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Additional and troops
Additional rules may represent conditions for fighting at night or in environments that affect troops ' abilities.
Additional veteran troops came from the remains of the former Army of England.
Additional correspondence from governor Sir John Harvey of New Brunswick, reports of British bringing up their Regular Army troops from the West Indies, reports of the Mohawk nation offering their services to Quebec, and reports of New Brunswick forces gathering on the Saint John River resulted in the Issuance of General Order No 7 on 19 February 1839, calling for a general draft of Maine Militia.
Additional information arriving in Washington through April and May 1839 kept Congressional debate lively until Congress authorized a force of 50, 000 men and appropriated $ 10 million, placed at the disposal of the President in the event foreign military troops crossed into United States territory during the Congressional recess of summer 1839.
* Additional troops to leave for Iraq on the 21st
Additional food and ammunition reserves were needed for the extra troops arriving from Australia, and Cameron and Grey were determined not to move until they were ready. 30, 000 pounds was spent by the New Zealand government designing and having shallow draft gunboats built in Sydney.
Additional reinforcements over the next two months increased the number of U. S. troops at Lunga Point to more than 20, 000 men.
Additional troops were flown into Boston to assist.
Additional troops were stationed about away.
Additional reinforcements over the next two months increased the number of US troops at Lunga Point on Guadalcanal to more than 20, 000.
Additional troops were brought in from Fort Laramie.
Additional troops from Rome's Italian Allies were not supplied due to the claim that contracted Roman tax collectors had enslaved Italians unable to pay their debts.
Additional troops were landed after the battle began, bringing Japanese strength to about 6, 500.
Additional Red Army troops under the overall command of Semyon Pugachev were promptly sent in and Georgia ’ s coastline was blockaded to prevent a landing of Georgian émigré groups.
Additional troops embarked onto transport ships in the Clyde with further troops held in readiness until indications of German intentions justified sending them to Norway.
Additional troops were deployed in the Battle of Northern and Eastern Henan by the North China Area Army to stop Chinese reinforcements from the west.
Additional criticism of functionalism points out that Hitler and other Nazi leaders delayed railcars providing supplies to front line troops in the Soviet Union so that Jews could be deported by rail from the USSR to death camps thus demonstrating the pursuit of genocidal policies over pragmatic wartime actions.
Additional troops were added to bring the division up to full strength:
In a report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2011, human rights advocates raise several instances where MINUSTAH troops allegedly violated human rights law, including the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols.
Additional troops will be stationed in Glencorse Barracks.
Additional troops will be stationed in Glencorse Barracks.

Additional and equipment
Additional equipment that is generally considered necessary or legally required on a dinghy includes:
Additional equipment, commonly seen among frequent players, tournament participants, and professional players include:
Advanced rules were published in 1985 in the book Abenteuer Ausbau-Spiel — Zusatzausrüstung für alle Abenteuer (" Extended adventure — Additional equipment for all adventures ").
Additional equipment ( lifts, bars, wedges and winches ) and special cutting techniques can help prevent binds.
Additional demands were that any equipment and installation on the ceded territories were to be handed over.
Additional equipment is commonly added to expand the vehicle ’ s capabilities.
Additional equipment
Additional HH equipment consists of one Hitchhiker Ejection System Electronics ( HESE ), one 5. 0 cubic-foot ( 142 L ) HH canister, and one Adapter Beam Assembly ( ABA ).
Additional firefighting equipment was summoned rapidly.
Additional rounds were fired into a nearby active Coast Guard light and surrounding equipment.
Additional launch equipment consisted of an early electronic computer, carried in a Land Rover, together with an alignment theodolite.
Additional equipment received by the army in 1941 included 4 18-pdr guns.
Additional engineering work on the steering gear ( which still suffered from damage taken at Jutland ) and other equipment resulted in weekend leaves for the crew being curtailed, leading to very low morale.
Additional equipment can be picked up throughout the map, but in Action Quake 2 DM all weapons other than pistols, knives, and grenades are " unique ", meaning that only one exists on that map at any time.
Additional equipment is placed on the restricted fourth floor.
Additional optional equipment includes xenon headlights, upgraded audio system and CD changer, electrochromic rear view mirror, rear parking sensors, seat heaters, and cruise control.
The heaviest Raw ( unequipped ) Squat ( No Additional equipment except Knee wraps ) is held by Robert Wilkerson ( USA ) with a best of 453. 59 kg ( 1000 lb ).
Additional equipment:
Additional factors, though, such as the binding capacity, cost of the reagent, the requirement of extra equipment and the capability to automate IP processes should be considered in the selection of an immunoprecipitation support.
Additional marks and cones indicate the end of the track and the position of timing equipment.
Additional redundant equipment carried includes a second dive computer, and a spare torch ( dive light ) and backup dive mask.

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