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After and Alfred
After the signing of the treaty with Guthrum, Alfred was spared any large-scale conflicts for some time.
After Alfred Moisiu, in 2006 Bamir Topi was elected President of Albania until 2010.
After he had turned down an offer to play Alfred Doolittle in My Fair Lady, he found it easier to rebuff others, including a part in The Godfather Part II.
After Krupp's death in 1887, his only son, Friedrich Alfred, carried on the work.
After Pulp Fiction was completed, he then directed Episode Four of Four Rooms, " The Man from Hollywood ", a tribute to the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode that starred Steve McQueen.
After leaving Vienna, Adorno traveled through Italy, where he met with Kracauer, Benjamin, and the economist Alfred Sohn-Rethel, with whom he developed a lasting friendship, before returning to Frankfurt.
After directing episodes for the revitalized version of ' 50s /' 60s anthology horror series Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre, Burton received his next big project: Beetlejuice ( 1988 ), a supernatural comedy horror about a young couple forced to cope with life after death, and the family of pretentious yuppies who invade their treasured New England home.
After an observer, Alfred Halstead, noticed the volleying nature of the game at its first exhibition match in 1896, played at the International YMCA Training School ( now called Springfield College ), the game quickly became known as volleyball ( it was originally spelled as two words: " volley ball ").
After his accession, Robert continued Norman support for the English princes Edward and Alfred, who were still in exile in northern France.
* After the battle at Wilton, peace is made, with the Danes and Alfred each governing part of England.
After leaving Little House, she continued acting in television shows like The Equalizer, The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Murder, She Wrote, and was the associate producer for the next to last TV project Michael Landon made before dying: Where Pigeons Go to Die ( 1990 ).
After Æthelred's death 911 Æthelflæd ruled as ‘ Lady of the Mercians ’ but Edward took control of London and Oxford, which Alfred had placed under Æthelred's control.
After Cnut's death, Edward and Alfred returned to England from their exile in 1036, to see their mother, and were put under their half-brother, Harthacnut's, protection.
After graduating in 1956 he became fellow at the Alfred Weber Institute of the University of Heidelberg where he was an active member of the student society AIESEC.
After the back-to-back filming of Rear Window, Toko-Ri, Country Girl and Green Fire, Kelly flew to France, along with department store heir Bernard " Barney " Strauss, to begin work on her third and last film for Alfred Hitchcock, To Catch a Thief.
After a series of less successful roles, including The Lady Vanishes, the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1938 film of the same name, she dropped out of show business from 1978 to 1982.
After Æthelstan came Æthelbald, Æthelbert, Æthelred, and Alfred.
After partial launches under the names " human engineering " and " humanology ," Polish-American originator Alfred Korzybski ( 1879 – 1950 ) fully launched the program as " general semantics " in 1933 with the publication of Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics.
After I, Claudius, he and the ex-patriate German film producer Erich Pommer founded the production company Mayflower Pictures in the UK, which produced three films starring Laughton: Vessel of Wrath ( US Title The Beachcomber ) ( 1938 ), based on a story by W. Somerset Maugham, in which his wife Elsa Lanchester co-starred ; St. Martin's Lane ( US Title Sidewalks of London ), about London street entertainers, which featured Vivien Leigh and Rex Harrison ; and Jamaica Inn, with Maureen O ' Hara and Robert Newton, about Cornish smugglers, based on Daphne du Maurier's novel, and the last film Alfred Hitchcock directed in Britain before moving to Hollywood in the late 1930s.
After prodding by their daughter Ida, who " perceived the need to act fast ", and with help from Alfred Barr of the New York Museum of Modern Art, Chagall was saved by having his name added to the list of prominent artists whose lives were at risk and who the United States should try to extricate.
After the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, Mantle joined with fellow Oklahoman and Yankee Bobby Murcer to raise money for the victims.
After the war, a number of conspiracy theories were put forward, one by Lord Alfred Douglas, positing a connection between Kitchener's death, the recent naval Battle of Jutland, Winston Churchill, and a Jewish conspiracy.
After receiving his law degree in 1878, Alfred Binet began to study science at the Sorbonne.
After WWII Plon was chosen as the site for King Alfred School, a remarkable secondary school for British Forces children under the inspired, maverick headmastership of Freddie Spencer Chapman with his hand-picked staff and on the site of what is now the little-changed non-commissioned officer school, and as such the town holds a place of affection with many former pupils across the world and the declining number of surviving teachers and their families.
After Snow White, Kreuk's agent sent an audition tape to screenwriters Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who at the time were putting together the cast of a show they had created for the WB Network entitled Smallville.

After and became
After all, when one has asked whatever became of old Joe and Charlie when one has inquired who it was Sue Brown married and where it is they now live when questions are asked and answered about families and children, and old professors when the game and its probable outcome has been exhausted that does it.
After the first few weeks, it was obvious that rules had to be made, laid down and obeyed -- even if our popularity ratings became subnormal as a result.
After Gagarin became the Greatest Man in the World, for a nation that does not believe in the cult of personality or in careerism, Moreland wrote me a letter in which he said: `` I am not interested in how long a bee can live in a vacuum, or how far it can fly.
After a while, we became aware that the money was disappearing as fast as we replenished it.
After the months in Europe, she returned to Boston and became active in church and community life.
After a while the signal became a buzz and I knew he was behind me.
His teacher was his mother, who supervised him for several years until she became terminally ill. After Hillside, he was educated at Eton College.
After the end of the Greek-Persian wars the cities on the coasts became part of the Delian League, which was, however, later dissolved.
After the division of the Roman Empire, Anatolia became part of the East Roman, or Byzantine Empire.
After a successful career as a commercial illustrator, Warhol became a renowned and sometimes controversial artist.
After the mid-1960s, he became much less prolific, but his later work — including his final two epics, Kagemusha ( 1980 ) and Ran ( 1985 )— continued to win awards, including the Palme d ' Or for Kagemusha, though more often abroad than in Japan.
After the war Poirot became a free agent and began undertaking civilian cases.
After Lt Gen Barshadli became Chief of General Staff, subsequent defense ministers from 1992 have included:
After the DRA collapsed on 2 December 1920, it was absorbed into the Soviet Union and became part of the Transcaucasian SFSR.
After the Civil War, Doubleday mustered out of the volunteer service on August 24, 1865, reverted to the rank of lieutenant colonel, and became the colonel of the 35th U. S. Infantry in September 1867.
After Bohr's use of Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect to relate energy levels in atoms with the wavelength of emitted light, the connection between the structure of electrons in atoms and the emission and absorption spectra of atoms became an increasingly useful tool in the understanding of electrons in atoms.
) After the dispute over Arianism became politicized and a general solution to the divisiveness was sought — with a great majority holding to the Trinitarian position — the Arian position was officially declared heterodox.
After this battle and the loss of one of Portugal's most remarkable infantes, the Duke of Braganza became the de facto ruler of the country.
After Rome became an Empire under Augustus, the nominal independence of Athens dissolved and its government converged to the normal type for a Roman municipality, with a Senate ( gerousia ) of decuriones.
After Eschiva's death in October 1197 he married Isabella, the daughter of Amalric I of Jerusalem by his second marriage, and became King of Jerusalem in right of his wife and crowned at Acre in January 1198.
After leaving the IHÉS, Grothendieck became a temporary professor at Collège de France for two years.
After World War II, especially in North America, there was a boom in general aviation, both private and commercial, as thousands of pilots were released from military service and many inexpensive war-surplus transport and training aircraft became available.
After selling a few kits, MCP became convinced there was a much bigger market for an improved model sold as a completed working system.
After the first battle between two ironclads took place in 1862 during the American Civil War, it became clear that the ironclad had replaced the unarmoured line-of-battle ship as the most powerful warship afloat.
After applying the patch the Windows 95 system became Windows 95 version 4. 00. 950 B.

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