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Adjudicator and three
On one of these raids to the Coruscant system, the Star Destroyer Liberator ( formerly the HIMS Adjudicator, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer captured at the Battle of Endor and, over a five-year period, repaired and beefed-up for covert missions ) its sister ship, the Emancipator ( originally the Accuser ), three Star Destroyers demanded novel and unusual codes for clearance.

Adjudicator and her
It was revealed that Roz had killed her former Adjudicator partner, Fenn Martle, when she discovered he had been taking bribes.

Adjudicator and decision
Any party aggrieved by the decision of an Adjudicator may appeal on a point of law to the Court of First Instance.

Adjudicator and was
He was a Deputy Circuit Judge and a Part Time Immigration and Political Asylum Adjudicator.
After leaving St. Anne's, Deech was appointed the first Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education from 2004 to 2008, dealing with the resolution of student complaints at all UK universities.
On 1 October 2008, the position of the Company Names Adjudicator was introduced under the Companies Act 2006.
Mark Dowling was Chief Adjudicator of the National Law Debates in Galway in 2001.
Emma Kerins was Deputy Chief Adjudicator of Aberystwyth 2009.
Adjudicators are the police force of 30th century Earth ( which was at that time divided into the Overcity and the Undercity ) and its extended empire ( in the serial Colony in Space The Master posed as an Adjudicator ).

Adjudicator and by
The scoring of teams is done by judges, most of whom are students or former students from the competing institutions, who return ballots with their scores to the adjudication team, led by a Chief Adjudicator who is assisted by one or more deputies.
* Adjudicator for an international ethonmusicology research competition ( Premio internazionale Latina di studi musicali ), sponsored by Campus Internazionale di Musica Associazione Circe-Eurora, Latina, Italy ( September 27 – 29, 1990 )
Disputed applications to Land Registry are determined by the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry, an independent office created by the Land Registration Act 2002.

Adjudicator and University
Mike Ryan ( Octo-final University of Melbourne 1993 ) Colm O ' Cinneide ( Semi-final Ateneo de Manila University 1999 ) and Colm Flynn ( Deputy-Chief Adjudicator, Public Speaking Final and Grand Final Judge at Stellenbosch University 2003, Comedy Final, ESL Final, Masters Final and Main Qtr Final Judge at University of Toronto in 2002, EFL Final and Main Qtr Final Judge at University College Cork in 2009.

Adjudicator and on
Black Bolt and the Inhumans attempt to destroy a being called the Adjudicator, who is intent on conquering Earth.

Adjudicator and has
** Colm Flynn has acted as chief adjudicator at a number of external IVs including Oxford 2002 and Cork 2001 and Deputy Chief Adjudicator at Cambridge 2002 and WUPID ( World Universities Peace Invitational Debate in Malaysia ) 2007 & 2011.
Earth has agreed to send a real Adjudicator to Uxarieus, and Caldwell has decided to join the colonists.

Adjudicator and criminal
It is also available for some statutory tribunals, such as the Immigration Appeal Adjudicator and the Social Security Commissioners. There is a separate system of criminal legal aid, and legal aid is also available for legal advice.

Adjudicator and is
An Adjudicator from Earth is sent for to deal with the complex claims over the planet-and when he arrives it turns out to be the Master.

Adjudicator and .
* CA, abbreviation for Chief Adjudicator in debating.
However in 2004 the Higher Education Act transferred the jurisdiction of the Visitor over student complaints in English and Welsh universities to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.
In addition, Pagtakhan serves as a Public Adjudicator of the Prairie Regional Panel of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, Governor of the Canadian International Peace Project and Chair of the Manitoba Liberal Party's Election Readiness Committee.
If this fails to resolve the issue such complaints can be referred to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.
There are eight Adjudicators, including a Principal Adjudicator.

Eric and found
Ronnie Hunt said he was paid £ 6, and found the experience frustrating as Eric Spear insisted on many takes before obtaining the sound that he wanted.
Eric Brymer also found that the potential of various extraordinary human experiences, many of which parallel those found in activities such as meditation, was an important part of the extreme sport experience.
During a search of Gill's home, police found a letter praising the actions of Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and a CD titled " Shooting sprees ain't no fun without Ozzy and friends LOL ".
With fellow Pythons already aware of his sexual orientation, Eric Idle replied, " We've found out who it was and we've had him shot.
The game again sparked controversy throughout a period of school shootings in the United States when it was found that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who committed the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, were avid players of the game.
The death of the deposed and imprisoned king Eric XIV in 1577 is usually said to have come from eating a bowl of poisoned pea soup ; a 20th century investigation of his remains indeed found traces of arsenic, and there is historical evidence that his brother John intended to poison him, but the tradition about the pea soup as a vessel for the poison has been found impossible to confirm.
* Around the same time, in the calf brain, Rabi Simantov and Solomon H. Snyder of the United States found what Eric Simon ( who independently discovered opioid receptors in the brain ) later termed " endorphin " by an abbreviation of " endogenous morphine ", meaning " morphine produced naturally in the body ".
At this propitious time, Haakon returned to Norway, found a nobility eager to accept him as king instead and ousted Eric, who fled to Britain.
Psychiatrists Eric Bui and Rachel Rodgers have argued that the character meets six of the nine diagnostic criteria ; Bui also found Anakin a useful example to explain BPD to medical students.
Embraced by New York jazz leaders like Eric Dolphy, who reportedly called him the best player he'd ever seen, Ayler found respect and an audience.
Following the breakup of The Patty Duke Syndrome, Adams went on to found Whiskeytown with Caitlin Cary, Eric " Skillet " Gilmore, Steve Grothmann and Phil Wandscher.
Thin Lizzy were founded one night in late December 1969 in Dublin, Ireland, when Belfast guitarist Eric Bell met up with organist Eric Wrixon in a pub and found that they shared an ambition to form a group.
While the members of rock bands of the era were not technically singer-songwriters as solo acts, many were singer-songwriters who created songs with other band members including Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir, Elton John ( with Bernie Taupin ), Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Robbie Robertson, Ian Anderson, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Peter Frampton ; Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and many others like Eric Clapton found success as singer-songwriters in their later careers.
American film critic Roger Ebert complimented Bana, stating that " in a comedian named Eric Bana the filmmakers have found, I think, a future star ...
Many people were involved in the production, most notably: Nicholas Negroponte, founder and director of the Architecture Machine Group, who found support for the project from the Cybernetics Technology Office of DARPA ; Andrew Lippman, principal investigator ; Bob Mohl, who designed the map overlay system and ran user studies of the efficacy of the system for his PhD thesis ; Richard Leacock ( Ricky ), who headed the MIT Film / Video section and shot along with MS student Marek Zalewski the Cinéma vérité interviews placed behind the facades of key buildings ; John Borden, of Peace River Films in Cambridge, MA, who designed the stabilization rig ; Kristina Hooper of UCSC ; Rebecca Allen ; Scott Fisher, who matched the photos of Aspen in the silver-mining days from the historical society to the same scenes in Aspen in 1978 and who experiment with anamorphic imaging of the city ( using a Volpe lens ); Walter Bender, who designed and built the interface, the client / server model, and the animation system ; Steve Gregory ; Stan Sasaki, who built much of the electronics ; Steve Yelick, who worked on the laserdisc interface and anamorphic rendering ; Eric " Smokehouse " Brown, who built the metadata encoder / decoder ; Paul Heckbert worked on the animation system ; Mark Shirley and Paul Trevithick, who also worked on the animation ; Ken Carson ; Howard Eglowstein ; and Michael Naimark, who was at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies and was responsible for the cinematography design and production.
A picture of one can be found on page 95 in a book called " Caterpillar Chronicle " by Eric Orlemann.
A set for UK Decca Records the following year found him in the company of Muddy Waters and Eric Clapton, and a 1964 album for Prestige followed where Spann shared vocal duties with bandmate James Cotton.
He found a valuable ally in Eric Sawyer, of the Littlewoods pools organisation, who joined the board at the time and shared Shankly's vision of Liverpool as the best club in England.
She claimed to have found his alleged father, Eric Wagner, dead of a heart attack on the road outside, and Kurt's mother lying next to the baby dying.
A 2006 review, conducted by Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and Dr. Eric B. Rimm, of the risks and benefits of fish consumption found that for adults the benefits of one to two servings of fish per week outweigh the risks, even ( except for a few fish species ) for women of childbearing age, and that avoidance of fish consumption could result in significant excess coronary heart disease deaths and suboptimal neural development in children.
The group found a new management team in Coalition Entertainment ( Rob Lanni & Eric Lawrence with Sarah Parham ) in 1996.
Forth's speciality was the filibuster: as Labour MPs found themselves often required to remain in Parliament past midnight, they called him " Bloody Eric Forth " ( a reaction Forth welcomed ).

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