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Additional and references
Additional Biblical references suggest that King David and the prophet Daniel prayed three times a day.
Additional species are listed in other references.
Additional references on pumping test analysis methods other than the one described above ( typically referred to as the Hantush-Bierschenk method ) can be found in the general references on aquifer tests and hydrogeology.
Additional references:
Additional references:
Additional references to Ball's work featured in " Little Big Mom " include Homer and Bart watching I Love Lucy with the volume turned up high, disturbing Lisa when is trying to sleep.
Additional references on unproductive labour
Much of the Orff-Schulwerk scholarship prior to the 1990s did not give attention to Keetman's extensive contributions, but that is being remedied through many recent publications ( see Additional references ).

Additional and Elder
Additional information on the Hyperboreans can be found in Strabo and Pliny the Elder, who might have gotten their information from Hecataeus.

Additional and appear
Additional restrictions regarding the use of continuation cards with macro-instructions appear on page 106.
Additional seizure types appear, most often these are myoclonic, atypical absence, and complex-partial seizures.
Additional weekly sections appear on weekdays: Health & Science on Tuesday, Food on Wednesday, Local Living ( home and garden ) on Thursday, and Weekend, with details about upcoming events in the local area, on Friday.
The Council of Europe's Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine and its Additional Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine, on the Prohibition of Cloning Human Being appear to ban SCNT of human beings.
Additional Latin musicians appear as guests, notably Brazilian percussion player Armando Marçal.
Additional South American musicians appear as guests, notably Brazilian percussion player Armando Marcal.
Additional heroes appear in one of its V-Cinema productions.
Additional works carried out in optics have pointed out the role played by a nonlinear structure called Peregrine soliton that may explain those waves that appear and disappear without leaving a trace.
Like the Attorney General of India, the Solicitor General and the Additional Solicitors General advice the Government and appear on behalf of the Union of India in terms of the Law Officers ( Terms and Conditions ) Rules, 1972.
Additional vocals were provided by Mary Carewe on all but Dances of Time, which saw the introduction of the Finnish Adiemus Singers ( who would later appear on Vocalise ).
* Additional page titles may sometimes appear on your watchlist as a result of page moves.
Additional animals that frequently appear in Swedish heraldry include griffins and ( especially in the northern provinces ) reindeer.
A bond fund's 30-day yield may appear in the fund's " Statement of Additional Information ( SAI )" in its prospectus.
Additional characters-that didn't appear at all in the original release-were added, creating a whole new subplot.

Additional and short
Additional to this an energy storing flywheel exists to help out when for a short time more power is needed.
Additional features can include overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit protection, and temperature compensation.
Additional relevant documentation ( such as financial statements, time-lines, and short biographies, often referred to in the case as " exhibits "), multimedia supplements ( such as video-recordings of interviews with the case protagonist ), and a carefully crafted teaching note often accompany cases
Additional acts concerning local government in the early days of the colony did not have short titles.
Balwearie serves around 1750 pupils aged from 12 to 18 and includes a Department of Additional Support ( DAS for short ) for children with Additional Support Needs.
Main's claims for the controversial Additional Cost Allowance ( otherwise known as the second home allowance ) totalled £ 22, 091 for 2007 / 8, despite the fact that her constituency is only a short train journey from London.
Additional problems can result from using a short ram intake in cars utilizing a mass airflow sensor though most of today's sensors automatically adjust without issue.
Additional directing credits include the short film Players ’ Club which swept the 2006 Elevate Film Festival in Los Angeles, including Best Director and The War Prayer, an adaptation of Mark Twain ’ s short story by the same title starring Jeremy Sisto.
Additional work includes the short story, " The Baby in the Night Deposit Box ," published in a collection called Firebirds, edited by Sharyn November.

Additional and story
Additional photography took place in September 1955, filming a frame story which the studio insisted on ( see Original intended ending ).
Additional differences between the fictitious story and the true incidents upon which it is based are the days on which several incidents in Fontane ’ s novel occur.
Additional stories in the cycle include the novel Malafrena ( 1979 ), set in the Orsinia of the 1820s ; the Borges-like story " Two Delays on the Northern Line " ( 1979, anthologized in The Compass Rose 1982 ), containing two tangentially linked episodes of uncertain date ; and " Unlocking the Air " ( 1990, anthologized in Unlocking the Air and Other Stories 1996 ).
Additional plotlines not addressed in the main story were featured in other books published during the same time period.
Additional tie-ins to the story include Alpha Flight # 122-124, Avengers West Coast # 96-97, Cage # 17, Darkhawk # 30-31, Deathlok vol 2, # 28-29, Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme # 54-56, Iron Man # 295, Marc Spector: Moon Knight # 57, Silver Sable and The Wild Pack # 16-17, Silver Surfer vol 3, # 83-85, Thor # 463-467, and Web of Spider-Man # 104-106.
Genesis 5-6 ): Additional details are given about the story of Methuselah and the preaching of Noah, again stressing the coming of Jesus Christ and the necessity of baptism.
Additional animation may be added that is either of a superior quality to that made for television or which changes story details, often making the ending lead to a sequel not suggested in the original show.
Additional story material that was not available in the series itself may also be included, primarily " preview " or " extra " stories presented exclusively on the Internet or in comics-industry publications such as Wizard ( or simply things that are unlikely to be reprinted anywhere else, such as Free Comic Book Day comics ).
Additional information about the lobbying controversy can be found here: http :// www. cbc. ca / news / canada / edmonton / story / 2011 / 11 / 29 / edmonton-lobbying-compalint-dismissed. html
Additional aspects of the story were told through a mock news website along with emails and other viral marketing avenues new to the web at the time.

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