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Additionally and scientists
Additionally, red tides are not typically associated with tidal movement of water, hence the preference among scientists to use the term algal bloom.
Additionally, several African clawed frogs were present on the space shuttle Endeavour ( which was launched into space on September 12, 1992 ) so that scientists could test whether reproduction and development could occur normally in zero gravity.
" Additionally, an association of scientists and political leaders known as the Club of Rome published their report The Limits to Growth in 1972, and drew attention to the growing pressure on natural resources from human activities.
Additionally, his laboratory was the first in Europe to be visited by students and scientists from the United States, among whom were Benjamin Silliman and William Dandridge Peck.
Additionally, red alder is often used by scientists as a biomonitoring organism to locate areas prone to ozone pollution, as the leaves will react to the presence of high ozone levels by developing red to brown or purple discolourations.
Additionally, it helps scientists to understand how the mineralogy of Mars relates to its landforms, and it can be used to search for thermal hotspots in the Martian subsurface.
Additionally, other scientists like Schurman, Walker, and Guiot made significant contributions to functional neurosurgery.
Additionally, in 1954, the Deutsche Demokratische Republik ( DDR, German Democratic Republic ) and the Soviet Union prepared a list of scientists they wished to keep in the DDR, due to their having worked on projects related to the Soviet atomic bomb project ; this list was known as the “ A-list ”.
Additionally, it took a position at the forefront of scientific endeavor, with the establishment of several world renowned scientific schools, and as the workplace of many outstanding Russian scientists, including Academy of Sciences members E. Tarle, L. Ivanov, V. Trukhanovskiy, S. Tikhvinskiy, N. Inozemtsev, and Y. Frantsev.
Additionally, attempts are being made to make the efforts of female computer scientists more visible through events such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women conference series which allows women in the field to meet, collaborate and present their work.

Additionally and charge
Additionally, proteins can be isolated according their charge using electrofocusing.
Additionally, it is the potential difference between two points that will impart one joule of energy per coulomb of charge that passes through it.
Additionally, multiple carbon – fluorine bonds increase the strength and stability of other nearby carbon – fluorine bonds on the same geminal carbon, as the carbon has a higher positive partial charge.
Additionally, during the taping of their first LP Brian fought for, and won, the right to be in charge of the production-though his first acknowledged liner notes production credit did not come until the band's third album Surfer Girl, in 1963.
Additionally, some Welsh-language programming ( including and ) is produced by BBC Wales as part of the BBC's public service remit, and provided to S4C free of charge.
Additionally, or in replace of selling their renewable energy, sustainable home owners may choose to bank their excess energy by using it to charge batteries.
Additionally, the town's high school students may attend Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in neighboring Harwich free of charge.
Additionally, high school students may attend Cape Cod Regional Technical School in Harwich free of charge.
Additionally, the COO typically has to be a very high level leader who is comfortable not being fully in charge.
Additionally, a flat-rate toll barrier for the Ted Williams Tunnel exists on the westbound side of the turnpike between exits 26 and 25, imposing a $ 3. 50 charge for Class 1 passenger vehicles.
Additionally, after many cycles of opening and closing the camera, the small cable that connects the halves of the device may fracture, leading to a loss of hotsync ability, and eventually being unable to charge the device.
Additionally, both the $ 2, 050 Touring Coupe and the $ 3, 180 Biarritz packages included the power moon roof and Delco-BOSE stereo at no additional charge.
Additionally, the loader usually is in charge of keeping all records with regard to the film stock from when it is received until when it is sent out to the lab ; if this information is miscommunicated or missing, this too can destroy an expensive shoot.
Additionally, previous engines tried to increase the velocity and swirl of the intake charge in keeping the rich and lean mixtures separated.
Additionally, the publication is distributed free of charge on the engineering campus, and more than 1, 000 copies are sent to high school libraries across the state of Illinois.
Additionally, D ' Lo is in charge of talent development and acquisitions heading up the TNA Gut Check program.
Additionally, Susan has a more active role during the battle scene at the end of the story, being much more involved in the actual battle and is in charge of her own corps of archers.
Additionally, is in charge of all facilities, professional and clerical staff, custodians and security personnel of the House.
Additionally a commercial lender might attempt to charge a " pre-payment penalty " in order to guarantee a certain return, in the event the loan is not kept for the full term.
Additionally, Kentucky has eliminated the Allen charge through its rules of criminal procedure.
Additionally, due to the material the cannon was constructed of, and the intense heat created by the charge, the cannon had to be cooled with olive oil between shots to prevent cracking.
Additionally, he was the battle visual director, in charge of designing sequences from the game's fight.
Additionally, the United States Department of Commerce provided, free of charge, equipment for lighting the building and tower as an aid to aviation.
Additionally, the following persons are exempt from paying the charge in respect of the building or buildings in question:

Additionally and time
Additionally, heavy drinking over time has been found to have a negative effect on reproductive functioning in women.
Additionally, PWM ( pulse-width modulation ) anemometers are also used, wherein the velocity is inferred by the time length of a repeating pulse of current that brings the wire up to a specified resistance and then stops until a threshold " floor " is reached, at which time the pulse is sent again.
Additionally, in some kernels ( e. g. miscellaneous DOS variants ) is detected only at the time OS tries reading from a keyboard buffer and only if it's the only key sequence in the buffer, while is often translated instantly ( e. g. by INT 1Bh under DOS ).
Additionally the system included a new set of core with an 800 ns cycle time, faster than the original ’ s 1200 ns version.
Additionally, Italy's economy was growing rapidly at the time, facilitating the spread of literacy.
Additionally, Lemmon and Matthau had small parts in Oliver Stone's 1991 film, JFK ( the only film in which both appeared without sharing screen time ).
Additionally, few of the major eastern teams that constituted the power center of college football at the time used the pass.
Additionally, he says that the reason why many smart kids are unpopular is that they " don't have time for the activities required for popularity.
( Additionally, an example of an indirect network effect in this case is the notable similarity in user-interfaces and operability menus of most new software-since that similarity directly translates into less time spent learning new environments, therefore potentially greater acceptance and adoption of those products.
Additionally, many churches within the movement believe in a succession of living prophets ( accepted by Latter Day Saints as " prophets, seers, and revelators ") since the time of Joseph Smith.
Additionally, Flaherty insisted that the Inuit not use rifles to hunt, though their use had by that time become common.
Additionally, during Comic-Con International 2008, he took the time to speak about Machete, including such topics as: status, possible sequels after the release of Machete, and production priorities.
Additionally, if the envoys were unable to reach a unanimous decision within six weeks ( the time limit of a single session ), deliberations were declared void and all previous acts passed by that Sejm were annulled.
) Additionally, most slams enforce a time limit of three minutes ( and a grace period of ten seconds ), after which a poet's score may be docked according to how long the poem exceeded the limit.
Additionally, during grilling, the meat is exposed to the open air for the majority of the time.
Additionally, a contained reactor can only allow a small percentage of its fuel to undergo fission at any given time, otherwise it would overheat and meltdown ( or explode in a runaway fission chain reaction ).
Additionally, where clocked digital systems interface to analogue systems or systems that are driven from a different clock, the digital system can be subject to metastability where a change to the input violates the set-up time for a digital input latch.
Additionally, the plastic did not change shape over time or when it got wet.
Additionally, any time any road on which parking meters can be found is closed by the city for anything from maintenance work to public festivals, the city has to compensate the new owners for loss of revenue.
Additionally, the field has a time dependence factor that has been suppressed in the above expression.
Additionally, aerial surveillance came into use for the first time when the French used a hot-air balloon to survey Coalition positions before the Battle of Fleurus, on 26 June 1794.
Additionally, while most women in the United States have a negative view of menopause as a time of deterioration or decline, some studies seem to indicate that Asian women have an understanding of menopause that focuses on a sense of liberation, and celebrates the freedom from the risk of pregnancy.

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