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Additionally and is
Additionally, while generous acts make people feel good about themselves, it is also important for people to appreciate the kindness they receive from others.
Additionally, fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is related to situations perceived as uncontrollable or unavoidable.
Additionally, at the enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury, there is a threefold enthronement, once in the throne the chancel as the diocesan bishop of Canterbury, once in the Chair of St. Augustine as the Primate of All England, and then once in the chapter-house as Titular Abbot of Canterbury.
Additionally, they use breast meat while the original is frequently made with leftover chicken of all kinds including bones.
Additionally, resistance to ampicillin is seen in enterobacter, citrobacter, serratia, indole-positive proteus species, and other hospital-acquired gram negative infections.
Additionally, the hardware for implementing the service adaptation for IP packets is expensive at very high speeds.
Additionally, PWM ( pulse-width modulation ) anemometers are also used, wherein the velocity is inferred by the time length of a repeating pulse of current that brings the wire up to a specified resistance and then stops until a threshold " floor " is reached, at which time the pulse is sent again.
Additionally, the catcher is not ready to come out of his crouch and cannot throw to second until an infielder gets there.
Additionally, in a section in the book entitled, " Open Letter to My Lost France ", Bardot writes that " my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims ".
Additionally, the entire term is ordinarily italicized or underlined.
Additionally, though the Chronicler's principal source is the Deuteronomistic History, coming primarily, as stated above, from the books of 2 Samuel and 1 – 2 Kings and other public records and sources ( see above ), the Chronicler also uses other biblical sources, particularly from the Pentateuch, as redacted and put together by P ( the Priestly Source ).
Additionally, Elihu's first spoken words are a confession of his youthful status, being much younger than the three canonical friends, including a claim to be speaking because he cannot bear to remain silent ; it has been suggested that this interesting statement may have been symbolic of a " younger " ( that is to say, later and interpolating ) writer, who has written Elihu's sermon to respond to what he views as morally and theologically scandalous statements being made within the book of Job, and creating the literary device of Elihu to provide what seemed to be a faith-based response to further refute heresy and provide a counter-argument, a need partially provided by God's ambiguous and unspecific response to Job at the end of the book.
Additionally, in the alternate history novel Ruled Britannia by Harry Turtledove, Boudicca is the subject of a play written by William Shakespeare to incite the people of Britain to revolt against Spanish conquerors.
Additionally, there is some chamber music for strings.
Additionally, in some kernels ( e. g. miscellaneous DOS variants ) is detected only at the time OS tries reading from a keyboard buffer and only if it's the only key sequence in the buffer, while is often translated instantly ( e. g. by INT 1Bh under DOS ).
Additionally, a bankrupt is required to provide his or her trustee with details of income and assets.
Additionally, various koryu ( traditional Japanese martial arts ) have their own distinct styles of bokken which can vary slightly in length, tip shape, or in whether or not a tsuba ( hilt guard ) is added.
Additionally, syllable-final, which has become silent in other dialects of Khmer, is still pronounced in Northern Khmer.
Additionally, any combustion in atmospheric air, which is 78 percent nitrogen, will also create several forms of nitrogen oxides.
Additionally, what is now the minor constellation Circinus was treated as undefined stars under the centaur's front hooves.
Additionally, given Caligula's unpopularity among the surviving sources, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Additionally and understood
Additionally, when interpreting a legal document, courts are usually interested in understanding the document as its authors did and their motivations for creating it ; as a result, the courts have cited the Preamble for evidence of the history, intent and meaning of the Constitution as it was understood by the Founders.
Additionally, it enjoys popularity in India and is widely understood in Afghanistan.
Additionally, Clausen claims military men of Kimmel and Short's seniority and background should have understood the significance of the warnings, and should have been more vigilant than they were, as for instance in scouting plane flights from Hawaii, which were partial at best in the period just before the attack.
Additionally, Warner leader Steve Ross understood that the future of cable television was going to demand an ever expanding programming need.
Additionally, " American Indian " is often understood to mean only the peoples of the main body of the United States, which excludes other indigenous groups of the Americas, including the Inuit, Cup ' ik / Yup ' ik peoples, Iñupiat, Alutiiq, and Aleut peoples ( i. e., the groups whose traditional languages are Eskimo – Aleut languages ).

Additionally and even
Additionally, even before the separate courts were merged, most courts were permitted to apply both law and equity, though under potentially different procedural law.
Additionally, the growing severity of countrywide guerrilla attacks by the FARC and ELN, and smaller movements, as well as the growth of drug production, corruption and the spread of even more violent paramilitary groups such as the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia ( AUC ) has made it difficult to solve the country's problems.
Additionally, the Aedicule would be quite close to the city even the west wall of the city had been to its east ; yet Akiba remarks that Jewish law insists that tombs should not be built within 50 cubits of a city.
Additionally, several compounds, such as nitrogen triiodide, are so sensitive that they cannot even be handled without detonating.
Additionally, one can discern a thread of the macabre running through Goya's work, even in his earlier tapestry cartoons.
Additionally, they learn that even when firing at a valid target, unintended targets may still be hit, for three reasons:
Additionally, many free to use and even paid for WLAN networks do packet injection for serving their own ads on webpages or just for pranks, however this can be exploited maliciously e. g. by injecting malware and spying on users.
Additionally it was necessary to carry over design decisions from earlier versions of Windows for reasons of backwards compatibility, even if these design decisions no longer matched a more modern computing environment.
Additionally, those few individuals producing an abnormal, apparently more efficient, HDL ApoA1 protein variant called ApoA-1 Milano, have low measured HDL-C levels yet very low rates of cardiovascular events even with high blood cholesterol values.
Additionally, even if irreducible complexity had not been rejected, it still does not support ID as it is merely a test for evolution, not design.
Additionally, the complex textual history of the Annales Cambriae precludes any certainty that the Arthurian annals were added to it even that early.
Additionally, in an article for Cryptozoology, A. C. Thomas notes that even if there were some truth to the story, it could be explained rationally as an encounter with a walrus or similar creature that had swum up the river.
Additionally, even edible mushrooms may produce allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, from a mild asthmatic response to severe anaphylactic shock.
Additionally, a study looking at orexin-knockout mice, found that not only modafinil promoted wakefulness in these mice but did so even more effectively than in the wild-type mice.
Additionally, many nerds are described as being shy, quirky, and unattractive, and may have difficulty participating in, or even following, sports.
Additionally the team as a whole is occasionally referred to as the " Big Blue Wrecking Crew ", even though this moniker primarily and originally refers to the Giants defensive unit during the 80s and early 90s.
Additionally, many users feared that IBM, who had proven eminently capable of developing a superior PC operating system, knew very little about consumer marketing in the high-tech marketplace or establishing even a superior product as a standard in the cut-throat, get-there-first-at-any-cost arena dominated by Microsoft.
Additionally, President Truman disliked General Donovan, even mocking him in his diary.
Additionally, the rudder and air brake hypotheses do not explain why such large variation exists in crest size even among adults.
Additionally, a virus known as the Human Meta-Human Vampiric Virus ( HMHVV ), with many variant strains, has been known to cause further change, far beyond that of traditional vampirism, frequently resulting in fierce abominations that are no longer human and sometimes no longer even sentient: bandersnatches, banshees, dzoo-noo-quas, goblins, ghouls, nosferatus, vampires, wendigos, wild fomorians, and others.
Additionally, even if the white hospitals had admitted blacks because of the riot, injured blacks had little means to get to these hospitals, located across the city.
Additionally, the OS has yet another facility for converting an application from being long-term fixed to being fixed for an indefinite period, possibly for days, months or even years ( however, this facility implicitly requires that the application firstly be swapped-out, possibly from preferred-memory, or a mixture of preferred-and non-preferred memory, and secondly be swapped-in to non-preferred memory where it resides for the duration, however long that might be ; this facility utilizes a documented Supervisor Call instruction ).
Additionally X. 25 is still under heavy use in the aeronautical business ( especially in the Asian region ) even though a transition to modern protocols like X. 400 is without option as X. 25 hardware becomes increasingly rare and costly.
Additionally, there were even proposals of extending the Monroe Doctrine to Great Britain put forth to prevent a second conflagration on the European theater.

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