Continuing Teacher Education offers Additional Qualification courses for Teachers
Additional tutoring is available for math courses online and in person.
* Additional education courses
Additional courses were organized on which the soldiers were trained in basic covert operations, topography, cryptography, and sharpshooting.
Additional undergraduate courses of study are provided through the College of Information and Science, College of Humanities and Social Science, College of Art, and College of Oriental Medicine.
Additional upper-division courses through the University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Boise State University are also offered.
( Additional courses can be bypassed through other exams, such as the AP examinations or a French II final ).
Additional Math courses are Precalculus, College Transitional Math, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Statistics.
Additional fitness courses offered are: Yoga, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Cycling, Weight Training, Golf, Table Tennis, Dance, and Martial Arts.
* Additional courses in the natural and social sciences and in literature to round out the core curriculum of a scholar's program.
Additional courses used by study circles vary from country to country and include the " Fundamental Verities " and " Core Curriculum " materials developed in the United States, among others.
Additional courses were added for Security, Air Intelligence for RAF Bomber Command, a Far East Course and Air Intelligence for Senior Officers.
Additional courses in geographic / cultural orientation offered by the Air Force Special Operations Command are provided to increase members ' awareness of cultural areas they frequently transit on missions.

Additional and training
Additional promotional activities included organizing the dedication program for Operation Turnkey, the new automated post office, and a conference with representatives of Brown University, Providence College, and University of Rhode Island, and eight electronics concerns regarding the inauguration of a training program for electronics personnel.
Additional terms in the training cost function can easily perform regularization of the final model.
Additional training space is available at the Yakima Training Center in eastern Washington, including maneuver areas and additional live fire ranges.
Additional training is provided at their School for Traveling Overseers, and ongoing pastoral care is provided to them by typically elderly former traveling overseers.
Additional training is given to magistrates choosing to sit in the Youth Court, or those dealing with family matters.
Additional phases of the operation include recruiting and training Iraqi Civil Defense Corps soldiers and local police, and empowering Iraqi governmental leadership in their efforts to successfully transition to a free and democratic society.
Additional radio training came during Godfrey's service in the Coast Guard from 1927 to 1930.
Additional guest buildings were added, and the area is currently used to dine and house management during corporate training sessions.
* Additional procurement numbers of Hawk 128 training aircraft above an initial batch of 20 to be decided upon in 2005.
Additional rotations are devoted to elective clerkships that provide training in subdisciplines within the major specialties.
Additional winter training began at Ottawa National Forest near Watersmeet, Michigan on 19 February 1944.
Additional tasks for the farrier include dealing with injured or diseased hooves and application of special shoes for racing, training or " cosmetic " purposes.
* Additional training ( such as the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme in the UK )
Additional military schools are available for speciality training in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
Additional training in airborne firefighting was also conducted, given the role of the USAF HH-43 aircraft as a local rescue and aircraft firefighting asset at selected air force bases in the United States and at air bases overseas.
Additional training is available to qualified Pharmacy Technicians and can include accuracy checking of dispensed prescriptions, Medicines Management ( Hospital or PCT ), participation in the running of hospital clinics such as anticoagulant clinics, dosing Warfarin patients under dose banding guidance, or other higher duties traditionally done by Pharmacists.
Additional awards of the Basic Military Training Instructor Ribbon are presented for each consecutive three year tour of duty as a military training instructor with such additional awards denoted by oak leaf clusters.
Additional responsibilities may include safety and risk management ; compliance auditing ; training and awareness programs ; internal and external investigations ; business continuity and disaster recovery planning ; inventory management ; creating a safe working and shopping environment ; physical security standards ; security system design and integration ; and ethics enforcement.
Additional differences on education issues concerned training requirements for new teachers, decentralization in education, school autonomy, curricula, textbook censorship, and, in the late 1980s, the reform movement.
Additional training in human intelligence ( e. g. interrogation, counterintelligence ), imagery intelligence, and electronic intelligence and analysis is also conducted within the 111th.
Additional funds from the bill covered recovery costs for the New Orleans Saints ' training facility, located behind the ballpark, and the New Orleans Arena.
Additional training may be available to Security Forces to assist in the progression and enhancement of their careers.
Additional training was conducted by John Potter, and narration was provided by Paul Brightwell.
* Additional books and training materials that deal with certain aspects of research administration are published and made available to the membership at a discounted rate.

Additional and are
Additional symbols of status are granted, such as reserved parking, distinctive badge passes authorizing special privileges, and a difference in the treatment of financial progress through merit.
Additional works by Alexander are preserved in Arabic translation, these include: On the Principles of the Universe, On Providence, and Against Galen on Motion.
* Collected Poems ( 1939 ); the poems included in this volume but not the three above are known as Additional Poems.
Additional awards of the Bronze Star Medal are denoted by oak leaf clusters in the Army and Air Force and 5 / 16 inch stars in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
Additional service-related industries in information technology, pharmaceuticals, insurance and financial sectors — as well as research-related spin-offs from the region's numerous universities and colleges — are significant economic contributors.
Additional tools are convenient for keeping stitches counted, measuring crocheted fabric, or making related accessories.
Additional meetings are often organised for worship, prayer, preaching and Bible study.
Additional local channels, such as local broadcast television stations, educational channels from local colleges, and community access channels devoted to local governments ( PEG channels ) are usually included on the cable.
Additional arrow types are added in later mixes.
* Additional awards of the Distinguished Service Medal are denoted by oak leaf clusters.
Additional awards of the Defense Distinguished Service Medal are denoted by oak leaf clusters.
Additional customs include egg hunting, the Easter Bunny, and Easter parades, which are observed by both Christians and some non-Christians.
Additional seizure types appear, most often these are myoclonic, atypical absence, and complex-partial seizures.
: Additional features that are seen in significant numbers of patients with Dravet syndrome may include sensory integration disorders and other autism spectrum characteristics, orthopedic or movement disorders, frequent or chronic upper respiratory and ear infections, sleep disturbance, dysautonomia, and problems with growth and nutrition.
Additional smaller preparations are included in this edition as well, leading to lighter preparations, and adding a third course to the meal.
Additional campuses are located nearby in Arlington County, Prince William County, and Loudoun County.
Additional advantages of passive hydroponics are the reduction of root rot and the additional ambient humidity provided through evaporations.
Additional common features found in hotel rooms are a telephone, an alarm clock, a television, a safe, a mini-bar with snack foods and drinks, and facilities for making tea and coffee.
Additional materials are deposited and patterned to form interconnections between semiconductor devices.
A crypt and relics said to be John's and mentioned in 11th and 16th century manuscripts, were discovered in 1969 during restoration of the Church of St. Macarius at the Monastery of Saint Macarius the Great in Scetes, Egypt ; Additional relics are claimed to reside in Gandzasar Monastery's Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, in Nagorno Karabakh ;
Additional problems are because many roads and railway lines built during the Soviet period are today intersected by international boundaries, requiring time-consuming border formalities to cross where they are not completely closed.
Additional layers of commitment are made as we put the technology to work.

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