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Additional and new
Additional promotional activities included organizing the dedication program for Operation Turnkey, the new automated post office, and a conference with representatives of Brown University, Providence College, and University of Rhode Island, and eight electronics concerns regarding the inauguration of a training program for electronics personnel.
Additional courses can readily be added and special cooperative programs worked out with any new industry if the basic facilities, staff and program are in being.
Secret protocols in the new agreement modified the " Secret Additional Protocols " of the German – Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty, ceding the Lithuanian Strip to the Soviet Union in exchange for 7. 5 million dollars ( 31. 5 million Reichsmark ).
Additional sources of barriers to entry often result from government regulation favoring existing firms making it difficult for new firms to enter the market.
Additional theories claim the bombing was done by the government to frame the militia movement or to provide the impetus for new antiterrorism legislation while using McVeigh as a scapegoat.
Additional members of the Independent Constitutional Commission were also appointed to engage Somali constitutional lawyers, religious scholars and experts in Somali culture over the nation's upcoming new constitution, a key part of the government's Transitional Federal Tasks.
Additional members of the Independent Constitutional Commission were also appointed to engage Somali constitutional lawyers, religious scholars and experts in Somali culture over the nation's upcoming new constitution, a key part of the government's Transitional Federal Tasks.
Additional roster support was provided by decent seasons from Benito Santiago and Rich Aurilia, plus new acquisitions David Bell, Reggie Sanders and Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who spent only one season with the Giants before returning to Japan.
Additional new saves are used within Ravenloft: Fear, Horror and Madness, as well as the standard Fortitude, Will and Reflex saves.
Additional skill points are awarded after the character reaches certain levels, and these skill points can then be used to acquire a new skill.
Additional modifications or improvements included liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen storage tanks, a payload preparation room, payload changeout room, a new launch tower with escape system for the shuttle crewmembers, sound suppression system and water reclamation area and a Shuttle Assembly Building were added to the original complex.
Additional problems caused by the rapid influx of new residents was improper sanitation at restaurants, inefficient sewers, gambling, panhandling, and diseases such as typhoid and malaria.
Additional building activity is planned for a stretch of St. Clair Avenue to the south of Kercheval Avenue, and a new development is rose in 2011 to replace the former Kroger grocery store at the corner of Kercheval and Notre Dame Street.
Additional series 7000 cars have been ordered to serve the new Silver Line to Dulles Airport.
Additional construction included two new tower gates for the north and south end zone.
Additional work by Rutherford and Soddy showed that the same emission came from both thorium and radium, that it was a gas, and that it was actually a new element.
Later printings included additional material: a " Supplement Of Additional Words And Definitions " containing over 4, 600 new words and definitions in 1879, A Pronouncing Biographical Dictionary containing over 9, 700 names of noteworthy persons in 1879, and a Pronouncing Gazetteer in 1884.
Additional features in these newer versions include air traffic environments with interactive air traffic control functions, new aircraft models from the historical Douglas DC-3 to the modern Boeing 777, interactive lessons, challenges and aircraft checklists.
Additional new banking facilities would probably fund the private-equity bid.
The first task of the new government was to introduce ( on 4 March ) an Additional Representation Bill, to rectify-in part-the disparity in electoral power of the rural and urban districts.
Additional service pamphlets new for 2007 / 2008 included:
Additional construction of new buildings and hangars also took place.
Additional stores with the new format have opened in Fairview, Texas ; Lee ’ s Summit, Missouri ; and Nampa, Idaho.
Additional day-care services and related services for working mothers and families were introduced, and a new allowance for skilled baby-sitters ( L ' aide a la famille pour l ' emploi d ' une AFEAMA ) was created in 1990 to promote the employment of skilled baby-minders, recognised by public authorities, through a reduction of insurance contributions and through tax incentives.
Additional facilities were provided to handle event crowds, and the staircase was completed in time for the opening of the new stadium in 2007.

Additional and species
Additional sources include V. pompona and V. tahitiensis ( grown in Tahiti and Niue ), although the vanillin content of these species is much less than V. planifolia.
Additional Cannabis species were proposed in the 19th century, including strains from China and Vietnam ( Indo-China ) assigned the names Cannabis chinensis Delile, and Cannabis gigantea Delile ex Vilmorin.
Additional species such as Gambel oak, New Mexico locust, mountain mahogany, elderberry, creeping mahonia, and fescue have been identified in these forests.
Additional species were recognized by Burret ( 1924 ), Mildbread ( 1925, 1933 ), Standly ( 1929, 1940 ), Macbride ( 1937 ), Diels ( 1941 ), Standley & Steyermark ( 1944 ), and Stadley & Williems ( 1952 ).
Additional species that produce compounds capable of inhibiting the growth of tumor cells in vitro include: P. pinophilum, P. canescens, and P. glabrum.
Additional organs of excretion, at least in some species, include pericardial glands in the body cavity, and digestive glands opening into the stomach.
Additional predators at the nest have reportedly included wolves, coyotes and all three North America bear species.
Additional Deinonychus skull material and closely related species found with good three-dimensional preservation show that the palate was more vaulted than Ostrom thought, making the snout far narrower, while the jugals flared broadly, giving greater stereoscopic vision.
Additional, 7 species were considered endangered and 18 species vulnerable.
Additional " green " features of the building include a storm water collection system to irrigate an on-site " rain garden " of indigenous and adapted plant species, and a sophisticated energy management system for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.
Additional predators at the nest may include formidable species such as fishers, wolves, eagles and Great Horned and Eurasian Eagle Owls.
Additional species are listed in other references.
Additional work is required to support or refute this possibility as very few sequences have been isolated from species other than humans and suids.
Additional species not belonging to any of the recognised genera continue to be described.
Additional sources of neuronal cell death related to excitotoxicity involve energy rundown in the mitochondria and increased concentrations of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species within the cell.
Additional common names of this species include American mud-fish and scaly salamander-fish.
Additional field studies, genetic testing, and resulting taxonomic revisions throughout the 1990s and 2000s identified numerous new mouse lemur species, demonstrating that the genus includes at least 17 cryptic species.
Additional work will seek to identify the species, age and provenance of the timbers.
Additional species that have been recognized more recently as aggressive and requiring control are yellow starthistle, sweet clovers ( Melilotus spp.
Additional species, also well represented within the bog include Bog Asphodel Narthecium ossifragum and White Beak-sedge Rhynchospora alba, with occasional patches of Bog-myrtle Myrica gale also occurring.
( Additional note on the metamorphosis of some species of Diptera hitherto undescribed or known but imperfectly ).
Additional populations have been found at the periphery of its range, but these are thought to represent new, undescribed species.
Additional game fish species include arctic grayling, mountain whitefish and the shovelnose sturgeon.

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