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Additional and school
Additional school desegregation in Tennessee resulted from a court order opening a school serving children of military personnel.
Additional duties include appointment of various congressional officers, certain commissions, advisory boards, and committees and joint supervision of the congressional page school.
Additional smaller school districts serve the smaller communities of Muskogee County.
Additional out of school activities are offered at:
Most school inspections are carried out by Additional Inspectors ( AI ) employed by external companies known as Regional Inspection Service Providers ( RISPs ).
Additional wings have been added to the school on either end and classrooms have been modernized.
In 1991, the school added a Chiropractic program, the first University affiliated program of its kind in the U. S. Additional doctoral programs in Naturopathic Medicine and Computer Science and Engineering were added in 1996 and 2006.
Additional to division into classes and years, the pupils of the school have been for most of the school's history allocated to one of eight school houses.
Additional monuments in the castle include the mansion of the Spyromilios family and the Greek school.
* Additional recurring funding based on the number of pupils to support in school developments.
* Additional photos from the Harris & Ewing Collection relating to the Holton Arms school
Additional differences on education issues concerned training requirements for new teachers, decentralization in education, school autonomy, curricula, textbook censorship, and, in the late 1980s, the reform movement.
Additional minor parts were portrayed by: Akash Khurana as young Krishna's Catholic school principal, Kiran Juneja as Priya's mother, Yu Xuan as Kristian Li's little sister, and Preity Zinta as Rohit's wife Nisha in a flashback cameo.
Additional services include: Curriculum Mapping, Professional Development for school employees, Adult Education, Nonpublic School Services, Business Services, Migrant & ESL ( English as a Second Language ), Instructional Services, Special Education, Management Services, and Technology Services.
Additional school events
Additional counseling may be provided by a special counselor ( consilier pe probleme de educaţie — counselor on educational issues ) or by a school psychologist.
The PACE ( Program of Additional Curricular Experience ) and the CIC ( Center of International Commerce ) magnet programs boast more total University of California admissions than any other high school in California.
* Thomas More Law Center successfully defends Christian high school club against being forced to admit gay students Additional coverage

Additional and properties
* Additional properties of 8-The player who plays an 8 can force the next player to play a card of a certain suit.
Additional properties of fundamental importance include Desargues ' Theorem and the Theorem of Pappus.
Additional properties are consistent with that of the Lie bracket.
Additional properties include:
Additional university properties within Harare include blocks of flats for staff and student housing in Avondale, the Avenues and Mount Pleasant.
Additional games published include licensed material such as SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom, WALL-E, Avatar: The Last Airbender – Into the Inferno, and original properties such as Lock's Quest.
Additional properties: a lucky number.
Additional properties on the length spaces have been proven by Cheeger and Colding.
Additional properties were purchased to comprise the 500 acre ( 2 km² ) camp today.

Additional and outside
Additional food options on campus include a convenience store / coffee shop in the Campus Center, a bakery in Claflin Hall, Collins café outside the movie theater, El Table, a student-run sandwich shop located in Founders Hall ( an academic building housing many of the humanities classes ) that uses many local and organic products, and the Cafe Hoop, a student-run cooperative cafe in the basement of the Campus Center that is known for its late hours, queer-friendly environment, eclectic decoration, and ever popular nachos.
Additional upgrades included a stronger 800 horsepower engine, a larger main gun, lighter armor, improved sensors and cameras to give a 360 degree view outside, and an improved fire extinguisher system.
Additional outside audio connections are required for the studio / transmitter link for over-the-air stations, satellite dishes for sending and receiving shows, and for webcasting or podcasting.
Additional armed white men came into the county from outside to support the white citizens until a mob of 500 to 1, 000 armed men had formed.
Additional direct and in-kind support comes from partner governments, foundations, corporations, and host institutions both in and outside the U. S.
Additional referees fill the roles of a second inside pack ref and up to three outside pack refs, who perform similar duties to the inside pack refs, but from the outside of the track, and who rotate active duty in a relay-race style to avoid fatigue caused by the extra speed needed to keep pace with the pack from the outside.
Additional buildings located outside the fort were mainly star shaped blockhouses or magazines:
Additional glyphs may also be selected which increase the distance of travel, allowing gates outside the current galaxy to be reached, a process that requires significantly more energy than interstellar dialing.
Additional carriers are added to the outside of the array, the precise location and quantity of which depends upon the exact preform shape and structure required.
Additional success was had at the University of Chicago in reactor research, leading to the creation of Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago, and at other academic institutions spread across the country.
The larger of this crater pair is designated Palisa P. Additional satellite craterlets D, A, and W lie just outside the northeast rim.
Additional Vietnamese civilians gathered outside the Embassy and scaled the walls, hoping to claim refugee status.
Additional sleeves are inserted within, which remain " dry " on their outside, surrounded by the block's material.
Additional tests of 150 pigs outside the area were negative.
Additional showers and storms can also develop when the gust front from a storm collides with warmer air outside of the storm.
Additional rounds were held outside Europe at Bathurst in Australia, Calder Park Raceway in Australia ( using both the road course and the then newly constructed Thunderdome ), Wellington in New Zealand and Mount Fuji in Japan.

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