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Afghan and Head
* Qadria Yazdanparast ( Law Expert, Legal Adviser, Human Rights Activist, Former member of Afghan Parliament, Former Head of Afghan Women High Association )
This was changed, stating that the Head of the Afghan Government was the Prime Minister, and that the government consisted of its Ministers.

Afghan and Office
In 2009, a nationwide survey conducted by the Afghan Central Statistics Office ( CSO ) estimated that the total number of Afghans living inside Afghanistan was about 24. 5 million and by 2011 it reached 26 million.
Information Department at the Foreign Office commissioned the Central Office of Information to produce a series of films about the Afghan refugee problem and related matters.
President Reagan meeting with Afghan Mujahideen leaders in the Oval Office in 1983
At the India Office he was forced to deal with the Second Afghan War in 1878, aimed at restoring British influence in Afghanistan.
When he brought to the attention of the War Office the poor mail arrangements reported in The Times during the second Afghan War ( 1878 – 80 ).
The Official Names of the Battles and other Engagements fought by the Military Forces of the British Empire during the Great War, 1914 – 1919, and the Third Afghan War 1919 .. His Majesty's Stationery Office, London.

Afghan and depicts
* Charlie Wilson's War, a Golden Globe Award and Oscar-nominated Universal Pictures film released in December 2007, depicts early U. S. efforts to provide military support to the Afghan mujahideen following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
His 2002 film In This World depicts the harrowing journey of two Afghan refugees from Pakistan, across the Middle East and Europe to Britain which they try to enter with the help of people smugglers.

Afghan and line
In the agreement, the relations between the British Indian and Afghan governments, as previously arranged, were confirmed ; and an understanding was reached upon the important and difficult subject of the border line of Afghanistan on the east, towards India.
He served for 77 days on the front line in the Afghan War, although he was pulled out following publication of the story in an Australian magazine.
The British refused to concede Afghan control over the tribes on the British side of the line while the Afghans insisted on it.
The Afghan government expects to have the rail line extended to Kabul and then to the eastern border town of Torkham, connecting with Pakistan Railways.
As a result of this violation, the Afghan government declared that it recognized " neither the imaginary Durand nor any similar line " and that all previous Durand Line agreements were void.
As a result of this violation, the Afghan government declared that it recognized " neither the imaginary Durand nor any similar line " and that all previous Durand Line agreements were void.
During Operation Cyclone, the ISI with full support / funding from the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) and the White House in the United States recruited huge numbers of mujahideen militant groups on the Pakistani side of the Durand line to cross into Afghanistan's territory for missions to destroy the Soviet-backed Afghan government.
After the collapse of the pro-Soviet Afghan government in 1992, Pakistan being well aware of its Durand Line Agreement violation ( specifically article 2 where it mentions " The Government of India ( Pakistan ) < u > will at no time exercise interference </ u > in the territories lying beyond this line on the side of Afghanistan ") created a puppet state in Afghanistan run by the Taliban.
The service ended when the train line was extended to Alice Springs in 1929 ; that train is called " the Ghan ", a shortened version of " Afghan Express ", and its logo is camel and rider, in honor of the " Afghan cameleers " who pioneered the route.
Sixty percent of the Afghan population is Pakhtun ( Pathan ) and Afghanistan has steadfastly refused to accept the old Afghan-British Durand line of 1893 as a suitable permanent boundary between the Pathans of Afghanistan and of Pakistan, while Pakistan refused to draw a new frontier.
It is stated that Russia is making movements in the direction of Herat, and intends not only to extend the railway from Merv into the Kushk Valley, but also to build a line from Charjui along the Oxus to Karki, close to the Afghan frontier.
During the Afghan Civil War, the front line between Taliban and opposition forces often fell between Badghis and Faryab provinces in the mid-1990s.
# That Britain may not seek concessions “ beyond a line starting from Qasr-e Shirin, passing through Isfahan, Yezd ( Yazd ), Kakhk, and ending at a point on the Persian frontier at the intersection of the Russian and Afghan frontiers .”
By this time the troops were exposed to the heat of the day ; nevertheless, after another barrage was called down, the Sikhs attacked the Afghan line despite the heat and the attack was carried to the top of the ridge.
During the second Afghan War ( 1878 – 80 ) between Britain and Afghanistan, a new urgency was needed to construct a Railway line up to Quetta in order to get easier access to the frontier.
Oodnadatta became the terminus of the Great Northern Railway in 1890, and remained so until the line, which then became known as the Ghan in honour of the Afghan cameleers, was extended to Alice Springs in 1929.
The Afghan New Beginnings Programme aims to disarm, demobilise and reintegrate thousands of combatants from the Afghan Militia Forces and provide them opportunities to join the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police or an alternative line of work.
' In the line chart below is the list of members of the current Afghan Cabinet ( 2009 – 2014 ).
A 75-kilometer stretch of railway line connecting the Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif to the country's bustling northern border with Uzbekistan opened in December 2011, reducing trade bottlenecks, boosting commerce, and speeding the flow of much-needed humanitarian assistance.
During the Second Afghan War in 1878 his influence over the tribesmen was of the utmost importance, since it enabled him to keep intact the line of communications with Kandahar, and to control the tribes after the British disaster at Maiwand.

Afghan and on
Afghan Turkestan is a region in northern Afghanistan, on the border with the former Soviet republics of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
He defeated the Rohillas and Afghan garrisons in Punjab and succeeded in ousting Timur Shah and his court from India and brought Lahore, Multan, Kashmir and other subahs on the Indian side of Attock under Maratha rule.
The Afghan Ministry of Communications signed a $ 64. 5 agreement in 2006 with China's ZTE on the establishment of a countrywide optical fiber cable network.
Auckland's plan in the spring of 1838 was for the Sikhs to place Shuja on the Afghan throne, with British support.
Soon afterwards, an uprising in Kabul led to the slaughter of Britain's Resident in Kabul, Sir Pierre Cavagnari and his guards and staff on 3 September 1879, provoking the second phase of the Second Afghan War.
Major General Sir Frederick Roberts led the Kabul Field Force over the Shutargardan Pass into central Afghanistan, defeated the Afghan Army at Char Asiab on 6 October 1879 and occupied Kabul.
But the crafty Afghan ruler clearly viewed the war as an opportunity to play one side off against the other, for he also offered the British to resist a Central Powers attack on India in exchange for an end to British control of Afghan foreign policy.
Using the civil unrest in India as an excuse to move troops to the Durand Line, Afghan troops crossed the border at the western end of the Khyber Pass on 3 May 1919 and occupied the village of Bagh, the scene of an earlier uprising in April.
The fighting concluded in August 1919 and Britain virtually dictated the terms of the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919, a temporary armistice that provided, on one somewhat ambiguous interpretation, for Afghan self-determination in foreign affairs.
The Afghan monarchs were eager to develop the stature of government and the country's military capability, and so attempted to raise money by the imposition of state monopolies on the sale of commodoties and high taxes.
The Afghan government is currently focused on securing continued assistance for rebuilding the economy, infrastructure, and military of the country.
In 1998, when the Taliban captured the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif, several Iranian diplomats were executed on espionage charges.
In 1837, the Afghan army descended through the Khyber Pass on Sikh forces at Jamrud.
However, the Marxist-Leninist and secular nature of the government as well as its heavy dependence on the Soviet Union made it unpopular with a majority of the Afghan population.
Afghan government BTR on the left.
" In February 1979, U. S. Ambassador Adolph " Spike " Dubs was murdered in Kabul after Afghan security forces burst in on his kidnappers.
After the fall of the communist Najibullah-regime in 1992, the Afghan political parties agreed on a peace and power-sharing agreement ( the Peshawar Accords ).
Others were kidnapped by the Taliban, touching off a hostage crisis that nearly escalated to a full scale war, with 150, 000 Iranian soldiers massed on the Afghan border at one time.
At the 2010 International Conference on Afghanistan in London, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he intends to reach out to the Taliban leadership ( including Mullah Omar, Sirajuddin Haqqani and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar ).
Ismail Khan, like Afghan Minister of Defense Rahim Wardak, was one of the high profile Afghans that those conducting the Tribunals ruled were " not reasonably available " to give a statement on a captive's behalf because they could not be located.
Lindh was captured on November 25, 2001, by Afghan Northern Alliance forces after his Al-Qaeda foreign fighters unit surrendered at Kunduz after retreating from Takar.
After the fall of Najibullah's regime in 1992, the Afghan political parties agreed on a peace and power-sharing agreement ( the Peshawar Accords ).

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