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Additionally and Purdue
Additionally, The Purdue Online Writing Lab says, " Because writers have various ways of writing, a variety of things can cause a writer to experience anxiety, and sometimes this anxiety leads to writer's block.
Additionally, the school maintains eight regional centers on college campuses throughout the state: Bloomington ( Indiana University Bloomington ), Muncie ( Ball State University ), Fort Wayne ( Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne ), South Bend ( University of Notre Dame ), Terre Haute ( Indiana State University ), Evansville ( University of Southern Indiana ), West Lafayette ( Purdue University ), and Northwest ( in Gary at Indiana University Northwest ).

Additionally and Online
Additionally, some games separate online players per region, such as Metal Gear Solid 4 Online.

Additionally and Writing
Additionally, the university is home to a bevy of research institutes and centers including the Gateway University Research Park, Center for Applied Research, Center for Creative Writing in the Arts, Center for Drug Discovery, Institute for Community and Economic Engagement, Center for Biotechnology, Genomics & Health Research, Music Research Institute and the Southeastern Regional Vision for Education ( SERVE ).
Additionally players complete Sports Science degrees from Manchester Metropolitan University and Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting degrees at Staffordshire University, in addition to other programmes including fitness training, training to become driving instructors and various other initiatives.
Additionally, SCIS offers After-School-Activities ( ASA's ), including: Cheerleading, Student Council, Model United Nations, Drama, Dance Club, Jazz Club, Choir, Reading Clubs, Creative Writing, Musical Clubs, Electronics Club, and Interact and Global Issues Network.

Additionally and Lab
Additionally Berkeley Lab is host to six major National User Facilities: the Advanced Light Source, the National Center for Electron Microscopy, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, the Energy Sciences Network, the Molecular Foundry, and the Joint Genome Institute ( JGI ).
Additionally, many of the " colors " within Lab space fall outside the gamut of human vision, and are therefore purely imaginary ; these " colors " cannot be reproduced in the physical world.
Additionally, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab offers a line of perfumes whose profits go directly to the CBLDF.
Additionally, the Gak Kitchen is used as the break room for the front of their house staff and the space that formerly housed the Game Lab is now a special event room for them and the park itself.
Additionally, RCO, in conjunction with MIT Lincoln Lab and other partners, is developing a sensitive airborne receiver system.

Additionally and explains
Additionally, in Act 3, Scene 2, Tranio is briefly presented as an old friend of Petruchio, who knows his mannerisms and explains his tardiness prior to the wedding, a role which, up until now, had been performed by Hortensio.
Additionally, Dale Gribble on King of the Hill explains away his inappropriate laughter at his successfully sabotaging Bill Dauterive's new relationship by saying " just remembered a funny sniglet!
Additionally, the JP serves as a justice in petty court sessions, attends juvenile court sessions, issues summonses, considers applications for bail, explains and signs legal documents, sits on licensing panels, and gives counsel / advice.
Additionally, he was also privy to more information regarding Shinra's involvement with the creation of Sephiroth, and it is he who explains to Cloud the story of Sephiroth's origins.
) Additionally, Castriota explains that ancient Greek art expresses the idea that character was the major factor influencing the outcome of the Greeks ’ conflicts against their enemies.
Additionally, the voiceover narration at the beginning of the film is different: the Japanese version introduces the history of ballroom dancing in Europe, while the American version explains that ballroom dancing is considered shameful or embarrassing by some Japanese because of cultural norms.
Additionally, the W3C explains that P3P will allow browsers to transfer user data to services, ultimately promoting an online sharing community.

Additionally and common
Additionally, if a Defendant has been charged on an indictment with assault occasioning actual bodily harm ( ABH ), or racially / religiously aggravated assault, then a jury in the Crown Court may acquit the Defendant of the more serious offence, but still convict of common assault if it finds common assault has been committed.
Additionally, researchers found the following themes were common in systems that users evaluated favorably.
Additionally, this hypothesis fails to explain the find of multiple examples of individuals with these same characteristics, indicating they were common to a large population, and not limited to one individual.
Additionally, the use of nicknames is very common.
Additionally, Matthew and Luke have a large amount of material in common that is not found in Mark.
Additionally that in New Ireland and New Britain widows were claimed as common property by all the men.
Additionally, Flaherty insisted that the Inuit not use rifles to hunt, though their use had by that time become common.
Additionally the autonomous and dependent territories, such as some of the EU member state special territories, are sometimes treated as separate customs territory from their mainland state or have varying arrangements of formal or de-facto customs union, common market and currency union ( or combinations thereof ) with the mainland and in regards to third countries trough the trade pacts signed by the mainland state.
Additionally, nasal congestion can be a common result of migraine headaches, due to the autonomic nerve stimulation that can also cause tearing ( lacrimation ) and a runny nose ( rhinorrhea ).
Additionally, its usage can still be seen in the common English names of certain individuals and locations, for example Chiang Kai-shek and Taipei ).
Additionally, a few PT boats were equipped to carry Naval Mines launched from mine racks, but these were not in common usage.
Additionally, Hearn started the now common tradition of estimating the distance of shots taken.
Additionally, some regions such as Navarre or the Basque Country have full control over taxation and spending, transferring a small payment to the central government for the common services ( army, foreign relations, macroeconomic policy ).
Additionally, it was common in the 1960s and 1970s for longer songs by soul, funk or R & B acts to be broken into two parts for single release.
Additionally, one of the main characters on the King Diamond album " Them " was named " Missy ", which is a common diminutive of Melissa.
Additionally, some believe that evil people who use omiti have the power to place bad thoughts into another's mind or cause extraordinary events to happen ( such as when a common illness becomes life-threatening ).
Additionally, it is fairly common in big cities for would-be criminals to sell counterfeit illegal drugs, such as a bag of pure baking soda sold as cocaine or heroin, or a bag of oregano sold as marijuana.
Additionally, there is a less common form of gout that is caused by the formation of rhomboidal shaped crystals of calcium pyrophosphate.
Additionally, two species of dolphinfish exist, the common dolphinfish ( Coryphaena hippurus ) and the pompano dolphin ( Coryphaena equiselis ).
Additionally, Matthew and Luke have a large amount of material in common that is not found in Mark.
Additionally, well-situated clusters, which Michael Porter argues is vital in global economies, connect locally with linked industries, manufacturers, and other entities that are related by skills, technologies, and other common inputs.
Additionally, the most common cause of right-sided heart failure is left-sided heart failure.
Additionally, the compilation and publication of The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement is evidence that scholars in the three wings still work together on common projects.
Additionally pigeons may be among the very few animals to pass the mirror test — which tests whether an animal recognizes its reflection as an image of itself — along with common chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, dolphins, African grey parrots, crows, magpies, elephants, and humans.

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