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Additional and long-term
Additional long-term impacts of SOD may also be inferred from regeneration patterns in areas that have experienced severe mortality.
Additional long-term costs of self-handicapping include worse health and well-being, more frequent negative moods and higher use of various substances.
Additional articles have proven the long-term reliability of this technique.

Additional and side
Additional to such natural biochemical stimuli, the breasts can become enlarged consequent to an adverse side effect of combined oral contraceptive pills ; and the size of the breasts can also increase and decrease in response to the body weight fluctuations of the woman.
Additional support may come from the recognition that stone boxes lie to the left of most doorways, forcing the person entering the house to turn to the right-hand, ' male ', side of the dwelling.
Additional issues are that the core irradiates the water with neutrons causing the water and impurities dissolved in it to become radioactive and that the high pressure piping in the primary side becomes embrittled and requires continual inspection and eventual replacement.
Additional land on the eastern side of the Elizabeth River was purchased in 1845.
Additional clauses insure that neither France nor the United States will seek to make any additional claims of compensation for their services during the conflict, and that neither side will cease fighting, nor sign a peace treaty with Britain, without the consent of the other nation and insurances that the independence of the United States will be recognized by Britain.
Additional mishaps afflicting the workings included a large tidal wave and a breakthrough of the bed of a pool ( the " Salmon Pool ") on the English side.
Additional safety features, including side marker lights, and shoulder belts for closed models, were fitted per the federal government's requirements.
Additional factors, which increase the probability for these side effects, are physical exercise, age, female gender, history of cramps, and hypothyroidism.
Additional side skirts were provided, and the fire control system was upgraded to the Laser Tank Fire Control System ( LTFCS ).
Additional fillers such as clay, calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide increase opacity so printing on reverse side of a sheet will not distract from content on the obverse side of the sheet.
Additional analyses of DNA sequences flanking human minisatellites have also revealed an intense and highly localized meiotic crossover hotspot that is centered upstream of the unstable side of minisatellite arrays.
Additional seating was also added to the western side of stadium, boosting capacity to 27, 901.
* Additional engine mount on the top of the motor, pulley side.
Additional pedestrian entrances are available from Chatswood Central Plaza, adjacent to the north side of the station concourse.
Additional squares protrude from the left side on the ninth row and from the right side on the second row.
Marie and Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional, which border Garden River on either side and are also located on the route of the disputed roadway, both passed municipal resolutions in 2007 supporting Garden River's position and calling on the province to designate the road as Highway 17B.
Additional flags can be attached to the side rings to slow down the dart and increase control.
Additional renovations were announced including the addition of concessions and restrooms in the east side upper deck.
Additional exit taxiways have been placed on either side of the runway.
Additional improvements included removing the cylinder retaining latch from the side of the action.
Additional information may be accessed via the links on the left side.

Additional and effects
Additional tests on the fiberglass were canceled in order not to risk damaging the test apparatus, and a panel from Discovery was tested to determine the effects of the foam on a similarly-aged RCC leading edge.
* Additional physiological effects of low-intensity ultrasound have recently been discovered, e. g. the ability to stimulate bone-growth and its potential to disrupt the blood – brain barrier for drug delivery.
*" Willis H. O ' Brien: special effects pioneer " ( Additional information and photos )
Additional visual effects were achieved using manual film overlay techniques, the low-tech ancestor to current motion control photography.
Additional special effects and matte paintings created the illusion that the location was secluded among mountains.
Additional visual effects, mainly for the opening title sequence of the Predator arriving on Earth, were supplied by Dream Quest Images ( later Oscar-winners for their work on The Abyss and Total Recall ).
* Additional information about corona, its effects, characteristics and preventative measures
Additional effects were added by Carl Koch and Berthold Bartosch.
Additional dosimetry calculations would have to be performed on these figures to arrive at a meaningful effective dose, which is needed to estimate the risk of cancer or other stochastic effects.
Additional effects of free hemoglobin seem to be due to specific reactions with NO.
Additional studies indicate that ganoderic acid has some protective effects against liver injury by viruses and other toxic agents in mice, suggesting a potential benefit of this compound in the treatment of liver diseases in humans, and Ganoderma-derived sterols inhibit lanosterol 14α-demethylase activity in the biosynthesis of cholesterol.
Additional support for the idea that other targets besides COX-2 are important for celecoxib's anticancer effects has come from studies with chemically modified versions of celecoxib.
Additional support for the idea that other targets besides COX-2 are important for celecoxib ’ s anticancer effects has come from studies with chemically modified versions of celecoxib.
Additional steric effects result from the volume occupied by a substituent.
* Additional post-production visual effects.
Additional operations, such as the addition of a third constant prime on each step, can mitigate this but may have detrimental effects on avalanche effect or random distribution of hash values.
Additional voices were provided by David A. Pizzuto, Mel Winkler, Michael Ensign, Hynden Walch, Billy Pope, sound effects artist Mike Gollom, Michael Connor and Chip Chinery.
Additional effects on tube rigidity will cause shifts in the calibration factor over time due to degradation of the flow tubes.
Additional graphical improvements included texture mapping, Gouraud shading, transparency effects, and depth cueing thanks to the Evans & Sutherland ' TR3 ' chip / chipset,
Additional factors affecting sound propagation include barriers, atmospheric temperature gradients, and " ground effects .”
Additional buttons permitted adjusting the player's guitar volume and feedback effects in the game.
Additional visual effects, such as improved shadows for the text on each desklet's label and fade-in / fade-out effects, were also added.

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