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After and 60
After a recent increase in profits by 60 %, the company refused to raise worker's pay by more than 30 %.
After a meager 60 day gestation, they will bear two to four ( usually two or three ) young.
After serving as visiting professor at Harvard University in 1958, and the University of Illinois and the University of California, Berkeley in 1959 – 60, he resigned his post in Singapore at the University of Malaya to become an independent writer and celebrity.
After 4 – 8 weeks, individuals with active infections enter the chronic phase of Chagas disease that is asymptomatic for 60 – 80 % of chronically infected individuals through their lifetime.
After Lee's army had withdrawn back to Virginia, Stuart performed another of his audacious circumnavigations of the Army of the Potomac — 120 miles in under 60 hours, from Leesburg, Virginia, to as far north as Chambersburg and Mercersburg, Pennsylvania — once again embarrassing his Union opponents and seizing horses and supplies, but at the expense of exhausted men and animals, without gaining much military advantage.
After Danish and Swedish troops in 1389 defeated the Swedish king, Albert of Mecklenburg, and he subsequently failed to pay the required tribute of 60, 000 silver marks within three years after his release, her position in Sweden was secured.
After 1990, the square became the focus of attention again, as a large ( some 60 hectares ), attractive location which had suddenly become available in the centre of a major European city.
After an organism has been dead for 60, 000 years so little carbon-14 is left that accurate dating can not be established.
After scoring 60 and 37 and taking 1 / 60 in an Australian XI against the South Africans following the Test, he forced his way into the team for the Second Test.
" After an alleged attempt to overthrow President Momoh in March 1987, more than 60 senior government officials were arrested, including Vice-President Francis Minah, who was removed from office, convicted for plotting the coup, and executed by hanging in 1989 along with 5 others.
After being used primarily as a punt returner during his first 2 seasons, wide receiver John Taylor had a breakout season, catching 60 passes for 1, 077 yards and 10 touchdowns, while also returning 36 punts for 417 yards.
After more than 60 actresses had been auditioned, the first choice to play the role was Elizabeth Shepherd.
After a six-month hiatus in late 1971, CBS thus found a prime place for 60 Minutes in a portion of that displaced time, 6 – 7 p. m. ( Eastern time ; 5 – 6 Central ) on Sundays, in January 1972.
After discovering they were £ 60, 000 in debt, Blur toured the United States in 1992 in an attempt to recoup their financial losses.
After one distillation, the distillate, called " low wine ," will contain roughly 30 % alcohol by volume ( 60 US proof ).
After 40 to 60 days, juvenile walleyes become piscivorous.
After 20 years of diabetes, nearly all patients with Type I diabetes and > 60 % of patients with Type II diabetes have some degree of retinopathy ; however, these statistics were published in 2002 using data from four years earlier.
After the October 10, 2004 speech by President Chen, polls showed as little as 5 % support for reunification, with 60 % support for maintaining the status quo and 65 % opposition to the founding of a Republic of Taiwan in 2008 ( the projected date for completion of the 2006 constitutional reforms proposed by President Chen in his speech ).
After the investigation new members swear four oaths: the oath of purification, the oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the oath of loyal discharge of their office are demanded by Article 60 ; the oath of loyalty to King and Statute is demanded by Article 47 of the Statute of the Kingdom, the higher Constitution of the Realm.
After Settepozzi, Michael VIII dismissed the 60 Genoese galleys that he had hired earlier, and began a rapprochement with Venice.
After trading for Rafer Alston, the Magic finished the regular season with a 59-23 record, it was the most games the team had won in a season since the 1995 – 96 season in which they had 60 wins.
After a decline in use as wine-stoppers due to the increase in the use of cheaper synthetic alternatives, cork wine-stoppers are making a comeback and currently represent approximately 60 % of wine-stoppers today.
After the main house burned, the couple moved for a short time with their two children into the 20 by 60 foot Honeymoon Cottage, a one-story building with attic.

After and Minutes
After it proved popular in the clubs, this Coldcut " Seven Minutes of Madness " remix ended up being promoted as the single in the UK.
After two seasons, NBC saw that Punky Brewster and its principal Sunday night stablemate, the four-year-old Silver Spoons, could not compete as strongly as they hoped against CBS ' juggernaut 60 Minutes, and cancelled both programs.
After hanging up, Bergman contacts The New York Times and reveals the scandal that occurred at 60 Minutes, after which the Times publishes a scathing article that accuses CBS of betraying the legacy of their famous reporter, Edward R. Murrow for bowing to such attempts to silence publication of a truthful news story.
After making his most subdued film, a commercially unsuccessful adaptation of the popular Irving Wallace novel The Seven Minutes ( 1971 ) for Fox, Meyer returned to grindhouse-style independent cinema in 1973 with the blaxploitation period piece Black Snake, which was dismissed by critics and audiences as incoherent.
This is particularly evident in the Trancefers first track " A Few Minutes After Trancefer ", although the second track " Silent Running " is more reminiscent of Schulze's earlier works.
After Merlis was relieved from his duties for his trouble, Sawyer, tired of the morning grind, left in the fall of 1984 to become the first female correspondent on 60 Minutes.
After the 60 Minutes interview aired, Cam ' ron received a lot of media criticism for his statements.
* István Szabó ( segment " Ten Minutes After ")
After the documentary Ein Produzent hat Seele oder er hat keine and a contribution to the omnibus film Ten Minutes Older: The Cello ( both in 2002 ), Schlöndorff made The Ninth Day in 2004.
After Bill Clinton denied having a relationship with Flowers on 60 Minutes, she held a press conference in which she played tape recordings she had secretly recorded of phone calls with Clinton.
After comparing the ratings strength of 60 Minutes to the continuing problems of this show ; low ratings, less and less original material, and frequent pre-emptions, NBC cancelled Disney in 1981.
After " Five Good Minutes ", or after extended " Headlines " if there is no guest, PTI uses a variety of different segments to talk about other sports news and make predictions.
After the cover sheet of a packet containing classified information was shown during a 60 Minutes interview of O ' Neill and Suskind, the United States Department of Treasury investigated whether both men had improperly received classified materials.
After seeing Manson in an Angelfish video broadcast only once on MTV's 120 Minutes, Garbage invited Manson to record vocals on a few of their songs ; she eventually co-wrote and co-produced an entire album with the band.
* Study: First 10 Minutes After Meeting May Guide Future Of Relationship
After documents containing classified information were shown during a 60 Minutes interview in which O ' Neill promoted the book, a Department of Treasury investigation concluded in 2004 that no laws were violated, but that inadequate document handling policies at Treasury had allowed 140 documents, which should have been marked classified, to be entered into a computer system for unclassified documents.
After signing to Virgin Records, they released two more albums Crooked Mile and 39 Minutes.
* 60 Minutes, May 23, 1982, A Spy's Story: USA Traitor Gaoled For 40 Years After Selling Codes of Rylite and Argus Projects: www. serendipity. li / cia / cia_oz / 60min. htm ( link blocked by Wikipedia's spam filter?
After a six-month hiatus in late 1971, CBS thus found a prime place for 60 Minutes in a portion of that displaced time, 6 – 7 p. m. ( Eastern time ; 5 – 6 Central ) on Sundays, in January 1972.
Nora Winterwood ( the fictional deceased writer, author of the book " Eight Minutes Under Water " in " O Tempo Apos "/ Time After ).
After hosting 90 Minutes Live on CBC Television, Peter Gzowski returned to CBC radio as full time host of Morningside on September 6, 1982.
After temporarily retiring from mixed martial arts, Taktarov focused on his acting career, and starred in the movies 15 Minutes, Bad Boys II, 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out, Air Force One, and the 2002 version of Rollerball.

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