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After and Henry
After the death of his brother-in-law, Henry II, margrave of a small area on the Elbe called the Saxon Northern March, in 1128, Albert, disappointed at not receiving this fief himself, attacked Udo, the heir, and was consequently deprived of Lusatia by Lothar.
After some initial success in his efforts to take possession, Albert was driven from Saxony, and also from his Northern march by Henry, and compelled to take refuge in south Germany.
After being pulled through a time portal, Ash Williams lands in 1300 AD, where he is almost immediately captured by Lord Arthur's men, who suspect him to be an agent for Duke Henry, with whom Arthur is at war.
After demanding Henry and his men be set free ( as he knew Henry was innocent, and his persecution was simply a witch hunt ) and killing a deadite in full view of everyone, Ash is celebrated as a hero.
After the death of Sir Robert Montgomery, Henry inherited the Montgomery ancestral estate of New Park at Moville in northern County Donegal.
After the council of Étampes, Bernard went to speak with the King of England, Henry I, Beauclerc, about the king's reservations regarding Pope Innocent II.
After the murder in that year of Henry III of France, Pope Sixtus V sent Enrico Caetani as legate to Paris to negotiate with the Catholic League of France, and chose Bellarmine to accompany him as theologian.
After the retirement of Sandberg and the trade of Dunston, the Cubs had holes to fill and the signing of Henry Rodriguez, known affectionately at " H-Rod " to bat cleanup provided protection for Sammy Sosa in the lineup, as Rodriguez slugged 31 round-trippers in his first season in Chicago.
After achieving autonomy in 1965, the Cook Islands elected Albert Henry of the Cook Islands Party as their first Prime Minister.
After the baronial victory at the Battle of Lewes in 1264, Simon de Montfort took control of royal government, but at the Battle of Evesham the next year Montfort was killed, and King Henry III restored to power.
After building two ships, the Pilgerim ( Pilgrim ) and the Vridelant ( Friedland ), with the assistance of Henry III, Margrave of Meissen, the Teutonic Knights used them to clear the Vistula Lagoon ( Frisches Haff ) and the Vistula Spit of Prussians:
After wandering aimlessly through Aquitaine, Henry the Younger caught dysentery.
After the death of Oxford's widow, Elizabeth, their son, Henry, the 18th Earl of Oxford, inherited the remainder of his father's estate.
After his victory, Frederick did not act upon his promise to keep the two realms separate-though he had made his son Henry king of Sicily before marching on Germany, he still reserved real political power for himself.
After him all kings and emperors relied on the lands of their own family ( Hausmacht ): Louis IV of Wittelsbach ( king 1314, emperor 1328 – 47 ) relied on his lands in Bavaria ; Charles IV of Luxembourg, the grandson of Henry VII, drew strength from his own lands in Bohemia.
After three years in Basel, he stayed a short time in Bern with the humanist, Henry Wölfflin.
After Westcott's departure, Mathers appointed Florence Farr to be Chief Adept in Anglia, and Dr. Henry B. Pullen Burry succeeded Westcott as Cancellarius — one of the three Chiefs of the Order.
After his conflict with King Henry III of England, Louis established a cordial relation with the Plantagenet King.
After the attempts to achieve German national unity failed with the Revolutions of 1848, Wagner strongly relied on the picture of Henry as the actual ruler of all German tribes as advocated by pan-Germanist activists like Friedrich Ludwig Jahn.
After Henry had defeated his brother's Norman army at Tinchebray he imprisoned Robert, initially in the Tower of London, subsequently at Devizes Castle and later at Cardiff.
After 18 months, not proving suitable for shop work, Cook travelled to the nearby port town of Whitby to be introduced to friends of Sanderson's, John and Henry Walker.
After the Pomeranian struggle he also had to deal with the inheritance conflict upon the 1476 death of the Piast duke Henry XI of Głogów, husband of his half-sister Barbara.
After Richard's death on 6 April 1199 there were two potential claimants to the Angevin throne: John, whose claim rested on being the sole surviving son of Henry II, and young Arthur of Brittany, who held a claim as the son of Geoffrey, John's elder brother.
She also lent her voice to the end credits of The Cat's Meow, singing Henry Creamer and Turner Layton's jazz standard " After You've Gone.

After and
After Caligula delivered Tiberius eulogy, Caligula sailed to Pandataria and the Pontine Islands and returned with the ashes of his mother and brother Nero.
After the Circus Games, Caligula ordered written evidence of the court cases from Tiberius treason trials to be brought to the Forum to be burnt, first being the cases of Agrippina and her two sons.
After his death these appeared again in Gen. Albert Pike s Poems ( 1900 ) and Lyrics and Love Songs ( 1916 ).
After his mother s early death, Ansgar was brought up in Corbie Abbey, and made rapid progress in his education.
After extensive antimicrobial testing according to the Agency s stringent test protocols, 355 copper alloys, including many brasses, were found to kill more than 99. 9 % of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA ), E. coli O157: H7, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, and vancomycin-resistant Enterococci ( VRE ) within two hours of contact.
After showing its first growth since the communist era in 2000, Bulgaria s industrial sector has grown slowly but steadily in the early 2000s ( decade ).
After a brief pause, Marlborough s equerry, Colonel Bringfield ( or Bingfield ), led up another of the Duke s spare horses ; but while assisting him onto his mount, the unfortunate Bringfield was hit by an errant cannonball that sheared off his head.
After earlier failing to hold or retake Franquenée and Taviers, Guiscard s right flank had become dangerously exposed and a fatal gap had opened on the right of their line.
After all that had happened, open shadowing, friends turning away, Pasternak s suicidal condition at the time, one can ... understand her: the memory of Stalin s camps was too fresh, she tried to protect him.
After 3 months of provisional government, Déby s Patriotic Salvation Movement ( MPS ) approved a national charter on February 28, 1991, with Déby as president.
After the mutinies, President Patassé suffered from a typical " dictator s paranoia ", resulting in a period of cruel terror executed by the presidential guard and various militia within the FACA loyal to the president, such as the Karako.
After more than a month of fighting, Mehmed s advisors were beginning to lose hope.
( After I left for college, my father would clip out that strip each year and send it to me just to make sure I didn t miss it.
After the dictator Siad Barre s ousting, conflicts between the General Farah Aidid's party and other clans in Somalia had led to famine and lawlessness throughout the country.
Mao's China and After: A History of the People s Republic, 3rd ed.
After a term as Praetor, the magistrate would serve as a provincial governor in the office of Propraetor, wielding Propraetor imperium, commanding the province s legions, and possessing ultimate authority within his province ( s ).
After the war ended, Soviet Union seized all of Nissan s Manchuria assets, while the Occupation Forces made use of over half of the Yokohama plant.
After booting, RDOS command prompt, < tt > R </ tt >, should appear on the screen.
After more than 800 commercials, it was clear that Thomas played a major role in Wendy s status as the country's third most popular burger restaurant.
In a December 5, 2007 article on Mutato Muzika, LA Weekly reported that " After touring sporadically over the past decade but not releasing any new material, Devo are spending December at Mutato trying to create an album s worth of new material and contemplating a method of dispersal in the post-record-company world.
After the revolution Egypt s foreign exchange reserves fell from $ 36 billion in December 2010 to only $ 16. 3 billion in January 2012, also in February 2012 Standard & Poor s rating agency lowered the Egypt s credit rating from B + to B in the long term.

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