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Adolf and Frederick
This was the outcome of the Russo-Swedish War from 1741 to 1743 where the Russian Empress made the imposition of her relative Adolf Frederick as the heir to the Swedish Throne, to succeed Frederick I who lacked legitimate issue, as a peace condition.
* Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden, the Goths and the Wends
* February 12 – King Adolf Frederick of Sweden ( b. 1710 )
** Upon his death, Frederick I of Sweden is succeeded as king by Adolf Frederick.
* May 14 – King Adolf Frederick of Sweden ( d. 1771 )
The conquerors – King Frederick II, Duke Adolf, and Duke John II the Elder – divided Dithmarschen into two parts: the south became a part of Holstein in personal union with Denmark while the north came into the possession of the other Duke of Holstein.
He was the second son of King Adolf Frederick of Sweden and Louisa Ulrika of Prussia, sister of Frederick II of Prussia.
Reportedly he was not very close to his mother ; the Queen preferred her youngest children, Sophie Albertine and Frederick Adolf.
Adolf Frederick or Adolph Frederick (, ; Gottorp, 14 May 1710 – Stockholm, 12 February 1771 ) was King of Sweden from 1751 until his death.
The rule of the Riksdag was not to prevail again until after World War I, when universal and equal suffrage was also instated ( although under Adolf Frederick a minor number of women have had the vote ).
On his mother's side, Adolf Frederick descended from king Gustav I of Sweden and from Christina Magdalena, a sister of Charles X of Sweden.
From 1727 to 1750 prince Adolf Frederick was prince-bishop of Lübeck ( which meant the rulership of a fief around and including Eutin ), and administrator of Holstein-Kiel during the minority of his nephew, Duke Charles Peter Ulrich, afterwards Peter III of Russia.
During his twenty-year reign Adolf Frederick was little more than a figurehead, the real power being lodged in the hands of the Parliament of Sweden, often distracted by party strife.
# Frederick Adolf ( 1750 – 1803 )
simple: Adolf Frederick of Sweden
A little later Adolf intervened in war-torn Thuringia, where fighting had erupted between Landgrave Albert the Degenerate and his sons Frederick and Dietrich IV of Lusatia.
The report, compiled by Frederick L. Coolidge and Daniel L. Segal ( with the assistance of a South Korean psychiatrist considered an expert on Kim Jong-il's behavior ), concluded that the " big six " group of personality disorders shared by dictators Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Saddam Hussein ( sadistic, paranoid, antisocial, narcissistic, schizoid and schizotypal ) were also shared by Kim Jong-il — coinciding primarily with the profile of Saddam Hussein.
Up until Adolf Frederick, the motto for every regent had been in Latin and Swedish ( or, as in the case of Gustav II Adolf, in German ).
Adolf, the third son of Duke and King Frederick I and the second youngest half-brother of King Christian III, founded the dynastic branch called House of Holstein-Gottorp, which is a cadet branch of the then royal Danish House of Oldenburg.

Adolf and was
This conference was held despite Stavropoulos' assurance to Adolf Berle, who was leaving the same day for Puerto Rico, that nothing would be done until his return on January 22, except that the Secretary General would probably order the list destroyed.
On January 24 Paul Bang-Jensen, accompanied by Adolf Berle, was met by Dragoslav Protitch and Colonel Frank Begley, former Police Chief of Farmington, Conn., and now head of U.N. special police.
The German Workers ' Party was the precedent to the Nazi Party, and Drexler served as mentor to Adolf Hitler during his early days in politics.
In his later life, Steiner was accused by the Nazis of being a Jew, and Adolf Hitler labelled Anthroposophy " Jewish methods.
Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess was kept under escort at Maindiff Court Military Hospital during the Second World War, after his flight to Britain.
Adolf Hitler, meanwhile, was almost killed by his own officers, and survived various attempts by other persons and organizations ( such as Operation Foxley, though this plan was never put into practice ).
* Hermann Fegelein SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler's Adjutant and Adolf Hitler's brother in law was a great admirer of his birthplace, Ansbach.
Behrens was a founding member of the Werkbund, and both Walter Gropius and Adolf Meier worked for him in this period.
Adolf Hitler's correspondence with his economists also reveals that his intent was to wage war in 1943 – 1945 when the resources of central Europe had been absorbed into the Third Reich.
Deeply disturbed by the surge of militaristic nationalism in 1930s world politics, Chaplin found that he could not keep these issues out of his work: " How could I throw myself into feminine whimsy or think of romance or the problems of love when madness was being stirred up by a hideous grotesque, Adolf Hitler?
The only execution in Israeli history occurred in 1961, when Adolf Eichmann, one of the principal organizers of the Holocaust, was put to death after his trial in Jerusalem.
She then studied for two years with the painter Francis Adolf Van der Wielen, who offered lessons in perspective and drawing from casts during the time that the new Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts was under construction.
One of the most notorious propaganda films is Leni Riefenstahl's film Triumph of the Will ( 1935 ), which chronicled the 1934 Nazi Party Congress and was commissioned by Adolf Hitler.
It was set up, not by the traditional German Army, but by the Nazi Party on the orders of Adolf Hitler on October 18, 1944.
Adolf Ditlev Jørgensen explains that it was Bishop Theoderich who carried the flag, planted outside his tent ; thus as an already well-known symbol of the Knights Hospitaller in Livonia, the enemy thought this was the King's symbol and mistakenly stormed Bishop Theoderich tent.
In November, 1917, one of his outstanding students and later a noted philosophy professor in his own right, Adolf Reinach, was killed in the war while serving in Flanders.
Its most infamous proponent and practitioner was, however, Adolf Hitler who praised and incorporated eugenic ideas in Mein Kampf and emulated Eugenic legislation for the sterilization of " defectives " that had been pioneered in the United States.
His regime was maintained through the Stresa Front until Adolf Hitler's annexing of Austria in 1938.
Dollfuss was concerned that with German National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933, the Austrian National Socialists ( DNSAP ) could gain a significant minority in future elections ( according to fascism scholar Stanley G. Payne, should elections have been held in 1933, the DNSAP could have mustered about 25 % of the votes-contemporary TIME analysts suggests a higher support of 50 %, with a 75 % approval rate in the Tyrol region bordering Nazi Germany ).
Heinrich Himmler was the chief architect of the plan, and the German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler termed it " the final solution of the Jewish question " ().
" The distinction was evident during the Nuremberg trials, when Dieter Wisliceny ( a deputy to Adolf Eichmann ) was asked to name the extermination camps, and he identified Auschwitz and Majdanek as such.

Adolf and also
The defeat and death of Adolf of Nassau at the hands of Albert of Habsburg also worked to the disadvantage of the English, for all the efforts to revive the anti-French coalition came to nothing when Philip made an alliance with the new king of the Romans.
Media reports also exposed crimes committed by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet regime, such as the gulags, his treaty with Adolf Hitler, and the Great Purges, which had been ignored by the official media.
Fantastic stories ( supposedly believed as factual within fringe circles ) have also circulated that Adolf Hitler and some of his followers escaped to hollow lands within the Earth after World War II via an entrance in Antarctica.
Most well known of the nation balls ( as opposed to balls organized by student unions ) is the ball hosted by Göteborgs Nation-called the " Gustaf II Adolf Ball " ( also known as the " GA-Ball ").
From this line came the House of Limburg-Stirum and also Imagina of Isenburg-Limburg, German King Adolf ’ s wife.
Rodolphe Bresdin and Jean-François Millet also continued to practice the medium in France, and Adolf Menzel in Germany.
Left-wing journalists outed Adolf Hitler's closest ally Ernst Röhm in the early 1930s, causing Brand to write, " when someone — as teacher, priest, representative, or statesman — would like to set in the most damaging way the intimate love contacts of others under degrading control — in that moment his own love-life also ceases to be a private matter and forfeits every claim to remain protected hence-forward from public scrutiny and suspicious oversight.
Inspired in part by the 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann, his models were later also used to explain the 1968 My Lai Massacre ( including authority training in the military, depersonalizing the " enemy " through racial and cultural differences, etc .).
He also wrote a novel Puckoon, and a series of war memoirs, including Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall ( 1971 ), " Rommel?
** The Holocaust, also known as The Shoah ( Hebrew:, Latinized ha ' shoah ; Yiddish:, Latinized churben or hurban ) is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, a program of systematic state-sponsored extermination by Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, its allies, and collaborators.
His teacher Gustav Adolf Leo Sachse ( 5 November 1843 – 1 September 1909 ), who was also a poet, played the most important role in determining Frege's future scientific career, encouraging him to continue his studies at the University of Jena.
Adolf Hitler was also concerned that Röhm and the SA had the power to remove him as leader.
Notorious Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann also spent his youth in Linz.
The Beer Hall Putsch ( also known as the Munich Putsch or ) was a failed attempt at revolution that occurred between the evening of 8 November and the early afternoon of 9 November 1923, when Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff, and other heads of the Kampfbund unsuccessfully tried to seize power in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
Although the book is unabashedly sentimental, it also depicts the sweeping social changes that Chips experiences throughout his life: he begins his tenure at Brookfield in 1870, as the Franco-Prussian War is breaking out and lies on his deathbed shortly after Adolf Hitler's rise to power.
He is also shown serving in both the European Theater and Pacific Theater, as well as witnessing many historical events and personally encountering Adolf Hitler.
Hermann Jellinek ( brother of Adolf Jellinek ) also wrote a book entitled Uriel Acosta.
See also Adolf of Germany
The city was also the site of a World War I German awards ceremony in August 1918, in which Adolf Hitler was presented the Iron Cross ( First Class ) on recommendation from his superior officer, a Jewish Lieutenant named Hugo Gutmann.
It has also been claimed that Adolf Hitler himself was a member.
From the period of Nazi power beginning in 1933, Adolf Hitler's political goals for Germany also included the accumulation of Lebensraum (" Living space ") for the Germanic " race " and the destruction of Communism.
The decade also saw Sedona cast in her most historically significant movie role, as the promised land of milk and honey in Der Kaiser von Kalifornien, a Nazi western designed to validate Adolf Hitler ’ s schemes of territorial expansion to the people of Germany.
Jung also made reference to contents of this category of the unconscious psyche as being similar to Levy-Bruhl's use of collective representations or " représentations collectives ," Mythological " motifs ," Hubert and Mauss's " categories of the imagination ," and Adolf Bastian's " primordial thoughts.

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