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Adherents and hold
Adherents also emphasise ancestor worship and hold that the spirits of the dead live side by side with the world of the living, each family of spirits having its own female priesthood, sometimes hereditary when is from mother to blood daughter.
Adherents of the heterodox Cārvāka or Lokāyata philosophy of India hold that this world is made of four elements only.
Adherents may hold a diverse set of beliefs and claims that are ancillary to the core genealogical theory, but there are central tenets that all British Israelites follow, including Two House Theology, which is at the core of British Israelism.
Adherents of Christian Science believe that Genesis ( creation ) contains two interleaved stories of creation, one spiritual, the other material and hold that the reality of all that God made is spiritual, and not material.
Adherents believe the Christian Bible is inerrant and hold its passages to be historically accurate, including the story of Noah's Ark, and that the Bible's internal chronology, which places the Flood about 6000 years ago, is reliable.
Adherents of this ecclesiology may also affirm the continuation of the charismatic gifts in the modern church, or may hold to the concept of a " Latter Rain " outpouring of Holy Spirit gifts.
Adherents of the white supremacist theology known as Two-Seedline Christian Identity hold that white people are descendants of Adam and are hence the chosen people of God.
Adherents hold special celebration or memorial ceremonies on these occasions.

Adherents and outside
Adherents of these religions object that intercalary days are counted outside the usual seven-day week and disrupt the traditional weekly cycle.
Adherents of Islam are concerned with clothing in two contexts: clothing for everyday wear, inside and outside the house ; and clothing required in specifically religious contexts.

Adherents and knowledge
Adherents also generally believe that as humankind gains greater understanding of the world, New Thought itself will evolve to assimilate new knowledge.

Adherents and through
Adherents of libertarian socialism assert that a society based on freedom and equality can be achieved through abolishing authoritarian institutions that control certain means of production and subordinate the majority to an owning class or political and economic elite.
Adherents of libertarian socialism assert that a society based on freedom and equality can be achieved through abolishing authoritarian institutions that control certain means of production and subordinate the majority to an owning class or political and economic elite.
Adherents propose achieving this through decentralization of political and economic power, usually involving the socialization of most large-scale private property and enterprise ( while retaining respect for personal property ).
Adherents of this school of thought recommend that the best way to fight poverty is not through government spending but through economic growth.
Adherents believe Surat Shabda Yoga has been expressed through the movements of many different masters.
Adherents of the common-law view that judges " found " the law ( in the people's customs or through reason ) had to argue either that earlier courts erred in adopting the principle from Roman law ( i. e., they argued that this wasn't actually the Romans ' rule ), or that the earlier rule was narrower in scope than its wording suggested.
Adherents who go through an inter-faith marriage are often expelled from the religion.
Adherents of gas emission have carried that belief to motorcycles, bicycles and " sports " cars, while all other disk brake users from the same automotive companies have no holes through the faces of their discs, although internal radial air passages are used.
Adherents believe that salvation is through unity with the ‘ living one ’ by being united with the identity of Yashua Jesus.

Adherents and such
Adherents of British Israelism claim that earlier sources exist, such as ancient or medieval manuscripts, but these are disputed.
Adherents may choose simple living for a variety of personal reasons, such as spirituality, health, increase in " quality time " for family and friends, work – life balance, personal taste, frugality, or reducing personal ecological footprint and stress.
Adherents of catch and release dispute this charge, pointing out that fish commonly feed on hard and spiky prey items, and as such can be expected to have tough mouths, and also that some fish will re-take a lure they have just been hooked on, a behaviour that is unlikely if hooking were painful.
Adherents engage in ethical practices such as prayer, veneration of ancestors, nonviolence, and vegetarianism with the minimum goal of rejoining God the Father in Heaven and the ultimate goal of freedom from the cycle of birth and death.
Adherents of this assessment deem such stories fakelore
Adherents generally adhere to strict dress codes such as uncut hair, no cosmetics, the wearing of ankle-length dresses with pantyhose for women, and short hair and long-sleeved shirts for men.
" Adherents of the monistic schools ( such as Advaita Vedanta ) worship multiple forms of God as emanations from the ultimately formless Brahman, whereas followers of the bhakti traditions may worship a particular form or Avatar of Vishnu, Shiva or Ganesha as the Supreme God ( Ishvara ) in the dualistic sense.
Adherents to the ideals of miyabi strove to rid the world of crude forms or aesthetics and emotions that were common in artworks of the period, such as those contained in the Man ' yōshū, the oldest extant collection of Japanese poetry.
Adherents of the Sunni denomination of Islam are concentrated in the suburb of Lakemba and surrounding areas such as Punchbowl, Wiley Park, Bankstown and Auburn.
Adherents included the famous Chief Joseph and his Nez Perce followers as well as Native people from other tribes in the region, such as the Wanapum.

Adherents and nature
Adherents of the Ascended Master Teachings believe that each person is an incarnation of an " Individualized Presence " of the " Most High Living God " — the " Mighty I AM Presence " — as part of humans ' very nature and being.

Adherents and God
Adherents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS ), commonly called Mormons, believe that founder Joseph Smith, Jr., was a prophet of God, chosen to restore the primitive, apostolic church established by Jesus, now " in its fullness ", rather than to reform the church or priesthood, which had ceased to exist in any substantial or authoritative sense shortly after the end of the apostolic age and before the First Council of Nicaea in 325.
Adherents say that God the Father resolves this problem by sending His Son, who is sinless and indestructibly perfect in character, to lead a perfect life and sacrifice himself for the sins of mankind.

Adherents and ),
Adherents. com estimates that there are roughly one million pagans worldwide ( as of 2000 ), including " Wicca, Magick, Druidism, Asatru, neo-Native American religion and others ".
Adherents of these religions insist that they would have to continue observing their holy days every seventh day, causing the worship days to drift by one day each year ( two on a leap year ), relative to The World Calendar week.
Adherents call themselves Dievturi ( singular Dievturis ), literally " Dievs keepers ", " people who live in harmony with Dievs ".
Adherents are most likely found among the dominant ethnic Bamar ( or Burmans ), Shan, Rakhine ( Arakanese ), Mon, Karen, and Chinese who are well integrated into Burmese society.

Adherents and is
Adherents of the Goddess Spirituality movement typically envision a history-or " herstory "-of the world that is different from traditional narratives about the past, emphasising the role of women rather than that of men.
Adherents of Stepanich's Faery Wicca claim that it recovers the traditions of the Tuatha De Danaan, the mythological precursors to the Celtic people ; however, this is disputed by those familiar with ancient Celtic polytheism and mythology.
Adherents believe in a single god, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, who is defined as the creator and caring parent of all mankind.
Adherents of source criticism suggest that references to a woman called Ahinoam being Saul's wife belong to the account of the republican source of the Books of Samuel, while in the passages ascribed to the monarchial source, the only mention of a woman called Ahinoam is the description of her as a wife of David.
Adherents to TT maintain it is the smallest practical scale, especially for those who like to build models from scratch.
Adherents of Marxian economics, particularly in academia, distinguish it from Marxism as a political ideology and sociological theory, arguing that Marx's approach to understanding the economy is intellectually independent of his advocacy of revolutionary socialism or his support of proletarian revolution.
Adherents believe this Sound Current cannot be heard by the uninitiated ; it is made manifest at the time of initiation.
Adherents of mandatory sentencing believe that it reduces crime, is fair for any criminals and ensures uniformity in sentencing.
In " Memoirs of the Pretenders and their Adherents " by John Heenage Jesse ( 1846 ) the family name is spelled " Dalziel ", as it deals with " Robert Dalziel ", the 5th Earl or Carnwath.
Adherents of naturalism ( naturalists ) assert that natural laws are the rules that govern the structure and behavior of the natural universe, that the universe is a product of these laws.
Adherents of the Shi ' a denomination of Islam is centred in the St George region of Sydney, Campbelltown, Fairfield, also Auburn and Liverpool, with the al-Zahra Mosque being built at Arncliffe in 1983, However there are also a small number of adherents to the Ahmadiyya sect.
Adherents of a living Constitution method are often accused of " reading rights " into the Constitution ; that is, they are accused of claiming that the Constitution implies rights found nowhere in the constitutional text.

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