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Additional and incidents
Additional differences between the fictitious story and the true incidents upon which it is based are the days on which several incidents in Fontane ’ s novel occur.

Additional and began
Additional research has shown that subsequent to this elimination of ammonoids from the global biota, nautiloids began an evolutionary radiation into shell shapes and complexities theretofore known only from ammonoids .< ref >
Additional German reinforcements began arriving and by late evening portions of the 111th Infantry Division occupied the third line near Acheville and Arleux, with the remainder of the division arriving the following day.
Additional work offers began to pour in.
Additional details of the day's events are not entirely certain — Robey gave three different accounts later — but he began to contact both stamp dealers and journalists, to tell them of his find.
On March 1, 2010, Blockbuster began " Additional Daily Rates ," or " ADRs ," for rentals not returned by their due date in the United States, having already used this procedure in other countries such as the UK for many years.
Additional scheduled services from Birmingham and Manchester to the islands began the following month.
Additional winter training began at Ottawa National Forest near Watersmeet, Michigan on 19 February 1944.
Additional demolition contracts were awarded for both sites in April 1928, and foundation work for the Internal Revenue building began in June 1928.
With the adoption of the 1977 Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions, the two strains of law began to converge, although provisions focusing on humanity could already be found in the Hague law ( i. e. the protection of certain prisoners of war and civilians in occupied territories ).
Additional troops were landed after the battle began, bringing Japanese strength to about 6, 500.
Additional cannon were deployed to support the infantry assault, which began at 7 AM as Rebel soldiers advanced into Glasgow from multiple directions.
Additional service using Airbus A320 aircraft began in 2011.
Additional development began in the 1880s when two new markets began operating in the area.
The Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes, a Cincinnati-based group founded by Tom Brinkman ( who lost the GOP primary to Schmidt ), began running ads in the last week of July urging voters to skip the election.
Additional service to South Station began on October 15, 2009.
Additional DMATs were deployed there as the volume and tempo of patient arrivals increased, as the hospitals in the city began to evacuate their patients.

Additional and involve
Additional abnormalities may involve malformation of the skeleton, spine and neck ; fingers and / or toes ; genitals ( particularly in males ); and, in some cases, heart problems.
Additional protection may involve titanium or carbon panels for knuckles and the joints of the fingers.
Additional visualization work includes topics that involve breathing motions of proteins, snow-flake like patterns for speech sounds, cartoon-face representations of data, and biomorphs.
Additional sources of neuronal cell death related to excitotoxicity involve energy rundown in the mitochondria and increased concentrations of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species within the cell.
Additional recommendations may involve a reduced amount of writing and typing, sitting on a chair instead of the floor, extra time to move between classes and extra time to complete assignments.
Additional modifications to the octet rule have been attempted to involve ionic characteristics in hypervalent bonding.
Additional celebrations may involve the commemoration of the 23 April as Shakespeare's birthday / death.
Additional subplots involve the school's faculty and the students ' parents.

Additional and area
Additional suburbs soon developed and increased the area and population of Berlin.
Additional research notes that test users may be able to identify an area that proves challenging in a software system, but might have difficulty explaining the outcome.
Additional 20 % of the country's area consists of foothills whose altitude is 400 m at the most ; higher hills and water surface makes up the remaining 5 %.
Additional software is being developed to aid and speed up the process of digital 2D animation, specifically in the area of automatic coloring and in-betweening.
Additional land was acquired from the Army in 1950 to increase the mission area to over 85 acres ( 340, 000 m² ).
Additional hundreds were added as additional knowledge of the area was surveyed.
Additional weekly sections appear on weekdays: Health & Science on Tuesday, Food on Wednesday, Local Living ( home and garden ) on Thursday, and Weekend, with details about upcoming events in the local area, on Friday.
Additional modifications or improvements included liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen storage tanks, a payload preparation room, payload changeout room, a new launch tower with escape system for the shuttle crewmembers, sound suppression system and water reclamation area and a Shuttle Assembly Building were added to the original complex.
Additional growth has come as home prices have soared in the near suburbs of New York City and property buyers seek the better values available from real estate developments in the area.
Additional events, such as the Wadsworth Running Club's " Matchstick 4 Mile " foot race and the " Blue Tip Idol " singing contest challenge area athletes and performers.
Additional signs of the housing downturn include an April 2009 Deschutes county unemployment rate of 12. 6 percent and in a tri-county area of Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties a 66 percent rise in homelessness from 2006 to 2, 237.
Additional viewfinders included a waist-level viewer, a 6 power magnifying finder, and an " action finder " with a larger viewable area, and an ability to see the entire frame while wearing goggles and / or a helmet.
Additional channels that are available in most other areas of Australia are expected to commence transmission in the Coober Pedy area around this time.
Additional suburbs soon developed and increased the area and population of Berlin.
Cayman Airways Boeing 737 on the tarmac, Owen Roberts Int ' l Airport Additional renovations completed in 2012 includes refurbishing the departure hall interior and livening up the passport control and customs hall with aquatic paintings and use of an aggressive digital advertising campaign in the baggage claim area.
The first, the Additional Protocol to the American Convention on Human Rights in the area of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights ( more commonly known as the " Protocol of San Salvador "), was opened for signature in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador, on 17 November 1988.
Additional land was acquired by the Department in 1980 and in 1984, bringing the total area to.
Additional school properties outside of the core area are the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, the Oregon Civic Justice Center, the Tokyo International University of America campus, and several residential buildings.
Additional stakes were established in the area around Nauvoo in 1840.
Additional land was purchased or donated between 1921 and 1999 and today the Box Hill estate covers an area of around, including Mickleham Downs to the north and Lower Boxhill Farm to the south.
Additional office and shop space with a total area of.
Additional changes to the routing were made through the Grand Rapids area into the 1970s.
Navy officers also have one or more 3-character Additional Qualification Designators ( AQD ) that reflect completion of requirements qualifying them in a specific warfare area or other specialization.
Currently, there is an electoral region for the National Assembly for Wales with the name ( used, in parallel with the smaller constituencies, to elect top-up members under the Additional Member System ), which covers the north-east of Wales ( specifically the entire area of the former pre-1996 county of Clwyd ) as well as the Northern-most coastal areas of north-western Wales ; the rest of North Wales is covered by Mid and West Wales.

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