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Additional and film
Additional significant trends of the 1980s include Headbands, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses ( popularized in the film " Top Gun "), Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses ( popularized in the films " Risky Business " and " The Blues Brothers "), Swatch watches, Slap bracelets ( popular fad among children, pre-teens and teenagers in the late 1980s and early 1990s and was available in a wide variety of patterns and colors ), and the Rubik's Cube ( became a popular fad throughout the decade ).
Additional lyrics for several of Herbert's songs were penned for the film by Gus Kahn.
Additional performances in film include King of the Gypsies ( 1978 ), Tempest ( 1982 ), Compromising Positions ( 1985 ), Little Women ( 1994 ), Stepmom ( 1998 ), Anywhere but Here ( 1999 ), Cradle Will Rock ( 1999 ), The Banger Sisters ( 2002 ), Shall We Dance ( 2004 ), Alfie ( 2004 ), Romance & Cigarettes ( 2005 ), Elizabethtown ( 2005 ) and Enchanted ( 2007 ).
Additional scenes were written by Edward Anhalt for the film.
Additional characters in popular culture include " Emily " from the television series Empty Nest, " Donna ," from the television series Judging Amy, " Judy Maxwell ," from the film, What's Up, Doc ?, " Brooke ," from The L Word, Season 4, " Catherine ," the serial bride in the film noir release, Black Widow and " Helen Bishop ", the divorcee neighbor from Mad Men.
Additional credits include The Glass Menagerie ( 1950 ), Marjorie Morningstar ( 1958 ), and The Miracle, a 1959 remake of the 1912 Austrian film Das Mirakel.
Additional visual effects were achieved using manual film overlay techniques, the low-tech ancestor to current motion control photography.
Additional features of the map interface included the ability to jump back and forth between correlated aerial photographic and cartoon renderings with routes and landmarks highlighted ; and to zoom in and out à la Charles Eames ’ s Powers of Ten film.
Additional popular tunes heard in the film include " Dancing Queen ", " Mamma Mia ", " Waterloo ", " Fernando ", and " I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do ", all performed by ABBA ; " Sugar Baby Love " by The Rubettes ; " The Tide Is High " by Blondie ; " I Go to Rio " by Peter Allen ; and " Happy Together " by The Turtles.
Additional material includes an audio commentary ; interviews with director Friedkin, playwright / screenwriter Crowley, executive producer Dominick Dunne, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tony Kushner, and two of the surviving cast members, Peter White and Laurence Luckinbill ; and a retrospective look at both the off Broadway 1968 play and 1970 film.
Additional filming during 2008 has included scenes from the Sherlock Holmes film starring Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr. directed by Guy Ritchie.
Additional new facilities include a state of the art fitness center, new coaching offices, film rooms where players and coaches can watch previous games, and a players lounge with a kitchen and team chef.
Additional film roles include " Chief Ten Bears " in Dances with Wolves ( 1990 ), and the “ shaman ” for the singer Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone ’ s The Doors ( 1991 ).
Additional U. S. naval aircraft from nearby naval air stations were temporarily remarked and were used to simulate Japanese aircraft in the film.
Additional film credits include The Parent Trap ( 1998 ), Blow Dry ( 2001 ), Chelsea Walls ( 2001 ), Waking Up in Reno ( 2002 ), Maid in Manhattan ( 2002 ), Asylum ( 2005 ), which won her a second Evening Standard Award for Best Actress, The White Countess ( 2005 ), and Evening ( 2007 ).
Debney receives an " Additional Music by " credit in the closing titles of the film and " Special Thanks " in the soundtrack album credits.
Additional monies were saved shooting the series on 16 mm film.
Additional highlights include the Tanzquartier, an international, state-of-the-art centre for dance, the Architekturzentrum Wien, production studios for new media, artist studios for artists-in-residence, outstanding art and cultural facilities designed for children, and a variety of other events and festivals such as the renowned Viennale film festival, the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, and many others.
Additional color kinescope footage from 1965 came from a vintage WGN-TV sales film which also includes some scenes from Bozo's Circus.
Additional songs originally recorded by Petula Clark were sung by the character of Brian Sellars throughout the film.
Additional film credits include The Subterraneans ( 1960 ), The Happy Ending ( 1969 ), Amy ( 1981 ), and Teresa's Tattoo ( 1994 ).
Additional film credits include No Small Affair, The Hills Have Eyes Part II, The First Wives Club, Inside Man, The Savages, and Miracle at St. Anna.
Additional scenes in the film were shot in Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary, Bharatpur.

Additional and scores
Additional stages can be unlocked by getting perfect scores on all the main levels within a world.
Additional scores by Newman include Avalon, Parenthood, James and the Giant Peach, Seabiscuit, Awakenings, The Paper, Meet the Parents, and its sequel, Meet the Fockers.
Additional studies found no correlation between an employee's multi-rater assessment scores and his or her top-down performance appraisal scores ( provided by the person's supervisor ), and advised that although multi-rater feedback can be effectively used for appraisal, care should be taken in its implementation.
Additional television scores include Up Pompeii!
Additional research seeks ways to boost the test scores and academic achievement of students in negatively-stereotyped groups.

Additional and she
Baird also benefited from the Additional Costs Allowance ( more commonly known as the ' second homes ' allowance ) by designating her London flat as her main home while claiming allowances for the four-bedroomed property in her constituency she has designated as her second home in accordance with rules.
On 16 May 2009 The Daily Telegraph revealed details of Blackman's expense claims, showing she had made especially large Additional costs allowance claims.
Additional singles that followed were " Lost You Somewhere ", the Benelux release " Red Skies ", and the non-album single " Strong in Love ", for which Bracegirdle used vocals by British singer Sylvia Mason-James ( after discovering that she was the vocalist on the Paul Oakenfold / Steve Osborne remix of " Lemon " by U2 ) and first collaborated on production with Ray " Madman " Hedges ( producer for B * Witched and Boyzone ).
In 2007 / 2008 she had the joint highest expenses claims for Additional Costs Allowances including claims for £ 400 per month for food even when Parliament is not sitting.
Additional screen credits include The Tarnished Angels ( in which she reunited with former co-stars Hudson and Stack and director Sirk ), The Last Voyage ( with Stack ) and The Last Sunset ( with Hudson ).
Additional to her song discography, she has been featured on over twenty songs with other artists and other organisations, such as an official FIFA song.
Additional Broadway credits include Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing, Peter Nichols A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, Nick & Nora, Into the Woods ( for which she won several awards including a Tony Award in the lead role of the Baker's Wife ), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and The Cartells.
Previously she had represented the SNP as an Additional Members System member for North East Scotland, having been elected in the 1999 election.
Additional theatre credits include The Merchant of Venice, Love's Labour's Lost, Much Ado About Nothing, Forty Carats, And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little, The Plough and the Stars, The Glass Menagerie, Morning's at Seven, Awake and Sing !, The Octette Bridge Club, Love Letters, Man and Superman, The Importance of Being Earnest, The School for Scandal, The Balcony, for which she won a Distinguished Performance Obie Award, and Black Comedy / White Lies, for which she was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play.
In May 2009 the Daily Telegraph, as part of its exposure of MPs ' expenses claims, questioned whether the property in Dorries's constituency, on which she claimed £ 24, 222 Additional Costs Allowance ( for ' secondary ' housing costs ), had been in fact her main or only home from 2007 onwards.
Additional books she created, art directed, marketed, edited and produced include Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Son of a Witch, also by Gregory Maguire ; Stupid White Men by Michael Moore ; Private Parts and Miss America by Howard Stern ; The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss ; and Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee, Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashweell, and The Paris Apartment by Claudia Strasser,

Additional and composed
Additional stops also are included, especially a fourth swell manual in the symphonic 19th century style which is apt for the organ literature composed after the baroque period.
Additional original solo bass music was composed for the New York Shakespeare Festival Production of HENRY VI.
Additional tensors composed of products of three or more spin matrices are needed only for the exhaustive description of polarization of particles / nuclei with spin.
Additional questions were composed and sent.
Additional media on the CD varied by supplier, but always included some sample multimedia files, including two songs composed by Be staff (" 5038 " and " virtual ( void )") as well as a video of Be staff pushing computer monitors off the roof of their building in Menlo Park.

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