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Afro-Caribbean and %,
The largest ethnic minority groups are Afro-Caribbean at 13. 18 %, Indian at 11. 65 %, Pakistani at 10. 64 % and Mixed Race at 5. 52 %.

Afro-Caribbean and 11
Downsview has large Italian ( 14 %), Black / Afro-Caribbean ( 11 %) and Latin American ( 10 %) populations.

Afro-Caribbean and .
The majority of the population ( 83 %) are Afro-Caribbean, descended from the slaves brought to the islands by the British.
New Orleans was the main nexus between the Afro-Caribbean and African American cultures.
A fundamental rhythmic figure heard in Gottschalk's compositions such as " Souvenirs From Havana " ( 1859 ), many different slave musics of the Caribbean, as well as the bamboula, and other Afro-Caribbean folk dances performed in New Orleans Congo Square, is the three-stroke pattern known in Cuban music as tresillo.
Nevisian culture has since the 17th century incorporated African, European and East Indian cultural elements, creating a distinct Afro-Caribbean culture.
Karen Fog Olwig published her research about Nevis in 1993, writing that the areas where the Afro-Caribbean traditions were especially strong and flourishing relate to kinship and subsistence farming.
However, she adds, Afro-Caribbean cultural impulses were not recognised or valued in the colonial society and were therefore often expressed through Euro-Caribbean cultural forms.
Examples of European forms appropriated to express Afro-Caribbean culture are the Nevisian and Kittitian Tea Meetings and Christmas Sports.
Afro-Caribbean ) nationalities, in which thousands of Barbadian and Jamaican workers played a role in the construction of the Panama Canal.
Although originating in the metropolis at the mouth of the Mississippi River, New Orleans blues, with its Afro-Caribbean rhythmic traits, is distinct from the sound of the Mississippi Delta blues.
* Julius Soubise was a freed Afro-Caribbean slave who became a well-known fop in the UK during the 1760s and 1770s.
As of the 2010 census the population was 106, 405, mostly composed by those of Afro-Caribbean descent.
* Black or Afro-Caribbean: 79. 7 %
The territory is largely Afro-Caribbean in origin.
Within the Afro-Caribbean community, a minority are Rastafari and follow the dietary regulations with varying degrees of strictness.
* May 30 – Riots in Curaçao mark the start of an Afro-Caribbean civil rights movement on the island.
* June 22 – The ship Empire Windrush brings a large group of Afro-Caribbean immigrants to Tilbury near London, the start of a large wave of immigration to Britain.
Recent linguistic research suggests that today, certain elements of Cockney English are declining in usage within the East End of London and the accent has migrated to Outer London and the Home Counties: in London's East End, some traditional features of Cockney have been displaced by a Jamaican Creole-influenced variety popular among young Londoners ( sometimes referred to as " Jafaican "), particularly, though far from exclusively, those of Afro-Caribbean descent.
These changes were seen by the DLP as an attempt to disenfranchise illiterate rural voters through intimidation, to rig the elections through the use of voting machines, to allow Afro-Caribbean immigrants from other islands to vote, and to gerrymander the boundaries to ensure victory by the PNM.
The population includes people of Afro-Caribbean heritage, as well as Irish Catholic, Brazilian and smaller Portuguese and Colombian communities.
After the war, the area became a refuge for the first Afro-Caribbean born contingent.
It has the highest Irish population of any London area, as well as a large Afro-Caribbean population.
Kilburn has a number of different ethnic groups, including people of Irish, Afro-Caribbean, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Somali backgrounds.

Afro-Caribbean and East
This includes significant, long-standing South-Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities, who have been joined more recently by East European, Chinese and African arrivals.

Afro-Caribbean and Indian
Puerto Barrios is a mix of mostly Afro-Guatemalans, Maya, Afro-Caribbean ( such as Afro-Jamaicans ), and other West Indian groups.
Migrants from the Indian subcontinent and Caribbean settled in the locality during the 1950s and 1960s, and by the 1980s Moss Side was the hub of Manchester's Afro-Caribbean community.
Steel Pulse is a roots reggae musical band, growing up in the Handsworth area, which has a large majority of Afro-Caribbean, Indian and other Asian migrants.
Ethnic groups with ethnic enclaves in New York City include Puerto Ricans, Dominican Americans, Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, Koreans, Italians, African Americans and Afro-Caribbean Americans, Greek Americans, Russians, and, as an ethnoreligious group, Jewish Americans.

Afro-Caribbean and 2
2 ( Danse de negres ) ( 1845 ), the title referring to a bass Afro-Caribbean drum ; El cocoye ( 1853 ), a version of a rhythmic melody already present in Cuba ; the contradanza Ojos criollos ( Danse cubaine ) ( 1859 ) and a version of María de la O, which refers to a Cuban mulatto singer.
Around 1. 5 % of the population is black, including 1 % of Afro-Caribbean descent ; 8 % are white non-British ( including Irish ), 2 % are of mixed background, and 1 % are of Chinese origin or belong to some other ethnic group.
2 ) Historical / Creative Significanc: Does the selection represent a thoughtful review of the breadth of African-American, Afro-Caribbean, African, human / civil rights experience, or creativity.

Afro-Caribbean and White
In 1985, she lived for several months in Bradford and Birmingham, talking to members of the Asian, Afro-Caribbean and White communities and witnessing first-hand one of the Handsworth riots ( described in Tales From Two Cities ).
White ( 94 %) Asian ( 3 %) Afro-Caribbean ( 1 %)
Heath Town consists mostly of White British residents, however, it has a large percentage of Asian and Afro-Caribbean residents who migrated to England during the 1950s and 1960s and originally settled in the Victorian terraced before relocating to the modern council flats.

Afro-Caribbean and 1
According to the 2000 census, 16 % of Limón's population is Afro-Caribbean, 7 % is indigenous, less than 1 % is Chinese, and nearly 75 % consider themselves a mix of Afro-Caribbean, indigenous, Chinese, and / or mestizo blood.
The Birmingham licence was sold to Chrysalis Radio in 1999 and became Galaxy Birmingham, but Choice expanded within the capital in May 2000 when a largely independent North London licence was awarded for Choice 107. 1, with the intention of reaching a larger Afro-Caribbean audience outside the limited range of the coverage from Brixton.

Afro-Caribbean and Other
Other publications include the Student Economic Review and the Trinity College Law Review, produced independently by students of economics and law respectively, the Social and Political Review ( SPR ), now in its 22nd year, the Trinity Student Medical Journal, The Attic, student writing produced by the Dublin University Literary Society and the Afro-Caribbean Journal produced by the Afro-Caribbean Society.
Other shows aimed at the Irish, Asian and Afro-Caribbean are also heard, although Asian programmes have been since transferred to the BBC Asian Network, on medium-wave in the area.

Afro-Caribbean and 3
It has a distinctly Afro-Caribbean flavour, and highlights include a competition between London's steelpan bands and a 3 mile street parade with dancing and music.

81 and %,
: Polynesian ( full blood ) 81. 3 %, Polynesian and European 7. 7 %, Polynesian and non-European 7. 7 %, European 2. 4 %, other 0. 9 %
Voter turnout was 95 %, with the Nationalist Party receiving 51. 81 %, the Labour Party 46. 97 %, the Democratic Alternative 1. 21 %, and independent candidates 0. 01 %.
In 1996, the gross primary enrollment rate was 119. 6 %, and the net primary enrollment rate was 81. 3 %.
They also found that a large majority, 81 %, of the procedures were done on Caucasian people ( p. 12 ).
He decreased the silver purity of the denarius from 56. 5 % to 51. 5 %, the actual silver weight dropping from 1. 81 grams to 1. 66 grams – though the overall weight slightly increased.
agriculture 81 %, industry 6 %, services 13 % ( 1997 est.
Average daily humidity ranged from March lows of between 55 and 81 % to July highs of between 94 and 100 %, based on readings taken at selected stations nationwide in 1986.
Ultrasonography had an overall sensitivity of 86 %, a specificity of 81 %, a positive likelihood ratio of 5. 8 ( CI, 3. 5 to 9. 5 ), and a negative likelihood ratio of 0. 19 ( CI, 0. 13 to 0. 27 ).
The languages spoken at home were Spanish 81. 5 %, English 17. 46 %, and Portuguese 1. 02 %.
As of 2000, English as a first language accounted for 76. 00 % of all residents, while Spanish made up 22. 81 %, and French was the mother tongue of 1. 17 % of the population.
As of 2000, English as a first language accounted for 81. 91 % of all residents, while Spanish accounted for 12. 90 %, Yiddish made up 2. 03 %, German was at 1. 52 %, and both French and Italian were the mother tongues for 0. 81 % of the population.

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