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Additional and squadrons
Additional secondary units consisted of squadrons deployed from the following USAFE-committed TAC wings:

Additional and reinforced
Additional vertical supports in the form of steel or reinforced concrete may be added.
Additional reinforced steel joists were fitted to further strengthen the basement in case of a direct hit on the building.

Additional and forces
Additional factors that complicate the measurement of job performance include the instability of job performance over time due to forces such as changing performance criteria, the structure of the job itself and the restriction of variation in individual performance by organizational forces.
In keeping with the terms of the Secret Additional Protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact Germany informed the Soviet Union that its forces were nearing the Soviet interest zone in Poland and so urged the Soviet Union to move into its zone.
Additional resettlement efforts, aimed at the Mardaites and inhabitants of Cyprus allowed Justinian to reinforce naval forces depleted by earlier conflicts.
Additional Union forces were sent there to try to suppress the insurgents and their vigilante crimes against freedmen.
Additional correspondence from governor Sir John Harvey of New Brunswick, reports of British bringing up their Regular Army troops from the West Indies, reports of the Mohawk nation offering their services to Quebec, and reports of New Brunswick forces gathering on the Saint John River resulted in the Issuance of General Order No 7 on 19 February 1839, calling for a general draft of Maine Militia.
Additional forces like those by gravity and buoyancy have not been taken into account, but can easily be added since the above equations are linear, so linear superposition of solutions and associated forces can be applied.
Additional landings at Samar and Palawan were conducted in February, reducing the pressure on the forces of I Corps.
Additional British forces arrived in May, and in June Ward learned of their plan to attack Bunker Hill.
Additional forces were placed at a nearby ford, though contemporary sources do not specify the exact location of this ford.
The changes, known as the Additional Protocols, grant armed non-state actors prisoner of war status under certain circumstances even if they fail to distinguish themselves from the civilian population to the same extent as members of the armed forces of a high contracting party.
Additional uplift occurred when major faults developed to the east, especially the creation of Owens Valley from Basin and Range-associated extensional forces.
Additional Indian forces continued to arrive in Basra.
Additional long-range airlift aircraft are available during national emergencies through the Civil Reserve Air Fleet, a fleet of commercial aircraft committed to support the transportation of military forces and material in times of crisis.
( Additional structure must be provided within the primary structure of the building to resist seismic forces from the building itself.
Additional forces beyond the DLVO construct have been reported to also play a major role in determining colloid stability.
Additional forward thrust and steering forces are created by dipping the hypocaudal ( i. e. bottom ) lobe of their caudal fin into the water and vibrating it very quickly, in contrast to diving birds in which these forces are produced by the same locomotor module used for propulsion.
Additional long-range airlift aircraft are available during national emergencies through the Civil Reserve Air Fleet, a fleet of commercial aircraft committed to support the transportation of military forces and material in times of crisis.
The sentence " States Parties shall take all feasible measures to ensure that members of their armed forces who have not attained the age of 18 years do not take a direct part in hostilities " was adapted from Article 77. 2 of the Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, adopted in 1977, with an alteration from fifteen years to eighteen years and some other minor modifications.
Additional Austrian forces arrived whilst Bonaparte's army was weakened by disease and his supply lines threatened by rebellion.

Additional and before
Additional roster support was provided by decent seasons from Benito Santiago and Rich Aurilia, plus new acquisitions David Bell, Reggie Sanders and Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who spent only one season with the Giants before returning to Japan.
Additional melodic instruments can be accessed by setting CC # 0 to 121 and then using CC # 32 to select the bank before a Program Change.
Additional rules of protocol apply when visiting a dzong or a temple, or when appearing before a high-level official.
Additional treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, may be administered before and / or after surgery.
New Additional Inspectors must be monitored and signed off by HMI before working independently.
Additional geometrical considerations show, that length contraction can be regarded as a trigonometric phenomenon, with analogy to parallel slices through a cuboid before and after a rotation in E < sup > 3 </ sup > ( see left half figure at the right ).
Maclean was reported in the Daily Telegraph as having spent more than £ 20, 000 improving his farmhouse under the Additional Costs Allowance ( ACA ) scheme before selling it for £ 750, 000.
After graduating, he established a practice in Gujranwala before rising to the position of Additional District and Session Judge and later District and Session Judge.
Additional changes to the building and its environs include the erection of a statue to Edward Carson in dramatic pose ( on the drive leading up to the building ) in 1932, a rare example of a statue to a person being erected before their death, and the erection of a statue to Lord Craigavon in the main foyer, half way up the grand staircase.
:* Additional documentation to comply with state and local environmental policy laws and secure required federal, state, and local permits before the action can proceed.
Srinivas and B. Narasimha Reddy — filed their petition before 17th Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate court.
A new series of 1910 used an arms design for low values, and a full-face portrait of King Gustav V. Additional surcharges were needed in 1918 before new stamps of the series could be printed.
* Additional photos of Royersville Tunnel before and after abandonment of the line between Washington Court House and Ironton ... plus additional photos ( from Waverly Info. com )
Able mathematicians take the Mathematics IGCSE early at the end of Year 10, before following an Additional Mathematics course in Year 11 as a preparation for AS / A2 Level.
Additional land was reclaimed along the coast of Kennedy Town between 1933 – 1939, but works were suspended before the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941.
Additional success came in the 2000 ALMS series before the cars were retired from racing.
Additional challenges were added in later episodes, requiring a contestant to blow strongly enough into an anemometer to reach a certain wind speed or drinking a shot of lemon juice before their partner could answer.
* Additional testimony before the U. S. Congress (. pdf format )
Handwriting analysis expert and former Additional Director of the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Dr B. Lal deposed before the Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry that probed into the disappearance of Netaji, that the handwritings of Bhagwanji and Bose did match.
Additional rules apply when visiting a dzong or a temple, and when appearing before a high level official.
Additional spin many be put on the ball through two other means: the active pronation of the arm from an initially supinated position just before the ball is released, and the extension of the wrist at the moment of release.
Additional spin may be put on the ball through two other means: the active supination of the arm from an initially pronated position just before the ball is released, and the flexion or extension of the wrist at the moment of release.
Additional complications arise when Ryan discovers that his parents are operating a marijuana grow-op in the family basement, and when he re-visits lottery winners to discover that they are often worse off than they were before winning.

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