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Additionally and at
Additionally, on the many ships at sea and in the smaller naval stations, the availability of the Journal removed the necessity of subscribing to several additional journals of civilian origin over and above the quantity now authorized, in order to provide any reasonably comparable coverage.
Additionally, the adaptors were designed to be " self-terminating ", meaning that nodes at the end of the network could simply leave their last connector unconnected.
Additionally, the hardware for implementing the service adaptation for IP packets is expensive at very high speeds.
Additionally, PWM ( pulse-width modulation ) anemometers are also used, wherein the velocity is inferred by the time length of a repeating pulse of current that brings the wire up to a specified resistance and then stops until a threshold " floor " is reached, at which time the pulse is sent again.
Marlborough wrote an appeal to the Duke of Württemberg, the commander of the Danish contingent – " I send you this express to request your Highness to bring forward by a double march your cavalry so as to join us at the earliest moment …" Additionally, the King in Prussia, Frederick I, had kept his troops in quarters behind the Rhine while his personal disputes with Vienna and the States-General at The Hague remained unresolved.
Additionally, Jerusalem was recognized at the Council of Chalcedon as one of the major sees.
Additionally, Elihu's first spoken words are a confession of his youthful status, being much younger than the three canonical friends, including a claim to be speaking because he cannot bear to remain silent ; it has been suggested that this interesting statement may have been symbolic of a " younger " ( that is to say, later and interpolating ) writer, who has written Elihu's sermon to respond to what he views as morally and theologically scandalous statements being made within the book of Job, and creating the literary device of Elihu to provide what seemed to be a faith-based response to further refute heresy and provide a counter-argument, a need partially provided by God's ambiguous and unspecific response to Job at the end of the book.
Additionally, in some kernels ( e. g. miscellaneous DOS variants ) is detected only at the time OS tries reading from a keyboard buffer and only if it's the only key sequence in the buffer, while is often translated instantly ( e. g. by INT 1Bh under DOS ).
Additionally, from at least the 11th century and continuing for several centuries after that, there were several different circuits in the royal court system, served by itinerant judges who would travel from town to town dispensing the King's justice.
Additionally, all six turtle families in existence at the end of the Cretaceous survived into the Tertiary and are represented by current species.
Additionally, legal experts at the State Department and Justice Department concluded that a declaration of war could be avoided so long as another legal justification, based on the Rio Treaty for defense of the Western Hemisphere, was obtained via a resolution by a two-thirds vote from the members or the Organization of American States ( OAS ).
Additionally, caddies are often allowed to play the course at which they caddy for free, usually on a Monday ( the day that most private clubs choose to close their course for maintenance ).
Additionally, according to Plutarch's essay on the meaning of the " E at Delphi "-- the only literary source for the inscription --- there was also inscribed at the temple a large letter E. Among other things epsilon signifies the number 5.
Additionally, Benton claimed in the early 1990s that he would commit suicide at the age of 33 to " mirror " a lifespan opposite that of Jesus Christ ( however, he passed that age in 2000 and did not commit suicide, rebutting in 2006 that these statements had been " asinine remarks " and that " only cowards and losers " choose to kill themselves ).
Additionally, they learn that even when firing at a valid target, unintended targets may still be hit, for three reasons:
Additionally, the song is played at Camp Randal Stadium during the UW-Madison football games http :// en. wikipedia. org / wiki / Camp_Randall_Stadium #. 22Jump_Around. 22: _History_. 26_Controversy.
Additionally, they began to arm themselves with guns acquired through trade at the cape.
Additionally, Ted Sorensen claimed in his memoir Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History ( 2008 ) to have had a hand in the speech, and said he had incorrectly inserted the word ein, incorrectly taking responsibility for the " jelly doughnut misconception ", below, a claim apparently supported by Berlin mayor Willy Brandt but dismissed by later scholars since the final typed version, which does not contain the words, is the last one Sorensen could have worked on.
Additionally, they may provide coverage of risks which is neither available nor offered in the traditional insurance market at reasonable prices.
Additionally, Italy's economy was growing rapidly at the time, facilitating the spread of literacy.
Additionally, his condemnation of Blaesilla's hedonistic lifestyle in Rome had led her to adopt aescetic practices, but it affected her health and worsened her physical weakness to the point that she died just four months after starting to follow his instructions ; much of the Roman populace were outraged at Jerome for causing the premature death of such a lively young woman, and his insistence to Paula that Blaesilla should not be mourned, and complaints that her grief was excessive, were seen as heartless, polarising Roman opinion against him.
Additionally, most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAVs ) and submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles ( ROVs ) require at least one joystick to control either the vehicle, the on-board cameras, sensors and manipulators.

Additionally and Canterbury
Additionally four other individuals, also in Kent, in two different locations within some 20 miles radius of Canterbury, where also burnt on the following day 16 January 1556.

Additionally and there
Additionally, if we assume that there are no viscous forces in the medium ( the bulk and shear viscosities are zero ), the momentum equation takes the form
Additionally, there have been fictional astronauts in film, literature and television who have been described as " the last man to walk on the Moon ", implying they were crew members on Apollo 17.
Additionally, there are over 500 college and university chapters.
* Akademie fuer Internationale Bildung, private higher educational facility offering programs for international students Additionally there are six private Catholic schools.
Additionally, there are many non-governmental organizations ( NGOs ) that have likewise played significant roles in the reconstruction.
Additionally, the catcher is not ready to come out of his crouch and cannot throw to second until an infielder gets there.
Additionally, there is some chamber music for strings.
Additionally there are many footpaths and cycle tracks crossing the border between Basel and Germany.
Additionally there are Power PC ports for Mac OS and Linux.
Additionally, there are only limited details on later significant events, such as the annexation of Mauretania, Caligula's military actions in Britannia, and his feud with the Roman Senate.
Additionally, when American troops were first sent to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War there were allegations that some U. S. military authorities were pressuring Jewish military personnel to avoid listing their religions on their ID tags.
Additionally, in pairs and in ice dancing, there are pair and dance spins, during which both skaters rotate around the same axis while holding onto each other.
Additionally, there was a performance penalty involved in accessing extended memory from real mode, as noted below.
Additionally, there are a small number of recorded folk tales that, while not strictly mythological, feature personages from one or more of these nine cycles.
Additionally, there are basic things that organizations can do in order to breed innovation in the workplace.
Additionally there remain a few hereditary knights in the Netherlands.
Additionally, there is software for Windows, Pocket PC, Linux, and Macintosh PCs that can decode and display karaoke song tracks, though usually these must be ripped from the CD first, and possibly compressed.
* Additionally, there is the Advanced Observing Program ( AOP ) for advanced amateur astronomers.
Additionally, in the past there, was been a group known as the Conservative Trade Unionists or CTU.
Additionally, in an article for Cryptozoology, A. C. Thomas notes that even if there were some truth to the story, it could be explained rationally as an encounter with a walrus or similar creature that had swum up the river.
Additionally there may be a " semi-fast " service with more stops than a " fast " service, but fewer than a " slow " service.
Additionally, there have been several specific Mokèlé-mbèmbé-hunting expeditions.

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