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Additional and registers
( Additional system registers not listed.
* Additional registers: In addition to increasing the size of the general-purpose registers, the number of named general-purpose registers is increased from eight ( i. e. eax, ebx, ecx, edx, ebp, esp, esi, edi ) in x86 to 16 ( i. e. rax, rbx, rcx, rdx, rbp, rsp, rsi, rdi, r8, r9, r10, r11, r12, r13, r14, r15 ).
* Additional XMM ( SSE ) registers: Similarly, the number of 128-bit XMM
Additional I / O registers may be located beginning at address 96, and general-purpose RAM begins after that.
Additional special-purpose registers are:
Additional arguments are passed on the stack, and space for register-based arguments is also always allocated on the stack as a convenience to the called function in case multi-level calls are used ( recursive or otherwise ) and the registers must be saved.
Additional attention needs to be paid to avoid duplicated memory access by reordering and merging instructions and promoting the usage of registers.

Additional and would
Additional complications also arose when Constans came of age, and Constantine, who had grown used to dominating his younger brother, would not relinquish the guardianship.
Additional elementary particles may exist, such as the graviton, which would mediate gravitation.
Additional living space for the journey would be enabled through the use of inflatable add-on modules if required.
Additional sea level rise due to ice melting would be expected to continue for several millennia.
As no president of the Executive Yuan ( also known as the Premier ) has ever succeeded to the presidency under these provisions ( or their predecessors, under Article 49 ), it is untested whether, should the office of the premier be vacant as well, whether, pursuant to the Additional Articles, Article 3, the vice president of the Executive Yuan ( vice premier ), who would be acting premier, would act as president.
Additional controversy surfaced because Spears was two years below the California age of consent, raising questions about her and Aldridge's age difference, and whether Aldridge could or would be charged with statutory rape ( although Spears was neither from California nor living there ).
Additional reconstruction was undertaken in the 1970s and 1980s, including moving the fort out of range of water which the dam would raise.
Additional new banking facilities would probably fund the private-equity bid.
Additional to territorial concessions, Palestinian airspace would be controlled by Israel under Barak's offer.
Additional grounds of rejection was that the Israeli proposal planned to annex areas which would lead to a cantonization of the West Bank into three blocs.
Additional specific filtration techniques can be added to combat chemicals that would otherwise be pumped back into the room.
Believing that granting provincial and local governments greater autonomy would quell the growing dissent, the General Assembly passed a constitutional amendment in 1834, called the Ato Adicional ( Additional Act ).
Reagan informed the United States Senate in 1987 that he would not ratify Additional Protocol I.
Additional meaning would have been ascribed to the figure by early Christian viewers in the context of Christ's phrase " I am the shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep ," and St John the Baptist's description of Christ as " the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.
The International Committee of the Red Cross ’ s Commentary on the Additional Protocols of 8 June 1977 to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 similarly elaborates that “ other forms of non-participation in a conflict have been added to neutrality as defined by treaty and customary law ,” and that “ it would have sufficed to use the expression ‘ not engaged in the conflict ’ or ‘ not Party to the conflict ’” in lieu of using the term ‘ neutral .’ The Commentary explicitly states that the term ‘ neutral ’ “ should be interpreted as covering non-participation in conflicts in general, as well as neutrality in the proper sense of the word .” Therefore, all non-belligerence is a form of neutrality, which means that neutrality includes the entire range of states not formally participating in international armed conflict such as de facto belligerents, non-participants who do not claim neutrality, temporary declared neutrals, and even long-standing neutrals.
Additional sensors worn on the person would be needed to record anything more.
Additional evidence analyzing Martian rock chemistry for post-impact upwelling of mantle material would further support the giant impact theory.
Additional awards of the Navy Cross are denoted by gold and silver 5 / 16 inch stars affixed to the service and suspension ribbon of the medal ; a silver star would indicate a sixth award.
Additional land from the Longest, Barringer and Belknap families would be added to expand the park to its modern size.
Additional dosimetry calculations would have to be performed on these figures to arrive at a meaningful effective dose, which is needed to estimate the risk of cancer or other stochastic effects.
Additional suspension components, such as trailing arms, would be needed for this design, but not for " semi-elliptical " leaf springs as used in the Hotchkiss drive.
Additional change in velocity can be achieved by dragging the foot that would normally follow through fully with a fastball delivery.
Additional stops would be added at North Bergen, Fairview, Ridgefield, Palisades Park, Leonia, Englewood and at the new terminus at Tenafly

Additional and require
Additional advantages of optical keyboard technology over other keyboard technologies such as Hall effect, laser, roll-up, and transparent keyboards lie in cost ( Hall effect keyboard ) and feel – optical keyboard technology does not require different key mechanisms, and the tactile feel of typing has remained the same for over 60 years.
Additional guide slots, pins, notches, or holes may be used to aid in proper insertion of a component between other live components, while mechanical engagement latches, handles, or levers may be used to assist in proper insertion and removal of devices that either require large amounts of force to connect or disconnect, or to assist in the proper mating and holding together of power and communications connectors.
Additional funds may be requested at any time, and will either require an additional Consolidated Fund Act, or will be included within other legislation.
The " Additional " may also serve where the complexity of the scene or specialized elements within it ( stunts, period work ) require or are best served by a dedicated AD in most respects equal to a 1st AD-directing and controlling a number of other ADs to direct action to the satisfaction of the 1AD and the director.
* Additional games can be played if a Famicom cartridge is inserted, or a NES cartridge is used with an adapter, although some hardware variants require the plastic housing to be trimmed to fit cartridges in the Famicom slot.
Additional issues arose after the advent of BASICs that did not require line numbers as the magazine broke logical lines across physical lines due to space constraints and without the line numbers the distinction was not always apparent.
Additional uses will require permission and under such circumstances additional information may be requested of you.
Additional stabilizer elements such as tuned mass dampers also require mechanical floors to contain or service them.
Additional work by Christopher Tyler and Maureen Clarke led to encoding the same data into a single image which did not require a stereoscope for viewing.
Additional digestive problems may require that patients consult their physician in order to possibly find a suitable alternative.
Additional problems stem from the class's extreme age, as these warships have been in service for more than two centuries and require periodic refits and upgrades.

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