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After and Mount
After several days of competition, Odysseus and Ajax are tied for the ownership of the magical armor which was forged on Mount Olympus by the god Hephaestus.
After retiring from the army he had established a business training horses first in Cheshire and then at ' The Mount ', near Rugby.
After retiring from the presidency in March 1797, Washington returned to Mount Vernon with a profound sense of relief.
After bathing in the spring of Mount Ida ( where Troy was situated ), the goddesses appeared before Paris.
After his mortal parts had been incinerated, he could become a full god and join his father and the other Olympians on Mount Olympus.
After he became pope in 1978, John Paul II continued on the Catholic Theology of the Body of his predecessors with a series of lectures, entitled Theology of the Body, in which he talked about an original unity between man and women, purity of heart ( on the Sermon on the Mount ), marriage and celibacy and reflections on Humane Vitae, focusing largely on responsible parenthood and marital chastity.
After her return to Earth, Guanyin was said to have stayed for a few years on the island of Mount Putuo where she practised meditation and helped the sailors and fishermen who got stranded.
After the Ten Plagues, Moses led the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea, after which they based themselves at Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments.
After the Great Flood ceased, the Ark rested atop Mount Judi ( Qur ' an 11: 44 ).
* 1941 – After 14 years of work, Mount Rushmore is completed.
After a few Ayyubid raids — including attacks on Zir ' in, Forbelet, and Mount Tabor — the Crusaders still were not tempted to attack their main force, and Saladin led his men back across the river once provisions and supplies ran low.
After Joshua's death, Eli the priest left the tabernacle which Moses erected in the desert and established on Mount Gerizim, and built another one under his own rule in the hills of Shiloh.
After a Requiem Mass, Schindler was buried at the Catholic Franciscans ' cemetery on Mount Zion, the only member of the Nazi Party to be honoured in this way.
After graduating from Mount Douglas Secondary School in 1996, she moved to Toronto to reside with her sister Lisa Anne.
After leaving school, Thomas went to the nearby city of Zwolle to visit his brother again, after Jan had become the prior of the Monastery of Mount St. Agnes there.
After the Old City of Jerusalem was captured by the IDF, Rabin was among the first to visit the Old City, and delivered a famous speech on Mount Scopus, at the Hebrew University.
After Biot's departure, the political ferment caused by the entrance of the French into Spain extended to the Balearic Islands, and the population suspected Arago's movements and his lighting of fires on the top of Mount Galatzó ( Catalan: Mola de l ' Esclop ) as the activities of a spy for the invading army.
After crossing Mount Oread at Lawrence, the trail crosses the Kansas River by ferry or boats near Topeka, and crossed the Wakarusa and Vermillion River rivers by ferries.
After an unsuccessful attempt to cross Mount Caradhras in winter, they crossed under the mountains through the Mines of Moria, though only Gimli the Dwarf was enthusiastic about that route.
After filming, Mount Sunday was returned to its original state.
After the riots the police prohibited Salomon from entering the Temple Mount ; his appeal of that decision was subsequently denied by Israel's High Court of Justice.
After the theophany on Mount Sinai, in the Tabernacle — and afterwards in the Temple — only two altars were used: the Altar of Burnt Offering, and the Altar of Incense.

After and Rainier
After the wedding, Prince Rainier banned the screening of Kelly's films .< ref name = imdb >
After Orting, Sumner along with Puyallup, are geographically next in line to be hit by lahars whenever Mount Rainier erupts in the future.
After a year-long courtship described as containing " a good deal of rational appraisal on both sides " ( The Times, 7 April 2005, page 59 ), Prince Rainier married Oscar-winning American actress Grace Kelly ( 1929 – 1982 ) in 1956.
After ascending the throne, Rainier worked assiduously to recoup Monaco's lustre, which had become tarnished through neglect ( especially financial ) and scandal ( his mother, Princess Charlotte, took a noted jewel thief known as René the Cane as her lover ).
After several miles the river exits Mount Rainier National Park and enters Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.
After Rainier Brewing Company resumed producing " Rainier Beer " after the end of Prohibition and its advertisements became ubiquitous in the Seattle-Tacoma area, a rumor began circulating that the brewery's owner, Emil Sick, had bribed a Washington state committee with free beer to name the local mountain " Rainier ".
After gaining access to a cooler of beer that belonged to campers, the bear avoided cans of Busch beer and used its claws and teeth to open and then consume the cans of Rainier.
After the exit, the former Longacres race track, now owned by Boeing, and new Sounder commuter rail station for Tukwila is passed, and I-405 starts to head north-east towards a cloverleaf interchange with SR 167 and Rainier Avenue, which is the first exit in Renton.
After his death, in 1309, he was succeeded by his cousin ( and stepson ), Rainier I, Lord of Cagnes.
After she leaves Ned notices a movie poster with the woman's face on it: she is movie star, Sara Sloane ( who once dated Rainier Wolfcastle but broke up with him because of the way he spoke ).
After Rainier, the highway turns south, following a bend in the river, and runs parallel to Interstate 5 ( which is across the river on the Washington side ).

After and Baker
After Frederick Rapp's death in 1834, George Rapp appointed Romelius Baker and Jacob Henrici as trustees to manage the Society ’ s business affairs.
After that band broke up, MacKaye decided to switch from bass guitar to vocals, and organized Minor Threat with drummer Nelson, bassist Brian Baker, and guitarist Lyle Preslar.
After ten seasons, manager Dusty Baker did not have his contract renewed.
After Baker fired Bruce from the band, Bruce continued to arrive for gigs ; ultimately, Bruce was driven away from the band after Baker threatened him at knifepoint.
After the death of his wife, John Renty Baker became a recluse and lived in a rockhouse ( rockshelter ) near the mouth of Buffalo Creek and died there in 1820.
After her husband's death, Mary Baker Glover freed her husband's slaves, unwilling to accept for herself the price of a human life.
After the Superior Portland Cement Company plant was built in Baker in 1908, it was decided to merge the two towns.
( After a May Bluesbreakers gig at which Baker had sat in, he and Clapton had first discussed forming their own band, and surreptitious rehearsal jams with Bruce soon commenced.
After arriving in Salt Lake City, the Baker – Fancher party made their way south, eventually stopping to rest at Mountain Meadows.
After Howard Baker retired in 1984, Stevens sought the position of Republican ( and then-Majority ) leader, running against Bob Dole, Dick Lugar, Jim McClure and Pete Domenici.
After a failed court case against the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation over a copyright case which cost him £ 250, 000 in 1989, Green lived out his life away from the media in solitude, confined to his Baker Street flat and lacking many of the financial riches of his former fame.
After Pink's death, his works were republished by a number of publishing houses, among them, Banner of Truth Trust, Baker Book House, Christian Focus Publications, Moody Press, Truth for Today, and reached a much wider audience as a result.
After he left the Court, Chief Justice Earl Warren called the Baker v. Carr line of cases the most important in his tenure as Chief Justice.
After the 1917 season, the Phillies sold Alexander to the Cubs, ostensibly fearful that he would be lost to the army in World War I, but as Phillies owner William Baker admitted later, " I needed the money ".
After Fleetway ceased publishing the Sexton Blake Library series at the end of its fourth volume in 1963, Blake editor William Howard Baker licensed the character from IPC and published a fifth volume independently, via Mayflower-Dell Books, that ran until 1968.
After being unopposed in 1994 and 1996, Baker faced Marjorie McKeithen, daughter of longtime Republican Louisiana Secretary of State Fox McKeithen and granddaughter of former Democratic Governor John McKeithen.
After the change of regime Baker was promoted to Home Secretary.
Harry Chauvel was portrayed in film: by Bill Kerr in The Lighthorsemen ( 1987 ), which covered the exploits of an Australian cavalry regiment during the Third Battle of Gaza ; by Ray Edwards in A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia ( 1990 ), which took place around the 1919 Paris peace conference ; and by Colin Baker in the 1992 Young Indiana Jones TV movie Daredevils of the Desert, another retelling of the Third Battle of Gaza from the director of The Lighthorsemen.
The top ten songs were: " Do I Love You ( Indeed I Do )" by Frank Wilson, " Out on the Floor " by Dobie Gray, " You Didn't Say a Word " by Yvonne Baker, " The Snake " by Al Wilson, " Long After Tonight is Over " by Jimmy Radcliffe, " Seven Day Lover " by James Fountain, " You Don't Love Me " by Epitome of Sound, " Looking for You " by Garnet Mimms, " If That's What You Wanted " by Frankie Beverly & the Butlers, and " Seven Days Too Long " by Chuck Wood.
After the collapse of the Baker family in the late 17th century, the building had many uses: as a prisoner-of-war camp during the Seven Years ' War ; as the workhouse for the Cranbrook Union ; after which it became homes for farm labourers.
Baker also began a BBC Saturday night chat show, called Danny Baker After All which borrowed its style from Late Night with David Letterman, but his style and guests ( Rick Wakeman of prog rock band Yes was a regular ) did not attract the mainstream audience the slot demanded.

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