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Additional and phrase
Additional meaning would have been ascribed to the figure by early Christian viewers in the context of Christ's phrase " I am the shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep ," and St John the Baptist's description of Christ as " the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.

Additional and John
A crypt and relics said to be John's and mentioned in 11th and 16th century manuscripts, were discovered in 1969 during restoration of the Church of St. Macarius at the Monastery of Saint Macarius the Great in Scetes, Egypt ; Additional relics are claimed to reside in Gandzasar Monastery's Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, in Nagorno Karabakh ;
Additional filmmakers who have noted Peckinpah's influence have included Paul Schrader, Walter Hill, Nicolas Winding Refn, John Milius, Quentin Tarantino, Kathryn Bigelow, Michael Mann, Takeshi Kitano and Park Chan-wook.
Additional accounts are offered by Goscelin in his life of Edgar's daughter Saint Edith of Wilton, and in the histories of John of Worcester and William of Malmesbury.
Another source of his inspiration were drawings he collected, some drawings of Palladio himself, which had belonged to Inigo Jones and many more of Inigo Jones ' pupil John Webb, which Kent published in 1727 ( although a date of 1736 is generally accepted ) as Some Designs of Mr Inigo Jones ... with Some Additional Designs that were by Kent and Burlington.
* Tertullian: Early Church Fathers Additional Texts ( John Selby Watson's translation of 1853 ; also a translation of the Prologi of Trogus, by the webmaster Roger Pearse.
Additional parcels of Rancho Santa Anita were sold to Edward F. Spence, John D. Bicknell, James F. Crank, and J. F.
Additional correspondence from governor Sir John Harvey of New Brunswick, reports of British bringing up their Regular Army troops from the West Indies, reports of the Mohawk nation offering their services to Quebec, and reports of New Brunswick forces gathering on the Saint John River resulted in the Issuance of General Order No 7 on 19 February 1839, calling for a general draft of Maine Militia.
Additional hosts over the years included Jack Paar, John Henry Faulk, and Dick Van Dyke.
Additional precursors to the popular disaster films of the 1970s include The High and the Mighty ( 1954 ), starring John Wayne and Robert Stack as pilots of a crippled airplane attempting to cross the ocean ; Zero Hour!
Two " others " were elected as Additional Members: Margo MacDonald ( an independent ) and John Swinburne, who represented the SSCUP.
Additional Books that Mention John Hunyadi:
Additional Voices were done by Terrence Scammell, Carrie Finlay, Jonathan Koensgen, Michel Perron, Peter Shinkoda, Linda Wang, Karen Lee, Kameron Louangxay, Kamiko Taka, Amy Chow and John Stocker
" Additional evidence suggests that the Book of Moses itself could be seen as a temple text, in the sense discussed by BYU professor John W. Welch.
Additional House Members joined soon thereafter, including Major Owens ( D-NY ), Nydia Velázquez ( D-NY ), David Bonior ( D-MI ), Bob Filner ( D-CA ), Barney Frank ( D-MA ), Maurice Hinchey ( D-NY ), Jim McDermott ( D-WA ), Jerrold Nadler ( D-NY ), Patsy Mink ( D-HI ), George Miller ( D-CA ), Pete Stark ( D-CA ), John Olver ( D-MA ), Lynn Woolsey ( D-CA ), and Nancy Pelosi ( D-CA ).
* ____________________, " Additional Notes on the John Taylor Family ," The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vol.
Additional reserved lands were recorded by the late John Menta in his thesis and subsequent work about the Quinnipiac.
Additional major funding was provided by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Annie E. Casey Foundation and PBS.
# The Designs of Inigo Jones ... with Some Additional Designs, published by William Kent, 2 vols., 1727 ( A further volume, Some Designs of Mr. Inigo Jones and Mr. William Kent was published in 1744 by the architect John Vardy, an associate of Kent.
Additional credits include Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Theodora Goes Wild, The Awful Truth, Meet John Doe, The Little Foxes, The Jolson Story, and The Lady from Shanghai.
Additional Muppets performed by Brad Abrell, Greg Ballora, Phil Baron, Tim Blaney, Pat Brymer, Julianne Buescher, Kevin Carlson, Augie Castagnola, Thomas Fountain, Liz Gandora, Terri Hardin, John Kennedy, Jennifer Keyes, Bruce Lanoil, Doug Legacy, Len Levitt, Drew Massey, Steven Ritz, David Rudman, Jeff Schnell, Joe Self, Lisa Thompson, and Leif Tilden.
* Phillip Ashley, John Campbell, Charles Judge: Additional Keyboards
Additional voices include celebrity presenter Jonathan Ross, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Katee Sackhoff, and John DiMaggio.

Additional and 21
Additional facilities currently built at the former base include the Bioscience Park Center and Bioscience East ( multi-tenant commercial lab buildings in the planned Colorado Science + Technology Park at Fitzsimons ) and 21 Fitzsimons ( a residential / retail town center ).
* Additional data on page 21
Additional reflectors were left by the Apollo 14 and Apollo 15 astronauts, and two French-built reflector arrays were placed on the Moon by the Soviet Luna 17 ( Lunokhod 1 ) and Luna 21 ( Lunokhod 2 ) lunar rover missions.
Additional conditions for making perpetual profession are a minimum age of 21 years and the completion of at least three years of temporary profession.
He was elevated as Additional Judge, Balochistan High Court on 6 November 1990 until 21 April 1999.
Additional orchestrations were added at various places by Geoffrey Toye, the guest conductor of the company's 1920 21 London season.
* Marilyn Manson — producer ( Tracks: 1-10, 12-14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22 ), Additional guitar track on ' Swollen ', Credited as " Sausage Pot Bri "

Additional and 7
Secret protocols in the new agreement modified the " Secret Additional Protocols " of the German Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty, ceding the Lithuanian Strip to the Soviet Union in exchange for 7. 5 million dollars ( 31. 5 million Reichsmark ).
Some council-member states proposed an additional protocol to the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention, addressing materials and " acts of racist or xenophobic nature committed through computer networks "; it was negotiated from late 2001 to early 2002, and, on 7 November 2002, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers adopted the protocol's final text titled Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cyber-crime, Concerning the Criminalisation of Acts of a Racist and Xenophobic Nature Committed through Computer Systems, (" Protocol ").
Additional clear space around the court is needed in order for players to reach overrun balls for a total of 18. 3 meters ( 60 feet ) wide and 36. 7 meters ( 120 feet ) long.
Additional charges were assessed as follows: Every province receiving power from the Three Gorges Dam has to pay ¥ 7. 00 per MWh extra.
It includes 32-bit versions of Corel WordPerfect 7, Corel Quattro Pro 7 and Corel Presentations 7 ; Envoy 7, InfoCentral 7, Desktop Application Director, Corel Barista, QuickTasks, Paradox 7, CorelFLOW 3, CorelDRAW 6 ( illustration module ), Corel A to Z, Netscape Navigator, Quick View Plus, IBM VoiceType Control, 10, 000 clipart images, 200 photos, 59 instructional demos, Corel Screen Saver, Sidekick 95, Dashboard 95, Corel Time Line, 1, 000 fonts, Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary 3. 0, Stedman's Plus Spell Checker 4. 0, 20 QuickTasks ( 23 Corel WordPerfect 7 templates ) for health care, Template and style guides for research paper submissions, 20 medical master templates for Corel Presentations 7, 30 medical image watermarks, additional medical clipart and medical illustration images, Additional QuickConnect Internet links to National Library of Medicine, Corel Medical Series web page and Corel Photo Studio.
Additional archaeological materials from James Fort are featured in the Smithsonian Institution's limited exhibition, Written In Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th-Century Chesapeake from February 7, 2009 to January 6, 2013 at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D. C.
Additional studies of the solar wind were evidently coordinated with those performed by the Mars 2 and 3 orbiters and Veneras 7 and 8.
Additional portions of Freehold Township were annexed on September 7, 1926.
Additional passive armour protection is effective against 12. 7 mm armour-piercing rounds from a range of 50m.
Additional, 7 species were considered endangered and 18 species vulnerable.
Additional development came to the regional airline industry with the arrival of some of the earlier De Havilland Canada types such as the Dash 7 delivered in 1978, but this was tailored more to the short-range and STOL ( Short Take-Off and Landing ) role than as a regional airliner.
: This " raises serious issues pertaining to the principle of nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege laid down in Article 7 of the ECHR and also to the right to the protection of property laid down in Article 1 of the Additional Protocol to the ECHR.
Additional sources listed by the Australian Dictionary of Biography: Dictionary of National Biography, 1931 40 ; ' High Court of Justice: Lady Dudley's Separation Allowance ', The Times ( London ), 7 Nov 1918, p 2 ; ' Death of Lady Dudley ', Times ( London ), 28 June 1920, p 16 ; ' Obituary: Lord Dudley ', Times ( London ), 30 June 1932, p 16 ; C. Cunneen, The Role of the Governor-General in Australia 1901-1927 ( PhD thesis, Australian National University, 1973 ); Alfred Deakin papers, MS 1540 / 19 / 275 ( National Library of Australia ).
Additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7
* 7 Boeing 737-400 ( Additional 737-400s leased for seasonal service )
Additional models of Amdahl uniprocessor systems included the 470V / 5, / 7 and / 8 systems.

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