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After and close
After a while, Kitty murmured something to Cappy, and he held her close, answering, `` We'll just have to wait till we pull into Philly, honey ''.
After this, he does take responsibility for tightening up the regulations relating to the plague and issues the order to close the town.
After a close reading of the Thesmophoriazousae, the historian Jane McIntosh Snyder observed that Agathon's costume was almost identical to that of the famous lyric poet Anacreon, as he is portrayed in early 5th-century vase-paintings.
After completing more tasks at the ALSEP, Young and Duke returned to the LM to close out the moonwalk.
After his return to England from India in April 1784, Phillip remained in close contact with Townshend, now Lord Sydney, and the Home Office Under Secretary, Evan Nepean.
After she and Charrier divorced in 1962, Nicolas was raised in the Charrier family and did not maintain close contact with Bardot until his adulthood.
After receiving their initial two cards, players have the option of getting a " hit " ( taking additional cards ) to bring their total value of cards to 21 points, or as close as possible without exceeding 21 ( called " busting ").
After the 1662 prayer book, development ceased in England until the twentieth century ; that it did was, however, a bit of a close run thing.
After taking a break in a local pub, Hunt achieved the desired mournful sound by playing very close to the microphone.
" After the U. S. enforced the embargo, Nicaragua was isolated from the West, forcing the Sandinistas to rely more on Eastern bloc military and economic assistance even though Moscow declined to offer the quantity of aid it provided to close communist allies.
After the death of Abuna Takla Haymanot in 1988, Abune Merkorios who had close ties to the Derg ( Communist ) government was elected Patriarch of Ethiopia.
After Charles awkwardly exits the room, Henrietta confronts him about his habit of " serial monogamy ", telling him that he is afraid of letting anyone get too close to him.
After the close of the Diet, the papal nuncio went to the Netherlands, where he instigated the executions of two monks of Antwerp due to their embrace of the Reformation, resulting in their being burnt in Brussels.
After some consolidation, six companies controlled monopolies of their regions, subject to close control by the government in terms of fares, finances, and even minute technical details.
After the World Cup Cronje was part of the tour to the West Indies ; he featured in the three ODI's and in the Test match at Bridgetown that followed he made his Test debut, this was South Africa first Test since readmission and they came close to beating a strong West Indian side, going into the final day at 122 / 2 chasing 200 they collapsed to 148.
After the close of the council a fifth and final meeting of the commission was held, again enlarged to include sixteen bishops as an executive committee, in Rome in the spring of 1966.
After their mother died suddenly six months later, the couple became intimately close, and had their first child together in 2001.
After the establishment of the People's Republic of China ( PRC ) in 1949, relations with Japan changed from hostility and an absence of contact to cordiality and extremely close cooperation in many fields.
After the release of Black Wednesday government documents, it became apparent that Major came very close to stepping down from office at this point, having even prepared an unsent letter of resignation addressed to the Queen.
After his degree Hutton returned to London, then in mid-1750 went back to Edinburgh and resumed chemical experiments with close friend, James Davie.
After retiring from Congress and serving in the Cabinet, Kemp remained close to Gingrich, Lott, Weber, and Mack.
After his early piano lessons with Otto Cossel, Brahms studied piano with Eduard Marxsen, who had studied in Vienna with Ignaz von Seyfried ( a pupil of Mozart ) and Carl Maria von Bocklet ( a close friend of Schubert ).
After the receptor associates with its respective cytokine / ligand, it goes through a conformational change, bringing the two JAKs close enough to phosphorylate each other.
After becoming player-manager on the retirement of Joe Fagan in the 1985 close season, Dalglish selected himself for just 21 First Division games in 1985 – 86 as Liverpool won the double, but he started the FA Cup final win over Everton.
After the outbreak of World War I Radek moved to Switzerland where he worked as a liaison between Lenin and the Bremen Left, with which he had close links from his time in Germany, introducing him to Paul Levi at this time.

After and escape
After Ali ibn Yusuf's death in 1143, his son Tashfin ibn Ali lost ground rapidly before the Almohads, and in 1146 he was killed by a fall from a precipice while attempting to escape after a defeat near Oran.
After a bit of flirting Frank thinks Maria is playing hard to get and decides he is getting what he wants there and then, Maria is frightened by this and manages to escape.
Some medieval chronicles and literary works derive the name of the city of Buda from him. There is an ancient legend, amongst the Székely people that says: " After the death of Attila, in the bloody Battle of Krimhilda, 3000 Hun warriors managed to escape, to settle in a place called " Csigle mezo " ( today Transylvania ) and they changed their name from Huns to Szekler ( Szekely ).
After being awarded the prize he tried to escape the media by hiding in the house of Simone's sister Hélène de Beauvoir in Goxwiller, Alsace.
After Napoleon's Hundred Days following his escape from Elba, Landau, which had remained French, was granted to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816 and became the capital of one of the thirteen Bezirksämter ( counties ) of the Bavarian Rheinpfalz. In 1840 famous political cartoonist Thomas Nast was born in Landau.
After a suspenseful scene in the well where the jewel is hidden, they succeed and escape to Holland where they try to sell it to a Jewish diamond merchant named Crispin Aldobrand.
After being captured by Barrayarans and then escaping twice, she eventually has to escape Beta and flees to Barrayar, becoming Lady Vorkosigan.
After their escape, they stayed with Aeolus, the master of the winds and he gave Odysseus a leather bag containing all the winds, except the west wind, a gift that should have ensured a safe return home.
After destroying the space station, Parker lands back on Mars via an escape pod, Ultor brings out its reserve of mercenaries to help them in their fight against the miners.
After her escape from the Vidiians the Klingon Torres suffered a fatal wound from the Vidiian energy weapon and died, but the Doctor used her DNA to restore the human Torres to her original half-human half-Klingon state.
After his father's defeat outside Antioch, he tried to escape east to Parthia, but was captured and killed before he could achieve this.
After decapitating the beast, Theseus used the string to escape the Labyrinth and managed to escape with all of the young Athenians and Ariadne as well as her younger sister Phaedra.
After the dance, Tony finds Maria and uses the fire escape.
** After a week of bloody demonstrations, Ion Iliescu takes over as president of Romania, ending the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceauşescu, who flees his palace in a helicopter to escape inevitable execution after the palace was invaded by rioters.
After the massacre, Gainas tries to escape across the Hellespont, but his rag-tag ad hoc fleet is destroyed by Fravitta, a Gothic chieftain in imperial service.
After taking part in an IRA-organised escape attempt, he was sentenced to a period of imprisonment.
After searching him before letting him into the prison, the police discovered a document which appeared to be a prison escape plan.
After the density of infalling material has dropped below about 10 < sup >− 8 </ sup > g cm < sup >− 3 </ sup >, the material becomes sufficiently transparent to allow radiated energy to escape.
After the escape of Sir Marmaduke Tweng, an English knight from Yorkshire, de Warenne ordered the bridge's destruction and retreated towards Berwick, leaving the garrison at Stirling Castle isolated and abandoning the Lowlands to the rebels.
After many delays, the escape ultimately occurred on 21 June 1791, and was a failure.
After the quake another road was created as an escape route.
After his escape he encounters Honey from her ordeal where she had been pegged out to be eaten by crabs ; the crabs ignored her and she had managed to make good her own escape.
After setting up and ambush and attacking their lightly armoured Humvee vehicles with small arms fire and RPG ’ s the patrol stopped and Macedonian forces and guerrillas exchanged fire in a short skirmish, after soldiers started retreating half of the patrol managed to escape one soldier was shot and 7 others captured and allegedly executed with knives and then their corpses were allegedly burned. News of the massacre sparked local uprisings against Muslim Albanians in several towns and cities across Macedonia, and such revolts included burning and vandalising shops and Mosques.

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