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Additionally and pathological
Additionally, for patients suffering from both pathological gambling and a comorbid bipolar spectrum condition, sustained release lithium has shown efficacy in a preliminary trial.

Additionally and appearance
Additionally, a simulated version made a brief appearance in the beginning of the 2006 film, X-Men: The Last Stand.
Additionally, most event riders clip the sides of their mount's tails, to give them a finer appearance.
Additionally, in Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, the artist Basil Hallward describes the appearance of Dorian Gray as an event as important to his art as " the face of Antinous was to late Greek sculpture.
Additionally, the website steveislive. com was opened, with Steve's daily appearance schedule, blog, and video clips of past appearances and audition footage.
Additionally, the women's team of that same year placed second in the NWC and made an appearance in the NCAA DIII National tournament.
Additionally, Horne played herself on television programs such as The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Sanford and Son in the 1970s, as well as a 1985 performance on The Cosby Show and a 1993 appearance on A Different World.
Additionally, she contributed an uncredited offscreen ( voice only ) appearance to the opening scene in the Coens ' Barton Fink.
Additionally, Mark Lenard, playing the Romulan commander, makes his first Star Trek appearance.
Additionally, the rooftop set was transformed from a functional-looking appearance to a space designed for people to spend time, with the addition of large, wooden flower beds.
Additionally, the first appearance of substantive due process as a concept appeared earlier in the case of Bloomer v. McQuewan,.
Additionally, the first appearance of substantive due process as a concept arguably appeared earlier in the case of Bloomer v. McQuewan,, so that Chief Justice Taney would not have been entirely breaking ground in his Dred Scott opinion when he pronounced the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional because, among other reasons, an " act of Congress that deprived a citizen of his liberty or property merely because he came himself or brought his property into a particular territory of the United States, and who had committed no offence against the laws, could hardly be dignified with the name of due process of law.
Additionally, he also made an appearance in the 2004 Kanye West music video All Falls Down as a luggage collecting valet.
Additionally, Grahame's concern over the appearance of her upper lip led her to pursue plastic surgery and dental operations that caused visible scarring and ultimately rendered the lip largely immobile because of nerve damage, which affected her speech.
Additionally, Leviticus 17 begins with This is the thing which the LORD hath commanded, saying .., and Leviticus 26 strongly resembles the conclusion of a law code, despite the presence of further laws afterward, such as at Leviticus 27, giving the Holiness Code the appearance of a single distinct unit.
Additionally that year, the Ranger name made its first appearance on a Ford truck ; previously a base model of the Edsel, it was now used to denote a high-level styling package for F-Series pickups.
Additionally, most of the old-line coaches who demanded such total control as a condition of employment have since either retired ( or in Dooley's case, forced out ) or died ( Bryant died four weeks after coaching his final football game at Alabama ), leaving in place a new generation who are not desirious of such an arrangement, if it were to be made available, and additionally have developed other sources of income, such as shoe contracts and radio and television appearance fees and endorsement contracts, that make the income which might come from the additional duty of athletic director unnecessary.
Amongst others, he played with Hellas Verona in Italy, helping it to the only major title of its history, the 1985 Serie A. Additionally, Elkjær scored nearly 40 goals for the Danish national team in 11 years, being a leading figure for the country at both Euro 1984 and the 1986 World Cup ( a first-ever appearance ), winning the Bronze Ball award at the latter competition.
Additionally, he plays a minor role as an Imperial officer in The Empire Strikes Back, his only non-masked appearance in the original Star Wars films.
Additionally, the delay in appearance of referred pain shown in laboratory experiments can be explained due to the time required to create the central sensitization.
Additionally, she stars in most games from the SNK vs. Capcom series except SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos ( where she makes a cameo appearance in Ryo's and Mr. Karate's endings ).
Additionally, the video was to have included an appearance by a little girl ; the mental patient's " lost childhood ".
Additionally, the sudden appearance of the exit tends to cause accidents when cars in the center lane try to aggressively turn into the right lane, particularly at the mouth of the I-294 exit.
Additionally the same membrane tent design over the building also covers the gap between the old and new terminal and gives the appearance of both buildings being a single long building.
She made a guest appearance on Drake & Josh as Mrs. Abernathy, the boss of the Ball & Vance Fish Corp. Additionally, she appeared as Judith Haven in an episode of What I Like About You and she voiced Blair Lansfield in the video game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Additionally and certain
Additionally, certain items behave differently when collected and used by each of the classes, functioning in a manner better suiting their varying approach to combat, further differentiating the three.
Additionally, knights adopted certain forms of regalia which became closely associated with the status of knighthood.
Additionally, in grouping certain letters together one is able to display meaningful sequences that are considered to be of value to the spiritual system that utilizes them ( e. g., spiritual hierarchies, historiographic data, psychological stages, etc.
Additionally, Marxism – Leninism opposes certain aspects of other forms of Marxian socialism, including left communism and council communism, as well as certain aspects of non-Marxist socialist movements, such as anarchism and syndicalism.
Additionally, it is more likely to be found at certain positions than at others, depending on its energy level.
Additionally, the term is applied to certain types of data structures specifically designed and used for representing information content.
Additionally, its usage can still be seen in the common English names of certain individuals and locations, for example Chiang Kai-shek and Taipei ).
Additionally, " The Generation Gap " episode did not begin with a preempted episode ; instead, a disclaimer read " The following program contains certain scenes which may not be suitable for mature audiences.
Additionally, whether or not the prey are directly killed by the predator is considered, with true predation and parasitoidism involving certain death.
Additionally, within a given datura plant, concentrations of toxins are higher in certain parts of the plant than others, and can vary from leaf to leaf.
Additionally, the tiltrotor propulsion system is more complex than a conventional helicopter due to the large, articulated nacelles and the added wing ; however, the improved cruise efficiency and speed improvement over helicopters is significant in certain uses.
Additionally, a false negative result is possible with a blood test if the patient has recently been taking certain drugs, such as antibiotics or proton pump inhibitors.
Additionally, there were other practices that developed in certain parts of the Celtic world, but which are not known to have spread beyond a particular region.
Additionally, certain areas will features boxes which allow Yoshi to temporarily transform into various vehicles such as a car, a helicopter or a digger, which can be used to access new areas.
Additionally, the track layout outside certain stations allow trains to terminate and reverse from the ' running line ' platforms.
Additionally, some states outlaw the wearing of body armor while committing certain, usually violent, crimes.
Additionally, laws governing the colonies of the British Empire ( including the 1766 amendment to the Sugar Act of 1764 ) used the latitude of Cape Finisterre as the latitude past which certain goods could not be shipped north directly between British colonies.
Additionally chests can also be used to defeat enemies, such as wasps, in an effort to pass certain passages, as wasps cannot be defeated by jumping on them.
Additionally, the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 provides compensation and medical benefits for nuclear weapons workers who may have developed certain work-related illnesses.
Additionally, and especially in those with strong needs for certainty ( as measured on NFC Scale ), the impulse to achieve cognitive closure may sometimes produce or evoke a mood instability, and / or truncated perceptions of one's available behavioral choices, should some newly acquired information challenge preconceptions that they had long considered to be certain, permanent and inviolate eg.
Additionally, Alabama courts have authorized such accounting under certain specific circumstances.
Additionally, certain culture-bound syndromes such as " ataques de nervios " (" attacks of nerves ") identified in Hispanic populations, and popularized by the Almodóvar film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, exemplify psychiatric phenomena that encompass both somatoform and dissociative symptoms and that have been linked to psychological trauma.
Additionally, certain medical tests, such as cholesterol testing ( lipid panel ) or certain blood glucose measurements require fasting for several hours so that a baseline can be established.

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