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After and 1806
After 1806, the First Lord of the Admiralty was always a civilian, while the professional head of the navy came to be ( and is still today ) known as the First Sea Lord.
After this Anton became, officially, the Heir to the Electorate and, since 1806, the Kingdom of Saxony.
After the general meeting in 1806, Thompson travelled to Rocky Mountain House and prepared for an expedition to follow the Columbia River to the Pacific.
" After the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, Francis continued to rule as Austrian Emperor.
After the 13th century, the relevance of the Reichsgut faded, even though some parts of it did remain until the Empire's end in 1806.
After the abolition of the Holy Roman Empire in August 1806, the electors continued to reign over their territories, many of them taking higher titles.
* 1806After traveling through the Louisiana Purchase and reaching the Pacific Ocean, explorers Lewis and Clark and their " Corps of Discovery " begin their arduous journey home.
After the Louisiana Purchase by the United States in 1803, this indefinite nature of the boundary between the U. S. and Spain led to an agreement on November 6, 1806, negotiated by Gen. James Wilkinson and Lt. Col. Simón de Herrera, to establish a neutral territory on both sides of the river.
After the death of Charles Hardenbergh in 1806, Truth, known as Belle, was sold at an auction.
After defeating Prussian forces at Battle of Jena-Auerstedt | Jena, the French Army entered Berlin on 27 October 1806
After his father's death in 1806, Webster handed over his practice to his older brother Ezekiel, who had by this time been admitted to the bar.
After a devastating measles epidemic that reduced the mission population by one quarter in 1806, people from more distant areas and new language groups began to join the Mission San Jose community.
After selling much of his farm to the Ellicotts and others, he died in his log cabin nine years later on October 9, 1806, exactly one month before his 75th birthday.
After his wife Sophie died in 1806 he married a second time in 1807 to Auguste Busmann.
" After Imperial confirmation the ukaz was heard in the Senate and on 19 October 1806 was sent for execution to the main office of the Russian-American Company, ( RAC ) and also to the Admiralty and Commerce colleges "
After defeating Prussian forces at Battle of Jena-Auerstedt | Jena, the French Army entered Berlin on 27 October 1806
After Pitt's death in January 1806, Fox served briefly as Foreign Secretary in the ' Ministry of All the Talents ' of William Grenville, before he died on 13 September 1806, aged fifty-seven.
After Pitt's death in 1806, Castlereagh resigned amid the chaos of the Ministry of All the Talents.
After the 1806 Prussian defeat at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, Napoleon was the first to use the Brandenburg Gate for a triumphal procession and took its Quadriga to Paris.
After Prussia's defeat at the hands of Napoleon in 1806, the territory was lost under the terms of the Treaty of Tilsit and included within the new Kingdom of Westphalia.
After travelling, in 1806 he became professor of philosophy and elementary mathematics at the University of Heidelberg.
After studying in Leipzig and at the University of Göttingen he visited England in the summer of 1806, carrying a letter of introduction from the naturalist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach to Sir Joseph Banks, who, with the other members of the African Association, accepted his offer in 1809 to launch an expedition to discover the source of the River Niger.
After attending the St Petersburg school of cadets, he accompanied Adam Johann von Krusenstern on his voyage of 1803 – 1806.

After and used
After the frames and transom are set up on the jig and temporarily braced, a piece of three-inch-wide mahogany ( only widths will be given since the 13/16-inch thickness is used throughout ) is butted between frames one and two below the line of the keelson.
After trimming off the excess on the frames and transom which was used to fasten them to the jig at a working height, the top of the side planking is installed.
After a short time, both George and Donald joined the class with me so they wouldn't feel lonely, and we used to hang a sign on the door of the Brush-off reading out to work.
After the later establishment of the People's Republic of China and its adoption of Hanyu Pinyin, the use of Zhuyin today is limited, but it's still widely used in Taiwan where the Republic of China still governs.
After a fixed amount of time, the copyright expires on intellectual work and it enters the public domain, where it can be used without limit.
After the Ottoman conquest of Greece, the Parthenon was used as the garrison headquarters of the Turkish army, and the Erechtheum was turned into the Governor's private Harem.
After hard lessons early in the war, machine guns were mounted for use against infantry but the limited traverse of the mounting meant that they were still less effective than those used on turreted tanks.
After Spenser, alexandrine couplets were used by Michael Drayton in his Poly-Olbion.
In his Rudolphine Tables ( 1627 ), Johannes Kepler used a prototype of year zero which he labeled Christi ( Christ ) between years labeled Ante Christum ( Before Christ ) and Post Christum ( After Christ ) on the mean motion tables for the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury.
After detoxification, other support such as group therapy or self-help groups are used to help the person remain sober.
After the death of Ahmad Shah in about 1772, his son Timur Shah became the next ruler of the Durrani dynasty who decided to make Kabul the new capital of the empire, and used Peshawar as the winter capital.
After the car factory decline, it was used by the M. O. D.
After that, the first method can be used to crack the PIN.
After Ray Wallace's death, his children came forward with a pair of wooden feet, which they said their father had used to fake the Bigfoot tracks in 1958.
After the Partitions of Poland, most of the Baltic lands were under the rule of the Russian Empire, where the native languages were sometimes prohibited from being written down, or used publicly.
After three years of consistent use across different platforms, the BBC began to drop the BBCi brand gradually ; on 6 May 2004, the BBC website was renamed bbc. co. uk, after the main URL used to access the site.
After 1941 – 42, armoured formations were increasingly used as a mobile reserve against Allied breakthroughs.
After trying it out in training camp, Brown used the helmet to call in plays during a September 15 pre-season game against the Lions with Ratterman behind center.
After five years of turbulence, in 1965 Mobutu used his position as ANC Chief of Staff to seize power in the Congo.
After reading the computer's manual, Knuth decided to rewrite the assembly and compiler code for the machine used in his school, because he believed he could do it better.
IBM kept some secrets, as Coppersmith explains: " After discussions with NSA, it was decided that disclosure of the design considerations would reveal the technique of differential cryptanalysis, a powerful technique that could be used against many ciphers.
After the Bible's translation into Greek, the word Diaspora then was used to refer to the population of Jews exiled from Israel in 587 BCE by the Babylonians, and from Judea in 70 CE by the Roman Empire.
After the division, Disciples churches used " Christian Church " as the dominant designation for congregations.
After the 11 September 2001 attacks " Only Time " was used as a soundtrack in many radio and television reports about the attacks.
After building two ships, the Pilgerim ( Pilgrim ) and the Vridelant ( Friedland ), with the assistance of Henry III, Margrave of Meissen, the Teutonic Knights used them to clear the Vistula Lagoon ( Frisches Haff ) and the Vistula Spit of Prussians:

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