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from Brown Corpus
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After and 52
After it allotted shares to 41 underwriters and 52 selling group members from coast to coast there were not many shares for anyone.
After extensive debate, the U. S. Senate confirmed Thomas to the Supreme Court by a vote of 52 – 48 ; the narrowest margin since the 19th century.
After 52 often beleaguered years in St. Louis, the Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954 and adopted the Orioles name in honor of the official state bird of Maryland.
After NeXT exited the hardware business, Canon produced a line of PCs, called object. station, including models 31, 41, 50 and 52, specifically designed to run NeXTSTEP / Intel.
After having dinner at his mother's home in Tennessee, Orbison died of a heart attack at 52.
After extensive analysis by the engineers, the problem was fixed by the retrofitting of 37 fluid-viscous dampers ( energy dissipating ) to control horizontal movement and 52 tuned mass dampers ( inertial ) to control vertical movement.
After a 30 – 52 season in 1978 – 79, Fitch resigned as head coach.
After Camden, U. S. 1 continues northeast away from any Interstate towards Bethune, Patrick, McBee and Cheraw with no bypasses and four lane sections except around Cheraw through the US 52 and SC 9 multiplexes.
* After the events of Infinite Crisis and 52, Earth-Two ( albeit a different version ) was resurrected with many of the characters that had died in Crisis alive and well on the new Earth-Two.
" After this " Dolph forgives Kev " and the children are given " ssay assignments on 52 famous men.
After three years of testimony, McMartin and Buckey were acquitted on 52 of 65 counts, and the jury was deadlocked on the remaining 13 charges against Buckey, with 11 of 13 jurors choosing not guilty.
After several hours, Chadwick was forced to give up with stomach pains and vomiting, while 16-year-old Bell completed the swim, the first person ever to swim the thirty-two-mile ( 52 km ) distance when she arrived in Toronto the next day.
After completing 86 communications sessions and 52 orbits of the Moon at various inclinations and altitudes, it began its descent.
After 14. 5 seconds, at 13: 52: 25, transmission on both data channels stopped for unknown reasons and no further signals were received at Earth from the Martian surface.
After the ship canal, Route 52 crosses onto the mainland and intersects with County Route 559 ( Somers Point Road ) and County Route 585 ( Shore Road ), formerly at the Somers Point traffic circle.
After 52 continuous years of service ( 1933 – 1985 ), he retired as Dean of the Montana Senate and senior state legislator in the nation ( Andrea Merrill-Maker, Montana Almanac, p. 159 ).
After the events of DC's Infinite Crisis crossover and the World War III event that was chronicled in 52, JSA members Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, and Ted Grant decided to revive the Justice Society.
After picking up an ankle injury in November, he missed most of the 1951 – 52 campaign, and was forced to instead spent most of his time working at the hotel he and his wife ran.
After realising that the 52 cm tall torch wasn't stable when filled with fuel, he made it slightly smaller in height and added black tape to the top part of the shaft, as it was easier for the runners to pass the torch when held near the top.
After she died of cancer of the throat at age 52 at Carlton House, her funeral procession attracted troublemakers who followed the coffin to the grave shouting insults.
After the initial 52 episodes had been screened, Actors Equity in Australia intervened and insisted the ABC increase the price of the episodes so as to pay more to the actors.
After winning his preliminary Olympic heat in Los Angeles, Tisdall equalled the Olympic record of 52. 8 seconds in the semi-finals.
After 52 aerial bombings, most of the city ( with all the historic distilleries ) was destroyed.
After her first husband's death at the Battle of Carrhae, Cornelia became the fifth wife of Pompey in 52 BC.

After and days
After a sort of death march during four days without food, Helion and his comrades were shipped by cattle-car to a labor camp at an estate farm in East Germany.
After he had finished the first two volumes of his Lincoln, Sandburg went to work assembling a book of songs out of hobo and childhood days and from the memory of songs others had taught him.
After all, it goes back to the days in which sedition was not un-American, the days in which the Sons of St. Tammany conspired to overthrow the government by force and violence -- the British government, that is.
After all, where else can the public see a wagon these days??
After a nuclear blast, one bureaucrat suggested in those halcyon days, about all you had to do was haul out the broom and sweep off your sidewalks and roof.
After all, his wife had written most of his letters for him in those first lean days of Partlow Products.
After three days, the soul crosses Chinvat bridge which is the Final Judgment of the soul.
After Lane's departure, Alcott fell into a depression and could not speak or eat for three days.
After describing the manifestation of the Gospel in the Ogdoad and Hebdomad, he adds that the Basilidians have a long account of the innumerable creations and powers in the several ' stages ' of the upper world ( diastemata ), in which they speak of 365 heavens and say that " their great archon " is Abrasax, because his name contains the number 365, the number of the days in the year ; i. e. the sum of the numbers denoted by the Greek letters in ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ according to the rules of isopsephy is 365:
After several days of competition, Odysseus and Ajax are tied for the ownership of the magical armor which was forged on Mount Olympus by the god Hephaestus.
After seven days and nights in agony, Alcmene stretched out her arms and called upon Lucina, the goddess of childbirth ( the Roman equivalent of Eileithyia ).
* 1056 – After a sudden illness a few days previously, Byzantine Empress Theodora dies childless, thus ending the Macedonian dynasty.
After thirty days of working with Wilson, Smith drank his last drink on June 10, 1935, the date marked by AA for its anniversaries.
After a month and two days of fighting, the war ended as a moral disaster for Bulgaria, in the same time its economy was ruined and the military – demoralized.
After several days of negotiation, the Liberal Democrats agreed to join the Conservatives as part of a coalition government.
After fasting for four days, Dr. Berris Wink, president of the Queensland branch of the Australian Medical Association, urged her to stop the test.
After the shock of the Battle of Adrianople in 378, in which the emperor Valens with the flower of the Roman armies was destroyed by the Visigoths within a few days ' march, the city looked to its defences, and in 413 – 414, Theodosius II built the 18-meter ( 60-foot )- tall triple-wall fortifications, which were never to be breached until the coming of gunpowder.
After several days, one of the crew, a seventeen year old cabin boy, fell unconscious due to a combination of the famine and drinking seawater.
After having ruled for just 80 days, Cuitláhuac died of smallpox that had been introduced to the New World by the Europeans.
After the war, Eisenhower reverted to his regular rank of captain and a few days later was promoted to major, a rank he held for 16 years.
After his three days in the pillory, Defoe went into Newgate Prison.
* 1943 – World War II – After eight days of brutal house-to-house fighting, the battle of Ortona concludes with the victory of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division over the German 1st Parachute Division and the capture of the Italian town of Ortona.
After an incident in Washington state in 1993, most US and other pool builders are reluctant to equip a residential swimming pool with a diving springboard so home diving pools are much less common these days.

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