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After and Jack
After Bartók moved to the United States, he taught Jack Beeson and Violet Archer.
After six months he moved to Raleigh and worked with Johnnie and Jack before heading for Richmond, Virginia, where he performed with Sunshine Sue Workman.
After the 1939 season ended, Greenberg was asked by general manager Jack Zeller to take a salary cut of $ 5, 000 ($ today ) as a result of his off year in power and run production.
After Smith's teammate Jack Clark hit a late-inning home run of his own in Game 6 to defeat the Dodgers, the Cardinals moved on to face the Kansas City Royals in the 1985 World Series.
After convincing Brubeck to hire him following his stint with Jack Fina, the two had a contract drafted ( of which Brubeck was the sole signatory ); the language forbade Brubeck from ever firing him, ensured Brubeck's status as group leader, and gave Desmond twenty percent of all profits generated from the quartet.
After graduating at the top of her class from Starfleet Academy's medical school, Beverly married Lieutenant Jack Crusher, who served under Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the USS Stargazer.
After the miss, Harris mockingly patted Gerela on his helmet and thanked him for " helping Dallas out ," but was immediately thrown to the ground by Steeler linebacker Jack Lambert.
After Ralph, Jack, and Simon discover that they are truly " on an uninhabited island ", Ralph suggests that a fire be lit because " if a ship comes near the island they may not notice us ".
After his Redskins failed to make the playoffs in 1977 despite posting a 9 – 5 record, Allen was fired and was replaced by new head coach Jack Pardee, a star linebacker under Allen in Los Angeles and Washington.
Thomas After Casablanca made Bogart one of the studio's top stars, Bogart found his relationship with Jack Warner deteriorating.
After the three brothers sold, Jack – through his under-the-table deal – joined Semenenko's syndicate and bought back all his stock, 200, 000 shares.
After the Russian Revolution of 1917 he edited several journals, lectured on writing, and edited Russian translations of works by Jack London, O. Henry, H. G. Wells, and others.
After a near mutiny, Burleson sent Bowie and William H. Jack with cavalry and infantry to intercept the supplies.
After leaving the CFU, Weir made his first major independent film, the short feature Homesdale ( 1971 ), an offbeat black comedy which co-starred rising young actress Kate Fitzpatrick and musician and comedian Grahame Bond, who came to fame in 1972 as the star of The Aunty Jack Show ; Weir also played a small role, but this was to be his last significant screen appearance.
After an eight-year absence from films, he starred in the 1955 film version of Mister Roberts opposite James Cagney, William Powell and Jack Lemmon, continuing a pattern of bringing his acclaimed stage roles to life on the big screen.
After some unproductive extra work, which never reached the screen, he took on the agent Frank Zeitlin on the recommendation of fellow fledgling actor Jack Raine.
After sessions with Ted Lewis ( 1930 ), Jack Teagarden ( 1931 ), and Billy Banks's Rhythmakers ( 1932 ), he began in May 1934 the voluminous series of recordings with a small band known as Fats Waller and his Rhythm.
After Jack Warner criticized her tendency to cajole crowds into buying, she reminded him that her audiences responded most strongly to her " bitch " performances.
After the childless death of Jack Tremayne, the Heligan estate came under the ownership of a trust to the benefit of several members of the extended Tremayne family.
After an impressive underdog triumph in making the playoffs in 2010, and Coach Sacco finishing third in Jack Adams Trophy voting, the Avs failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2011.
After the acrimonious events that resulted in Jefferson Starship ’ s 1984 breakup, Paul Kantner reunited with Balin and Jack Casady in 1985 to form the KBC Band.
After winning 22 games in 1984 – 85 and 26 games in 1985 – 86, Jack Ramsay replaced George Irvine as coach and led the Pacers to a 41 – 41 record in 1986 – 87 and only their second playoff appearance as an NBA team.
After some digging, Peregrine and Jack Phantom discover that Glenn " Bluejay " Garland, the murdered pop star, was connected to the Seven Sentinels.
After becoming an editor at Lev Gleason and revamping Jack Binder's original Golden Age Daredevil in 1940, Cole hired on at Quality Comics.

After and drove
After exiting Orion, the pair drove the lunar rover away from the LM before adjusting their heading to travel to North Ray Crater.
After arriving and collecting a portion of the materials, however, an angry crowd confronted the Cadillac men and drove them from the town.
After destroying the toilet, Moon then allegedly drove a Cadillac ( Moon said a Lincoln Continental ) into the hotel swimming pool.
After a winter storm dropped nearly 17 inches of snow in the Minneapolis / St Paul area the Saturday prior to the Vikings December 12 home game versus the New York Giants and 30 mph gusts drove snow removers off the dome's roof overnight, several panels were damaged as the weight of the snow caused the roof to collapse.
After Imperial German troops drove out the French, Maximilian Sforza, son of Ludovico, became Duke of Milan ( 1513-1515 ) until the French returned under Francis I of France and imprisoned him.
After forcing the Chiefs to punt on their opening possession of the second half, Kapp completed four consecutive passes for 47 yards and rushed for 7 as Minnesota drove 69 yards in 10 plays to score on fullback Dave Osborn's four yard rushing touchdown, reducing the lead to 16-7.
After both teams turned the ball over on downs, Minnesota drove 86 yards in 9 plays to score on a 14-yard touchdown pass from backup quarterback Bob Lee to tight end Stu Voigt.
After recovering the fumble, the 49ers drove for a Super Bowl record 92 yards, scoring on an 10-yard pass from Montana to fullback Earl Cooper, increasing their lead to 14 – 0.
After receiving the opening kickoff of the second half, the Bengals drove 83 yards in 9 plays, scoring on a 5-yard touchdown run by Anderson to cut the deficit to 20 – 7.
After the ensuing kickoff Denver drove to the Washington 26-yard line, aided by running back Sammy Winder's 27-yard reception and Elway's 21-yard run.
After forcing Buffalo to punt on its ensuing possession, New York drove to the Bills ' 35-yard line.
After the turnover, Washington drove to the Bills 7-yard line and increased their lead to 34-10 with Lohmiller's 25-yard field goal on the second play of the fourth quarter.
After the punt, Dallas drove to the Steelers 24-yard line.
After the missed field goal, the Falcons drove to the Denver 21-yard line with Anderson's 13-yard run, wide receiver Terance Mathis's 13-yard catch, and a 15-yard run from Anderson, giving them a chance to cut their deficit to within one touchdown.
" After Saddam's seizure of Kuwait in August 1990, a UN coalition led by the United States drove Iraq's troops from Kuwait in February 1991.
After returning home to listen to music, eat, and walk in the garden, a friend drove the threesome to the hills overlooking the city.
After the fall of France in 1940, Hollywood drove fashion in the United States almost entirely, with the exception of a few trends coming from war torn London in 1944 and 1945, as America's own rationing hit full force, and the idea of function seemed to overtake fashion, if only for a few short months until the end of the war.
After his sponsors stopped paying him before the 2005 German Grand Prix, Patrick Friesacher was to be replaced by Dutch Jordan test driver Robert Doornbos to create the first all-Dutch driver line-up in Formula one since Carel Godin de Beaufort and Ben Pon drove together for the Ecurie Maarsbergen team at the 1962 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.
After his death, Pandion II's sons returned to Athens and drove out the sons of Metion.
After a series of economic setbacks, health problems, and prohibitions from the Tsar, the couple were finally able to wed. On 14 March 1850, with Balzac's health in serious decline, they drove from her estate in Wierzchownia ( village of Verkhivnia ) to a church in Berdyczów ( city of Berdychiv, today in Ukraine ) and were married.
After his death, Pandion II's sons returned to Athens and drove out the sons of Metion.
After the giant spider Shelob apparently killed Frodo, Sam drove her off.
After this, Thor came in and drove Loki away.
After concluding the arrangement with Arturo Gonzalez in Del Rio, Ben Toney and his associate then drove across the Rio Grande and on to the dirt roads and through the shacks that led to the small antiquated studio and barn that housed the facilities of radio station XERF.

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