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Additional and works
Additional works by Alexander are preserved in Arabic translation, these include: On the Principles of the Universe, On Providence, and Against Galen on Motion.
Additional details of the hoax include the rediscovery of Udo's works by the also-fictional Bob Schipke, a Harvard mathematician, who supposedly saw a picture of the Mandelbrot set in an illumination for a 13th century carol.
Additional requirements include the study of: the Hebrew Bible, Mishna and Talmud, the Midrash literature, Jewish ethics and lore, the codes of Jewish law, the Conservative responsa literature, both traditional and modern Jewish works on theology and philosophy.
The standard edition of Shirley's works is The Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley, with Notes by William Gifford, and Additional Notes, and some Account of Shirley and his Writings, by Alexander Dyce ( 6 vols., 1833 ).
Other works are the Additional Dialogue of the Dead between Pericles and Cosmo ( 1760 ), in vindication of Chatham's policy ; and the Dissertation on the Rise, Union and Power, etc., of Poetry and Music ( 1763 ).
Additional works included Archaeology and the Old Testament ( 1958 ), which traced the evolution of modern approaches to archaeology from the first excavations in the Holy Land ; and Solomon and Sheba ( 1974 ), which separated fact from legend.
Additional excavations have unearthed tombs with mummies, tools, ceramic works, painted pottery and other artistic artifacts.
Additional help may come from a medical social worker who works with the family and a pharmacist who can advise on the carbohydrate content of medicines.
Additional replacement and maintenance works were required.
* Additional Amory Kane works
Additional works include The Other State Department, Yuri Andropov: New Challenge to the West ( coauthored ), Nine Lies about America, Anti-American Myths: Their Causes and Consequences, and CNN's Cold War Documentary: Issues and Controversy.
Additional detailing of stamens is created by the use of mizuhiki, which is a strong, thin twine made from washi paper, and is often coloured and used for decorative works.
Additional works and upgrades have since taken place to increase the network's capacity to 480 Gbit / s.
Additional pressure came from the Kress Foundation who offered to donate three collections valued at over $ 2 million on the condition that DAM construct a new building to house the works.
Additional pressure came from the Kress Foundation who offered to donate three collections valued at over $ 2 million on the condition that DAM construct a new building to house the works.
Additional galleries offer works from Tibet, Nepal and Southeast Asia, while thematic galleries display religious art and traditional folk crafts.
Additional land was reclaimed along the coast of Kennedy Town between 1933 – 1939, but works were suspended before the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941.
Additional works by Williams and votary authors writing in her universe are published by the Absolute XPress imprint of Hades Publications, Inc ..
Additional works by Hart were released in December 2011 and May 2012.
Additional and revised material is found in several of the later chapters of The Life Divine and in other works.
Additional speculative works later in his life included " Warbots ", a fictional concept based on a melded human / robotic military force that utilized a mixed combination of AI-driven robotic military units with on-site human commanders and enlisted personnel to assess the situation and adjust goals and activities to match the conditions of action in the face of inevitable changes, focusing on the power and dispensability of AI-driven machines with the flexibility and adaptability of the human mind and body.
Additional works:
Additional works:

Additional and carried
Additional food like pickles, canned butter, cheese or pickled eggs were occasionally carried, but canned goods were expensive and food preservation was primitive, so few items could be safely kept for the four to six month duration of the trip.
Additional missions against Tokyo targets were carried out by twin-engine bombers and by fighter-bombers.
Additional building supplies were carried to the ISS in May 1999, aboard STS-96.
Additional campaigns of repression were carried out against national minorities and social groups which were accused of acting against the Soviet state and the politics of the Communist Party.
Most school inspections are carried out by Additional Inspectors ( AI ) employed by external companies known as Regional Inspection Service Providers ( RISPs ).
Additional support for this notion includes the reorientation of some graphs, by turning them 90 degrees as if to better fit on tall, narrow slats ; this style must have developed on bamboo or wood slat books and then carried over to the oracle bone script.
Additional weight may be carried by surface supplied divers to provide stability when working on the bottom.
Reinforced concrete cement was used, of which the imported steel used was obtained from the black market at a higher price due to the World War II. The entire cost was estimated to be 3 lakhs or 300, 000 ( now 10 crores or 100, 000, 000 ) Additional reclamations were carried out in the 1970s.
Additional weights are carried on the waist and feet to prevent overturning.
Additional launch equipment consisted of an early electronic computer, carried in a Land Rover, together with an alignment theodolite.
Additional stories by The Chronicle during this time insinuated that Perata had carried a bill on behalf of Mercury Insurance, which may have allowed the company to circumvent Prop.
Additional special instructions that included instruction that the orders must be " carried out most energetically and without any false compassion " were issued by Roatta ..:
Additional research carried out by SIL International in the nineties corroborated many of Capo's findings and led to adjustment of some of his more tentative groupings ; in particular, Phla – Pherá was divided in an eastern and a western cluster.
Additional arrows were carried by camels who followed close by, ensuring a plentiful supply of ammunition.
Additional premises were acquired " for the duration " and, under the management of Arthur Hale, a large reconditioning programme was rapidly carried through.
Additional work was carried out starting in 1837 by Russian Empire and completed around 1846-1848.
Additional religious duties included certain rites which, as a sign of their formal importance, could only be carried out by the highest state officials.
Additional redundant equipment carried includes a second dive computer, and a spare torch ( dive light ) and backup dive mask.
Additional measures relating to the Burmese language were introduced so that in order to take the Matriculation exam to enter Rangoon University, prospective students were required to be fluent in written Burmese ( which many Anglo-Burmans had not been taught ), even though all books and most teaching were still carried out in English.

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