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Affectionately and has
He is Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth I. Affectionately known to the Queen as " Melchy ", the earnest Lord Melchett has set himself up as her closest personal advisor and is always close to her.
Affectionately, she calls Kingston “ Little Dog ,” an endearment she has not called her for years.
Affectionately called LIDS, the laboratory has hosted several luminaries over the years, such as Claude Shannon and David Forney.
Affectionately known as Il Vecchio Maestro ( The Old Master ) and described as both an Anglophile and authoritarian, Pozzo's time as national coach coincided with the period in which Benito Mussolini governed Italy and it has been written that Pozzo was a beneficiary of that era in that he was able to command a type of control over players not permissible in the aftermath of that time.

Affectionately and at
Affectionately known as " The Fridge ", Friedgen was previously an offensive coordinator at Maryland, Georgia Tech, and in the National Football League with the San Diego Chargers.
Affectionately known as " Monz ," he had a 48-year tenure at Saint Charles, from 1950 until his retirement in 1998.
Affectionately called " Korean nation's little sister ," Moon started modeling at the age of 12 and appeared in the documentary film On the Way ( 1999 ) the following year.

Affectionately and other
Affectionately referred to as " La Binoche " by the French press, her other notable performances include: Mauvais Sang ( 1986 ), Les Amants du Pont-Neuf ( 1991 ), Damage ( 1992 ), The Horseman on the Roof ( 1995 ), Code Unknown ( 2000 ), Caché ( 2005 ), Breaking and Entering ( 2006 ) and Flight of the Red Balloon ( 2007 ).
Affectionately known as " Dead Fred ", the portrait is taken by fraternity members to Centre football and basketball games and other events.

Affectionately and well
Affectionately known as " Foth " as well as " Dr. Foth ", he dubbed himself " the Great Gatheringfroth " and coined some well-known terms in BC political history:

Affectionately and when
Affectionately dubbed the ' bomber ' light, it was taken down during the war years when locals feared that a bomb may be dropped, sending a shower of glass onto theatre patrons below.

Affectionately and Radio
* Radio 4 programme " Affectionately Dudley ", 2006

Affectionately and for
Affectionately nicknaming him " Bertunot ", he commissioned Bertone to create complete car bodies, above all for the limited series that the companies of the day were not always equipped to manufacture.
Affectionately nicknamed ' Uncle Bill ' by the men of the expedition, Wilson was the confidant of many, respected for his judgement, mediatory skills and dedication to others.
Affectionately known to local consumers as the " School ", it was for many years the only television and radio provider in Turkey.
Affectionately known as " Mr. New Year's Day ," Nelson subsequently did the play-by-play of the Cotton Bowl Classic for 26 seasons on CBS television, where he earned widespread recognition for his Tennessee drawl and signature opening greeting: " Happy New Year ; this is Lindsey Nelson in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.
Affectionately called by her Polish name, " Justyna ", she lived in Ukraine for a year, but spent most of her childhood in the village of Wożuczyn near Zamość, Poland.
Affectionately known to Boro fans as " Mogga ", Mowbray became a legend in Middlesbrough for being a local lad who led the club from liquidation back into the top league of English football within two seasons.
Affectionately called Yukarin by her fans, she is also known for her high-pitched voice and interest in Lolita fashion.
Affectionately known as Gon, Nakayama is a fan favorite among many casual Japanese football fans for his outspoken and humorous nature.
Affectionately known as " Wee Daniel ", O ' Donnell is a prominent ambassador for his home county of Donegal.

Affectionately and him
Affectionately known as her " Boar " or her " Turk ," discord arose between them, and on 1 July, Oxford bolted to the continent without permission, travelling to Calais with Lord Edward Seymour, and then to Flanders, ' carrying a great sum of money with him '.
Affectionately giving the Doctor the nickname of " Professor ", she is convinced that the Doctor needs her to watch his back, and protects him with a fierce loyalty.

Affectionately and on
Affectionately called Zacke ( spike ) by the residents of Stuttgart, the line was opened on 23 August 1884.

Affectionately and .
Affectionately referred to as " The Mountain " by its residents, there are a number of roads or " mountain accesses " that join the urban core below with the suburban expansion above.
Affectionately known as " Mr. Cowboy ," his name was the first inscribed in the " Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor ", above Texas Stadium and the current Cowboys Stadium.
Affectionately dubbed the " OSH " by its residents.
Affectionately referred to as " The Arb " or " The Arbo ", Lincoln Arboretum is to the east of the City and retains its line of sight up the hill to the nearby Lincoln Cathedral.
Affectionately referred to as " The Arb ", the Nottingham Arboretum it also gives its name to the residential area-in which it lies-of the City of Nottingham, England.
Affectionately known as " Cardy ", he was the first Standardbred to win US $ 1 million in prize money in North America.
In the latter category, Henry Gibbs ' Affectionately Yours, Fanny: Fanny Kemble and the Theatre was published in eight editions in English between 1945 and 1947.
Affectionately remembered by alumni as " Jenny Wren ," she laid the foundations of a modern library.
Affectionately known as " Bogyoke " ( General ), Aung San is still widely admired by the Burmese people, and his name is still invoked in Burmese politics to this day.
Affectionately known as Gurudeva, he was born in California in 1927 as Robert Hansen.
Affectionately known as the " Seventhsu " or simply " 7th Sukairain " by owners, due to it being the 7th-generation Skyline.

embracing and portrayals
While in Berlin, he purchased the cartoons of French artists Honoré Daumier and Paul Gavarni ( although it is not known if their separate portrayals of Macaire were familiar to him )— among these drawings was one showing notabilities embracing one another while picking each other's pockets, which shows similarities with Caragiale's own take on society.

embracing and has
To embrace the absurd implies embracing all that the unreasonable world has to offer.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic paid attention to the attempts of Simon in embracing his classic folk sound with Eno's electronic textures, and wrote that " Simon doesn't achieve his comeback by reconnecting with the sound and spirit of his classic work ; he has achieved it by being as restless and ambitious as he was at his popular and creative peak, which makes Surprise all the more remarkable.
Sly has been deeply moved by his dream, and the play ends with him condemning the subjugation of women and embracing his wife.
Since that nadir, the League Cup has recovered somewhat, embracing the ' youth ' football ethic, and maintaining its niche as an early season trophy.
But the mind's appeal to the past, he said, deprives human beings of the ability to live authentically in the present, causing them to repress genuine emotions and to shut themselves off from joyful experiences that arise naturally when embracing the present moment: " The mind has no inherent capacity for joy.
It has a wide range in summer, embracing practically the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean countries, part of northern Asia and also North America.
Its former characteristic, according to some slightly neo-liberal, criticism of the labour laws has changed towards conserving the Swedish model and a careful embracing of balance on the labour market.
Only after BT changed its most senior management who were fixated on circuit switching / ISDN based on System X / Y telephone exchanges and embracing broadband / internet lock stock and barrel has this changed.
" She notes that the " 1980s generation " of post-punk indie rockers " has lately in the 2000s been taken down by younger " poptimists ," who argue that lovers of underground rock are elitists for not embracing the more multicultural mainstream ".
Ramat Beit Shemesh has a large Orthodox population embracing many different streams of religious practice.
Three members of the Board of Censors testified that they objected to the picture because it depicts ( 1 ) a white man retaining his love for a woman after learning that she is a Negro, ( 2 ) a white man kissing and embracing a Negro woman, ( 3 ) two white ruffians assaulting Pinky after she has told them she is colored.
Traditionalist conservative columnist and author Peter Hitchens has written that, " Mr Cameron has abandoned the last significant difference between his party and the established left ", by embracing social liberalism and has dubbed the party under his leadership " Blue Labour ", a pun on New Labour.
( However, the term has also been used by those embracing both anarchism and syndicalism, such as authors Graham Purchase and Jeff Shantz ).
Critical reaction to the film has been mixed, with some embracing its eccentricity and others deriding it.
In order to provide favorable academic environment, BUPT has established a complete campus network embracing the library, staff rooms, research centers, dormitories etc.
Nuno Crato, a Portuguese university professor, researcher, mathematician, economist, and writer who has been appointed president of both the Portuguese Mathematical Society and Taguspark, studied for a while at the Faculdade de Ciências before changing his mind and graduate at the ISEG-Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão / Technical University of Lisbon, embracing a notable academic career.
Kate is torn between fitting in and embracing the Wiccan path ; Annie tries to reconcile her scientific, rational thinking with her new-found intuitive, emotional faith, as well as coming to terms with her parents ' deaths years before ; the headstrong and independent Cooper has trouble adjusting to both the unpredictability of magic and the novelty of intense friendship.
Some have found that the work's embracing of human mortality has been expressed with tremendous clarity.
From the outset, the WOMAD name has reflected the festival ’ s idea ; to be embracing but non-definitive, inspiring and outward looking ; and more than anything, enthusiastic about a world that has no boundaries in its ability to communicate through music and movement.
ASB has a reputation for innovation and embracing new technologies.
The UM has therefore been characterized as an attempt by Mosley to start again in his political life by embracing more democratic and international policies than those with which he had previously been associated.

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