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After and Marge
After the two had been dating for several years, Marge discovered she was pregnant with Bart, and she and Homer were married in a small wedding chapel across the state line.
After Marge talks him out of buying an unsuitable house, he suggests repaying her with black-market prescriptions.
After returning to the Southwest Pacific in January 1944, he named his P-38 " Marge " and adorned the nose with her photo.
After Bart, Lisa and Marge all misbehave, Homer sees that Burns is drawn to a " normal " family that treats one another with respect, and he wonders why he is cursed with his troubled family.
After watching 38-year old Carlos Lopes in the 1984 Summer Olympics on TV, Homer decides to participate in the Springfield marathon to prove to Marge that he is fit.
After first wishing for a house and a car, the man wishes to be beaten " half to death " — which Marge doesn't understand.
After his 1988 perfect game, Reds owner Marge Schott put a clause in his contract that stated his wife, Debbie, would receive a $ 300, 000 bonus if he pitched another perfect game in 1989.
After quickly disposing of Marge, a frantic Chuck gets his neighbor, Dr. Dreyfuss, to come over and together they save her life.
* After winning big at the school's casino, Homer promises Marge that tomorrow, they will buy a PlayStation 1.
After finally being freed by Groundskeeper Willie and his blow torch, Marge is unable to start her car because of the freezing temperature.
After trying to seduce Marge, who is praying for him, Homer falls asleep suddenly and has a dream in which God personally appears to him.
After failing to sell the house to Apu and Ralph Wiggum, Homer and Marge complain to their congressman, Horace Wilcox, who has been Springfield's representative since 1933.
* After the Simpsons ' kitchen is renovated, Marge says: " When Virginia Woolf wrote every woman needs a room of one's own, she must have been talking about the kitchen.
After Dark Shadows ended in 1971, she had a brief stint as reporter Marge Grey on " All My Children " ( 1973 ).
After Marge goes ashore, Philippe confronts Tom, who admits his plan quite casually.
After carrying out an elaborate scheme to implicate Philippe in Freddie's murder, Tom forges a suicide note and a will, leaving the Greenleaf fortune to Marge.
After some failed attempts in getting it out, Bart's tooth comes out when Marge forces a drawer open.
After showing it to Lisa, she is shocked and asks Marge to tell Homer to get rid of it.
After dancing their way to the hotel, Bart turns on the television in their room and watches a children's show called Teleboobies which Marge criticizes because of its sexual undertones.
After sending Bart to his room, Marge shoves a hastily half-packed suitcase in front of Homer and kicks him out of the house.
After a funny stunt causes him injury ( the cliff plummet from " Bart the Daredevil ", after a montage of Homer injury clips ), Homer becomes addicted to prescription painkillers, Marge makes some senseless business investments, and Bart goes to rehab after attacking female flight attendants, being replaced on the show by Richie Rich.
After Burns insults Homer's weight and children, Marge insists that he leave the house and is ready to quit until Homer encourages Marge to finish the painting: She also gets a reply from Starr, who is decades behind on answering his fanmail, praising her artwork.
After several bowling lessons, Jacques asks Marge to meet him for brunch.
After deflecting Helen's interest by pretending to discuss bowling theory, Jacques asks Marge to meet him the next day away from the gossips of the world, at his apartment.

After and bails
After Nomi is arrested for causing the melee, James bails her out of jail, but she still pays him little notice.
After a decision to play without bails, the wicket has been put down if the umpire concerned is satisfied that the wicket has been struck by the ball, by the striker's bat, person, or items of his clothing or equipment separated from his person as described above, or by a fielder with the hand holding the ball or with the arm of the hand holding the ball.
After Michael bails him out ( and fires him ), Nick is met once again by Cheyenne.
After three successive no balls hit, he bowled an opponent with the fourth ball ( the first legal ball of the over ), hit the leg stump without dislodging a bail with the fifth, took successive wickets with the sixth and seventh, and then once again hit the stumps without disturbing the bails with the eighth.
After a period of some uncertainty and confusion, at 18: 17 BST umpires Koertzen and Bowden removed the bails and pulled up the stumps to signal the end of the match.
After a period of some uncertainty and confusion, at 18: 17 BST umpires Koertzen and Bowden removed the bails and pulled up the stumps to signal the end of the match.
After scoring 24, 65 and 29 in three warm-up matches, all of which were won by innings, McCabe hit 149 in the First Test at Durban, sharing a second-wicket partnership of 161 with Bill Brown in gale-force conditions which caused balls to make U-turns in the headwind, forced the umpires to glue the bails to the wickets using chewing gum, to set up a nine-wicket victory.

After and them
After making a short statement about human rights, and the freedom to travel, I told them I would be going to the Kehl bridge the next morning in order to cross the Rhine into Germany.
After complimenting Morgan and the riflemen and saying he was praising them to Congress, too, the ardent Frenchman added he felt that Congress should make some financial restitution to the widow and family of Morris, but that he knew Morgan realized how long such action usually required, if it was done at all.
After a dinner party for which she had come down to New York, Mrs. Lewis and Casanova arrived to see them off, and Elinor Wylie made tart observations that indicated that Lewis had been less discreet than he had promised to be about the real nature of their separation.
After the judge moved all the dogs individually, she selected several from the group and placed them in the center of the ring.
After trimming off the excess on the frames and transom which was used to fasten them to the jig at a working height, the top of the side planking is installed.
After the 42 figures had been drawn like Figures 5 and 6, classifications of the onset ages and completion ages were summarized from them.
After these treatments the conjugate did not stain healthy or crown gall sweet clover tissues or stained them a very faint green which was easily distinguishable from the bright yellow-green specific staining.
After reading his statement discharging the 23d ward case, Karns told Wexler that if the seven cases scheduled for trial also involved persons who had been subpenaed, he would dismiss them.
After the war, enough British and American anthropologists borrowed ideas and methodological approaches from one another that some began to speak of them collectively as ' sociocultural ' anthropology.
After receiving them, Apollo cornered Python in the sacred cave at Delphi.
After solving a case Poirot has the habit of collecting all people involved into a single room and explaining them the reasoning that led him to the solution, and revealing that the murderer is one of them.
After reaching orbit, the crew spent time adapting themselves to the zero-gravity environment and preparing the spacecraft for Trans Lunar Injection, the burn of the third stage rocket that would propel them to the Moon.
After Mycale, the Greek cities of Asia Minor again revolted, with the Persians now powerless to stop them.
After the foundation-stone of this edifice had been laid, Canova returned to Rome ; but every succeeding autumn he continued to visit Possagno, in order to direct the workmen, and encourage them with pecuniary rewards and medals.
After the Ark had been among them for seven months, the Philistines, on the advice of their diviners, returned it to the Israelites, accompanying its return with an offering consisting of golden images of the tumors and rats wherewith they had been afflicted.
After interviewing a number of women who alleged that Thomas had frequently subjected them to sexually explicit remarks, Wall Street Journal reporters Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson wrote a book which concluded that Thomas had lied during his confirmation process.
After the defeat of Zurich in the second Battle of Kappel in 1531, the victorious five Catholic cantons marched their troops into the Freie Ämter and reconverted them to Catholicism.
After Christians in Ephesus first wrote to their counterparts recommending Apollos to them, he went to Achaia where Paul names him as an apostle ( 1 Cor 4: 6, 9-13 ) Given that Paul only saw himself as an apostle ' untimely born ' ( 1 Cor 15: 8 ) it is certain that Apollos became an apostle in the regular way ( as a witness to the risen Lord and commissioned by Jesus-1 Cor 15: 5-9 ; 1 Cor 9: 1 ).< ref > So the Alexandrian recension ; the text in < sup > 38 </ sup > and Codex Bezae indicate that Apollos went to Corinth.
After literally dragging Nora home from the party, Torvald goes to check his mail, but is interrupted by Dr. Rank, who has followed them.
After a long war Ishbaal is murdered hoping for reward from David, but David has them killed for killing God's anointed.
After his rescue, Jonah obeys the call to prophesy against Nineveh, and they repent and God forgives them.
After the death of the Buddha, attempts were made to gather his teachings and transmit them in a commonly agreed form, first orally, then also in writing ( the Tripiṭaka ).
After joining them in 1942, their son, Péter Bartók, enlisted in the United States Navy where he served in the Pacific during the remainder of the war and later settled in Florida where he became a recording and sound engineer.
After a further time limit expires, an additional invincible enemy appears for each player, actively chasing them using only vertical and horizontal movements.

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